Kevin Carroll arrested on suspicion of race hate crime

It would be interesting to find even one biologist on planet earth who can explain how Islam is a race, yet you can convert in (and at the risk of your life) out of it. Just one. And that should be enough of a defence anywhere in the world where reason and empiricism still hold sway.

As they do not, Mr. Carroll may be in trouble.

Please click over to Gates of Vienna for a good article and the details of this event.

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Sunday Express:



Kevin Carroll Kevin Carroll

The joint leader of the English Defence League has been arrested on suspicion of a race hate crime.

Kevin Carroll, the cousin of the recently jailed Stephen Lennon – who founded the EDL – was apprehended on Saturday morning by police officers investigating a message he posted on Facebook that alledgedly incited racial hatred.

Mr Carroll is the joint leader of the British Freedom Party and he recently stood unsuccessfully for election as Bedfordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner last November.

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police said: “A 43 year old was arrested on Saturday morning on suspicion of ‘Display threatening abusive/insulting written material with intent/likely to stir up racial hatred’.”

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5 Replies to “Kevin Carroll arrested on suspicion of race hate crime”

  1. —and so it begins — the populace were disarmed a long time ago, and quietly sit watching East Enders and Soccer, with the BBC providing soothing leftist propaganda to keep them asleep. Now the political imprisonments are beginning (Tommy & Kevin) for daring to speak truth to power. A toothless police force crippled by P.C. Social Marxism plus Dhimmi politicians seeking the immigrant vote. I’m glad I left all those years ago, so now I will sit and watch as they go down the toilet. Please somebody tell me that Canada will learn from Europe in the next ten years. Please Mr. Kenney? Please?
    No more Muzzies into this fair country.

  2. devil spawned death cult, Islam is a devil spawned death cult, repeated 10,000 times,

    devil spawned death cult


    A conserted effort by the cult loving psychos in what once was Great Britain, to rid themselves of any oppostion to the stealth cultural jihad

  3. Islam was spawned by a devil called Mohammad, who made a death cult in order to fool his people into accepting his killing,theft and peodophilia towards his enemies.

    Feel free to give the authorities my details,although it is certain that they already have them.

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