Son of hate preacher Abu Hamza jailed for attacking police at London demonstration

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Last updated at 4:03 PM on 30th June 2010

Yasser KamelJailed: Yasser Kamel, pictured arriving at court, threw missiles at police officers during violent protests outside the Israeli embassy

The student son of radical cleric Abu Hamza was today jailed for a year after confessing to throwing missiles at police officers during violent protests outside the Israeli embassy.

Yasser Kamel, 20, disguised his face with a scarf and used a stolen police riot shield for protection during the ‘peak time of violence’ at the demonstration against Gaza sanctions.

Kamel was caught on camera throwing four missiles at police during a 45-minute period he spent ‘at the front-line’ as hundreds of protesters confronted officers in January 2009.

A total of £50,000 of damage was done to shops and cafes on Kensington High Street during the rioting, Isleworth Crown Court heard.

Most of the money was needed to repair a Starbucks coffee shop which had its entire front window smashed to pieces and which Kamel was later seen to enter.

Hamza’s son arrived outside the embassy at around 4.45pm just as police moved to quell the increasing disorder, with some protesters dismantling metal barriers and using them to charge at the line of riot officers.

He got involved in some of the clashes, and even took the trouble to change clothes halfway through the rioting. He was also caught being shown how to use a stolen police riot shield.

One riot officer suffered a badly broken jaw after a metal rivet, used to clip fences together, was thrown at the police line and smashed through the protective visor on his helmet.

The policeman was seen on video rolling on the road in pain while fellow officers rushed to his aid – although the Crown said the rivet was not thrown by Kamel.

Police watching the violence swooped on Kamel shortly before 8pm that evening, and a video of him being arrested was played to the court.

The student, who has two previous convictions for dishonesty, tried not to look at the video camera before giving his name, date of birth and address to officers.

Prosecutor Benn Maguire told the hearing: ‘On January 10 last year a Stop The War demonstration took place on Kensington Road near the Royal Garden Hotel.

‘Unfortunately some of the individuals abused their democratic right to demonstrate a pursued a course of what we would say is serious public disorder.

‘That involved attacking police with metal barriers positioned at the roadside and throwing missiles at the police.

‘The items that we say were thrown by this particular defendant are limited to sticks. The Crown says that this defendant took part in a joint enterprise.

‘We place his role at the lower end of the offences. We do of course say that he was an active and enthusiastic participant.

Abu HamzaFather: Hate preacher Abu Hamza is in jail as he attempts to fight extradition to the U.S. on terror charges

‘He hid his identity by putting a scarf over his face and covering his head with a hood. We say this was a conscious decision to frustrate efforts of the police to identify him, and he also changed his clothing during the course of the incident.’

A series of still images and videos were shown of Kamel’s involvement in the riots, which saw hundreds of people converging on the Israeli embassy to confront police and throw missiles.

Throughout the demonstration some protesters tried to keep the peace, while chanting ‘free, free Palestine’ and waving anti-war banners and the flag of the Middle Eastern state.

Defence counsel Matthew Ryder QC asked the judge not to jail Kamel, from Shepherds Bush, west London, saying justice would best be served by a tough community order, describing the offences as ‘disproportionate, inappropriate and unjustifiable.’

But Judge John Denniss, who has sentenced dozens of people for public disorder offences relating to last January’s Gaza riots, disagreed, saying that although Kamel’s role was small, the scale of the violence was so large that his sentence had to send a message.

Sentencing Kamel, who was 18 at the time of the offence, to 12 months youth detention, the judge said: ‘I accept the mitigation that you only arrived at 16.43pm and had not been involved in the earlier fighting and violent disorder which had taken place and when the integrity of the embassy was at one time threatened.

‘But the videos also demonstrate the gravity and seriousness of what was taking place during this. This was extremely serious.

‘Each individual who took an active part by deed or encouragement is guilty of a serious offence and those who do take part do so at their own peril. In my judgement a deterrent sentence is necessary.

‘The public are entitled to look to the court for protection. The aggravating features of this offence are the nature and level of the violence used by a large number of individuals that day.’

Kamel previously pleaded guilty to one count of violent disorder.
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  1. Good thing that missile-throwing has yet to be ruled a form of ritual protest, as shoe-throwing has recently been ruled as such by the InJustice System of not-so-Great-Britain. Had that already happened, captain hook’s little spawn wouldn’t even have been arrested.

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