American Chess Champion takes high road in Iran/hijab debate

Firstly, I would like to take a paragraph to congratulate a young feminist who actually teaches us what principles actually mean.

Here is a young woman, who has decided to skip an event that would have advanced her highly rarified career a great deal and is risking losing it all on a matter of principle. And in a manner which only hurts herself. This is the true definition of “martyr”, as opposed to the Islamic degradation and inversion of the term. She did this in a world where some people who even understand the issue of the danger of Islam in the world, won’t even skip a single meal at a halal restaurant because they like the Chicken there. This woman actually gave up a lot. So full kudos to you Ms. Paikidze. I bet there is a huge community out there willing to support you in various ways once they understand that you are ready to pay for your principled choices.

After all. If principles were cheap, we would all have them. Right?

From Heat Street:

US Chess Champion: I’d Rather Sacrifice My Career Than Be Forced to Wear a Hijab

The the reigning US Women’s Chess Champion has said she would rather sacrifice her career than submit to demands to wear a hijab at the next world championship.

Nazi Paikidze, one of the nation’s best-ranked players, swore to boycott the 2017 contest, which is being held in Iran and will have an enforced Islamic dress code.

Paikidze admitted that the decision will harm her career, but said that doing the bidding of an oppressive regime in order to compete is not a price worth paying.


What a refreshing change from the official US position, hijabs for everyone.


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4 Replies to “American Chess Champion takes high road in Iran/hijab debate”

  1. I think that what young Nazi is saying is that to hold an international event in Iran would serve to normalize that country’s misogynistic customs thus encouraging those barbarous customs by going along with them as if they weren’t abhorrent, which they damn well are…

    Let’s not forget that Iran isn’t a real country and the Mullahs aren’t a real government. Iran is a crime scene and the Mullahs are gangsters. It’s as if Al Capone and the boys had managed to take over the White House and started running things their way – permanent like. Remember a few years back when the Iranian people tried to fight back against the gangsters and Hussein Osama did nothing to help them? Young Nazi means the exact opposite of that…

    And what far-away ethnicity would be so out of it that they would call their daughter “Nazi”? Deepest, darkest, Turkmenistan, perhaps…? Hard to imagine…:)

  2. Congratulations to Nazi Paikidze her parents did a good job when they raised her, such strength of character is rare these days, may she do as good a job with her children when she has them.

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