The Hungary Referendum and Mainstream Media Spin

By Ilona Szilágyi 

There seems to be a common theme across the leftist media outlets today as news spreads of the results of Hungary’s referendum on EU migrant quotas. Pervasive are words that fit the leftist narrative such as “defeat” and “failure”.

One particular article referenced Viktor Orban as “…a cartoonish leader” and stated that he now “…stands humiliated”.

What is cartoonish is the reporting. What is humiliating is the seemingly total lack of due diligence applied to an unfortunate number of “news” stories today.

A quick search provides one with all of the data required to fully comprehend the significance of what took place in Hungary yesterday, and what one will find is remarkable.


In 2003, Hungary held their referendum on whether or not they should join the EU. That received only a 45.6% turnout and of those who voted, only 83% (38% of registered voters) were for joining.

Yesterday’s turnout was quite comparable at 43%. What is not comparable are the results that showed only 1.56% (less than 1% of registered voters) voted “Yes”. This means that 92% (40% of all registered voters) said “No” to the forced migration. If we disregard blank or invalid votes, this increases to 98%.

That is significant. There isn’t a single polling company in the known universe that would not consider 43% to be a sufficient enough cross-section from which to extrapolate.

This is anything but a failure. This not only demonstrates where the Hungarian people actually sit on this issue, but it absolutely provides a strong case for Hexit.


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6 Replies to “The Hungary Referendum and Mainstream Media Spin”

  1. They degrade, distort, and outright lie. Repeat and repeat more.
    They are doing the same with Trump. Never seen anything like it.

    • The first US President I saw that they did this to was Nixon, then after forcing him out of office (for much less the Obama and Hillary have done) then they did it to Ford, then Bush. The left doesn’t know how to do anything but lie, distort and ruin lives. This fact says a lot about how they will govern if they ever get their one world socialist government.

  2. The funny part is what they refer as source of “defeat”, is the compulsory clause of the referendum law, which states if the votes will be more than 50%+1 then the government must act on the result of the referendum. This was designed against a rogue government (like Merkel’s) to force them to obey the will of the people even if their agenda is different. In this case it was the government who asked the people to confirm a policy they already employed. The fence was built and no significant migrant flow arrived into the country. This was more like a confidence vote. Yes the result does not FORCE the government to act on it, but why would they need force, when they wanted this all along and now the people confirmed, they are on the right track. This vote will give them legitimacy to do whatever it takes to ensure no migrants can come into the country uninvited. They will modify the Basic Law (Hungarian Constitution). Note: Orban’s government already had the 2/3 majority to do this, but it was more fair and right to ask the people before. Also it crashed any attempt to portray his government as fascist dictatorship (as it shown in MSM articles for months or even years now) who secretly changing the law behind the back of the Hungarian people “who otherwise burning with desire to receive large portion of migrants” but this “evil fascist Orban does not let them have it”.
    Now the MSM is desperately trying to hold on to the compulsory clause which means absolutely nothing in this case. Of course they will not stop them to try to repeat ad-nauseum their lies.

  3. The only politician that wasn’t treating the voters like uneducated kids was Nigel, that is why the left is so afraid of the right, we treat the voters like they are adults and get good results from this.

  4. About the fairly low turnout:
    The media still ruled by the Soros paid (proven with the email hacks) Liberals/Marxists. (around 80% of the media!). They realized fairly early they could not compete with the NO’s, because even most leftists voters were against the migrants. So they tried everything to make people stay home. They lied about anything and everything: the quota does not exists, there is no danger, the west will ignore Orban anyway etc… They did this, because they knew that referendum turnout always were missing at least 3 million out of the 8 million voting citizens. With this move, could declare all people stayed home as their loyal subjects and pretend they are representing the majority in Hungary. I have to tell you, a bit the Orban government helped them by closing the borders and building the fence in time. How? By providing a safe environment it became harder to prove the migrants are a source of danger. (this was one of the talking point of the liberal opposition). So by securing the Hungarians many of them never experienced the raping, robbing and murdering side of the “refugees” like in other large western cities. Some of the more radical comments I have read in Hungarian sites suggested letting the migrants in so all the “idiot zombies” could experience first hand, what is going on…

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