Kevin Carroll arrested on suspicion of race hate crime

It would be interesting to find even one biologist on planet earth who can explain how Islam is a race, yet you can convert in (and at the risk of your life) out of it. Just one. And that should be enough of a defence anywhere in the world where reason and empiricism still hold sway.

As they do not, Mr. Carroll may be in trouble.

Please click over to Gates of Vienna for a good article and the details of this event.

Eeyore for Vlad

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Sunday Express:



Kevin Carroll Kevin Carroll

The joint leader of the English Defence League has been arrested on suspicion of a race hate crime.

Kevin Carroll, the cousin of the recently jailed Stephen Lennon – who founded the EDL – was apprehended on Saturday morning by police officers investigating a message he posted on Facebook that alledgedly incited racial hatred.

Mr Carroll is the joint leader of the British Freedom Party and he recently stood unsuccessfully for election as Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner last November.

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said: “A 43 year old was arrested on Saturday morning on suspicion of ‘Display threatening abusive/insulting written material with intent/likely to stir up racial hatred’.”

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On Wednesday night Bedfordshire PCC candidate Kevin Carroll was confronted in a Biggleswade side street by four black-clad men, one of them believed to be carrying a knife. Mr Carroll, who is standing for the British Freedom party in next week’s Police and Crime Commissioner elections, had been out leafleting the Bedfordshire town with a colleague during the afternoon, and had decided to stay on for a few more hours after the colleague had returned home at 6pm.

At around 8.30pm he was walking in a dark close off Mead End near the A6001 in the south of the town when he heard “a powerful sounding engine” behind him. A black Range Rover pulled up and one of the occupants leaned out of the window saying, “We’ve been looking for you, Mr Carroll”. Sensing a dangerous situation, he began making his way back to the main road, at which point all four occupants – whom he described as young males of Asian appearance – left the vehicle and began following him, saying that they “just wanted to talk”.

Carroll said: “I knew I had a serious problem when one of the men held out his left hand in greeting – nobody shakes hands with their left hand – and saw a glint of a metallic object in his right, which he was trying to conceal. I’m sure it was a knife.” At that moment a passing driver, seeing the situation, stopped and asked, “is everything all right?” to which the candidate replied, “No it isn’t” and was given a lift back to the safety of his own vehicle, parked nearby in Dells Lane.

He has reported the incident to police and telephoned his rescuer to thank him for his brave and public-spirited action. “He was like a guardian angel, he saved my bacon”, said the candidate yesterday. The confrontation is the latest of a series of hostile actions against Kevin Carroll during the election campaign. Earlier this week, his two large billboard posters in Luton were vandalised – one stripped away completely and the other daubed with offensive graffiti. His campaign website and the British Freedom website have both come under sustained assault from hackers and have had to be temporarily closed down, making it impossible for voters to view his manifesto online. He has been excluded from public meetings – most notably one held recently in Flitwick by Victim Support, and has been subjected to a barrage of negative campaigning and misinformation by Labour candidate Olly Martins.

In addition, left-wing extremists have printed and distributed tens of thousands of defamatory leaflets. “I’m not so bothered by attacks and abuse from political opponents”, said Carroll, “those things I can handle”. “What really concerns me is that Bedfordshire voters are being denied the chance to hear what I have to say. How can an election be democratic when one of the candidates is effectively gagged and denied a public platform? We seem to be losing freedom of speech in this country. Isn’t that what our fallen soldiers – the heroes we’ll be remembering this weekend – fought and died for?”

Six “Birmingham” terror suspects in custody

“Six Birmingham men”

Notice no mention of what terror group they were affiliated with, their ethnic origins, islam, muslim, not even the bbc normal (and racist) “asian”.

But I’ll take a wild guess though, 3 out of 6 have the name mohamed…

(coincidently also a common name among predatory pedophile rape gang members among “men from Birmingham”)

Six Birmingham terror suspects in custody

An EDL rally
The men are accused of leaving a note for the English Defence League, who were holding a rally

Six Birmingham men accused of plotting a terror attack have been remanded in custody.

Jewel Uddin, 26, Omar Mohammed Khan, 27, Mohammed Hasseen, 23, Anzal Hussain, 24, Mohammed Saud and Zohaib Ahmed, both 22, appeared via video link in a preliminary Old Bailey hearing.

The men are jointly accused of preparing an act or acts of terrorism between 1 May and 4 July this year.

They were arrested after police found weapons in a car on the M1.

Guns, knives, machetes and a home-made explosive device were allegedly discovered.

Mr Uddin, Mr Khan and Mr Hasseen were arrested after a routine stop of a Renault Laguna by police on the M1, near Sheffield, on 30 June.

The weapons are said to have been found in that vehicle along with a note addressed to the English Defence League, which was planning a rally in South Yorkshire that day.

Mr Hussain, Mr Saud and Mr Ahmed, who were arrested on 4 July, were allegedly travelling in a gold Rover which was in a convoy with the Laguna.

The men face an allegation that they took part in activities including the manufacture of an improvised explosive device, the acquisition of firearms and other weapons, and the purchase of motor vehicles connected with the charges.

It follows a series of arrests by the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, assisted by the North East Counter Terrorism Unit.

On Tuesday, the men spoke only to confirm their identities.

They were remanded in custody ahead of a hearing in January next year.


Kevin Carroll For Police Commissioner!

Gates of Vienna:

Kevin Carroll in NYC

Kevin Carroll, a founder of the English Defence League and now the joint vice-chairman of the British Freedom Party, is standing for police commissioner in Bedfordshire.

In order to file for the election, Kevin needs to raise a deposit of £5000 (about $7860). Any Briton (or friend of Britain) who wants to see real political change in the UK should dig deep and help Kevin get his name on the ballot.

Like other leaders, members, and supporters of British Freedom, Kevin represents the age-old tradition of British liberty, which has been sorely neglected for the last few decades. As police commissioner he would be in a position to advocate for policies that would help restore true civil order to a country that has long been deprived of it.

According to the BF website:

Kevin Carroll For Police Commissioner!

In November 2012, for the first time ever, members of the public will be able to vote for a Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) to act as “the voice of the people and hold the police to account” in their police force area. Continue Reading →