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6 Replies to “Austrian politician counters the outrage following entertainers who fall out of line with the communist narrative”

  1. A Marxist Love Song

    COVID is God’s gift to the left

    – Jane Fonda

    My darling Comrade Covid, what a wonder bug you are,
    You’ve brought down more of Capitalism than “climate change”, by far.
    For decades past we did our best to de-industrialise
    By using fear of CO2 and scientific lies;
    And yes, we shut down businesses and industries like this,
    But nowhere near the millions of jobs you’ve killed with your mortal kiss.

    The workers of the world were never going to go our way,
    They had to be forced to lose their jobs and go on Government pay.
    Now millions of those businesses that were the Capitalist spine
    You helped us kill to break the back of that once productive line.
    These businesses, family businesses, once allowed so many to be
    Anti-collectivist, independent, self-supporting and free.

    But best of all, my darling Covid, you’ve given us a stick
    To thrash the conservative, sexist, racist Oiks who make us sick.
    Get back inside, we threaten them, stay under house arrest,
    Muzzle up you running dogs, supporters of the West.
    Oh darling Comrade Covid what a gift you are from God,
    The God named Karl who wields a most severe and punishing rod.

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