Six “Birmingham” terror suspects in custody

“Six Birmingham men”

Notice no mention of what terror group they were affiliated with, their ethnic origins, islam, muslim, not even the bbc normal (and racist) “asian”.

But I’ll take a wild guess though, 3 out of 6 have the name mohamed…

(coincidently also a common name among predatory pedophile rape gang members among “men from Birmingham”)

Six Birmingham terror suspects in custody

An EDL rally
The men are accused of leaving a note for the English Defence League, who were holding a rally

Six Birmingham men accused of plotting a terror attack have been remanded in custody.

Jewel Uddin, 26, Omar Mohammed Khan, 27, Mohammed Hasseen, 23, Anzal Hussain, 24, Mohammed Saud and Zohaib Ahmed, both 22, appeared via video link in a preliminary Old Bailey hearing.

The men are jointly accused of preparing an act or acts of terrorism between 1 May and 4 July this year.

They were arrested after police found weapons in a car on the M1.

Guns, knives, machetes and a home-made explosive device were allegedly discovered.

Mr Uddin, Mr Khan and Mr Hasseen were arrested after a routine stop of a Renault Laguna by police on the M1, near Sheffield, on 30 June.

The weapons are said to have been found in that vehicle along with a note addressed to the English Defence League, which was planning a rally in South Yorkshire that day.

Mr Hussain, Mr Saud and Mr Ahmed, who were arrested on 4 July, were allegedly travelling in a gold Rover which was in a convoy with the Laguna.

The men face an allegation that they took part in activities including the manufacture of an improvised explosive device, the acquisition of firearms and other weapons, and the purchase of motor vehicles connected with the charges.

It follows a series of arrests by the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, assisted by the North East Counter Terrorism Unit.

On Tuesday, the men spoke only to confirm their identities.

They were remanded in custody ahead of a hearing in January next year.


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  1. These are the ones that were supposedly caught because they had no insurance, it could have happened that way but it sure sounds like a coverup for an undercover agent.

  2. why is the hearing in January next year? one wonders will they get bail until then? that way they can continue to plot their activities and get together and make up some bullshit story on how to get away with this crime.
    Or are they to remain in jail treated like gods with every whim catered to?
    They should be put on the first plane to shitastan, never to return.

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