Video shows children of killed Taliban fighters being trained to kill our troops

I will be looking for this actual video. Any help appreciated. Anyone want to bet when the flotilla will sail to end this kind of apartheid and human rights abuses? Bookies are giving odds of 1000,000:1 for never.

From The Mirror:

Taliban train children as young as three Taliban train children as young as three

Taking aim with AK-47 machine guns – these are children of Taliban “martyrs” being trained to replace their fathers.

The chilling video was shot at an Al Qaeda camp where boys as young as THREE are turned into trained killers ready to wage war on ­British soldiers.

Taliban train children as young as three

It shows how, in the wake of its leader Osama Bin Laden’s death in May, his terror group is brainwashing a new generation of child soldiers. British commanders in Afghanistan say children are increasingly used as suicide bombers and human shields during battles.

In the most ­disturbing sections of the video children appear anxious and unhappy as they are trained with guns. The film also shows a “dentist” pulling a child’s back tooth out with a pair of pliers for an ­initiation ritual.

Taliban train children as young as three (Pic: SM Video Grab)

The ­footage, filmed in North Waziristan near ­Pakistan’s border with ­Afghanistan, was ­obtained by our ­investigators after it was posted on an underground Al Qaeda ­website. It was issued by the ­Islamic Movement of ­Uzbekistan, which acts as a “foreign ­legion” supplying fighters to wage war alongside the Taliban.

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7 Replies to “Video shows children of killed Taliban fighters being trained to kill our troops”

  1. Of course no flotilla can sail to Afghanistan – it’s a landlocked country! 😉

    Back on topic, I once said that the key to military success in Afghanistan is resorting back to tribal warfare ourselves. Tribal wars were often fought over women and slaves. So we should do the same.

    Kidnap their women and children and kill the men that fight back. Take the females and kids under 12 for relocation, resettlement and deprogramming from their death cult. Educate them and make them literate. Then let the adult men bugger themselves out of existence in 1 generation.

  2. The flotilla to Israel/Gaza was also by air. They are calling this the ‘flytilla’. The point stands. When will the same activists make a large demonstration about the issues they claim to care about, where in fact they really do take place. Answer remains the same. Never. Because the groups actually guilty of the crimes the Western leftists and their Islamic sponsors accuse Israel of, are being perpetrated by in-fashion groups.

    These people need to talk to at least one South Sudanese person. At least once.

  3. NO surprise here, these sub-human mutants have been brainwashed and taught to hate the ‘unclean’, ‘unholy’ Infidel for 1400+ yrs.

  4. When these children fire at our troops, will our troops return fire? If they do return fire,
    will there be an outcry against them for killing children?

  5. Paula if they are like the troops in Nam they will return fire, the weapons being used against they are full grown and don’t care about the age of the user. Will the leftist dominated press call them child killers, yes they will just as they called the Nam vets child killers.

    Taking the women and kids and deprogramming them makes sense, so much that the left would raise holy hell over the idea.

  6. if you email me, I can tell you where to see the videos, since for whatever reason (perhaps stuff I have on my computer blocking it) I do not see on your blog how to email you

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