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6 Replies to “Kev Carroll talking to the police while missiles strike all around from Muslims and leftist extremists Walthamstow 01/09/12”

  1. Leftist animals, they were out to kill and shed blood that day yet the police let it go. If a Right Wing group behaved like the Leftists did in Walthamstow, they would be marked as a banned organization within 48 hours following the demo.

    The so called “British Police” are a shambles and an embarrassment, I pity Britain and it’s future..

  2. Can no one see that Leftists and Islamists are the real threat to Western civilisation and not groups like the EDL? You bet they can, because all the Leftislamic violence, the lies and the double standards have not gone un-noticed.
    There is an increasingly outraged underclass waiting to surface. The educated middle-classes may own the intellectual sphere, but the ordinary people on the street own the common sense.
    The more the Leftist vandals behave like animals, the more that ordinary folk will turn against them! It’s coming soon to a theater near you!

  3. Softly Bob a lot of people see that the Moslems and the left are the threats to western civilization, the problem is that most of them don’t have any political power, remember politicians are motivated by power, not money. To politicians money is useful to buy power but isn’t an end itself, orginize and start threatening their political by gaining enough people to be a major voting bloc and they will change their stance. The only other choice is a violent revolution, and that is the last resort, all other courses must be tried first and the must see you try them. Stay peaceful as long as possible.

    If you have to resort to violence split the violent groups off like the IRA did, the Shin Fain (sp?) was part of the IRA, everyone knew and knows that, but they kept their hands clean from the violence so they could keep being a public voice for that side.

  4. The project for “Death of West” is moving along quite nicely.

    1. Death from within –

    a) Marginalisation of the culture and ethnicity of the native people of Europe.

    b) Dismissal and contempt for the founding culture and civilisation of Europe ie Christianity.

    c) Contempt for the democratic mandate – The EU.

    d) The engineered financial crisis to asset strip the resources and savings of Europeans.

    e) The near total symbiosis of corporatist structures with political and judicial structures, leaving us, the ordinary people, with no options.

    2. Death from external causes

    a) Allowing and encouraging large scale immigration, with particular aid to members that carry the most virulent ideology and hatred against the West – Muslims.

    b) Involvement in external wars which serve no purpose but to empower our enemies.

  5. DP you have their entire plan listed, all of the things can be countered but unfortunately we have waited too long to counter most of them, all we can do is damage control and try to rebuild as we fight for survival.

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