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4 Replies to “‘Israel made him gay’”

  1. From an official Israeli press release:

    Israel can neither confirm nor deny that it can turn Arabs homosexual whenever it wants. Though considering what arab men get up to on a daily basis, how would they know they have been turned gay or not?

  2. More seriously, I think the guy who runs that community center is a genuine hero. Such places should be funded more and have more programs for similarly troubled youth. I am also very glad to see the young man has a job and will be able to make a home for himself (I understood that it is a real job he is talking about at the end of the video). It cannot be easy for him to be in an alien society and removed from his family.

    I would like to know in which other middle eastern country he could hope to have a life with safety and dignity.

  3. One of the most illuminating points made is that the interrogators tried to accuse him of other crimes for wich they could execute him that would hide the fact that they would be executing him for being gay. That is why they wanted to accuse him of being a spy for Israel. So they could execute him and hide from the leftists, librals and international community who support them that they are killing homosexuals.

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