USA: Muslim woman tries to poison Starbuck’s orange juice in San Francisco

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We have covered the leftist-Islamic alliance against Starbucks at Vlad many times. Enough that there is a category called, ‘War on Starbucks’ and managers of various Starbucks stores have told me in confidence other events that were not publicized. Not of this nature but various kinds of interference in normal operations. I am only surprised that this is as rare as it is.


Son of hate preacher Abu Hamza jailed for attacking police at London demonstration

From UK Daily Mail:

By Mail Online Reporter
Last updated at 4:03 PM on 30th June 2010

Yasser KamelJailed: Yasser Kamel, pictured arriving at court, threw missiles at police officers during violent protests outside the Israeli embassy

The student son of radical cleric Abu Hamza was today jailed for a year after confessing to throwing missiles at police officers during violent protests outside the Israeli embassy.

Yasser Kamel, 20, disguised his face with a scarf and used a stolen police riot shield for protection during the ‘peak time of violence’ at the demonstration against Gaza sanctions.

Kamel was caught on camera throwing four missiles at police during a 45-minute period he spent ‘at the front-line’ as hundreds of protesters confronted officers in January 2009.

A total of £50,000 of damage was done to shops and cafes on Kensington High Street during the rioting, Isleworth Crown Court heard.

Most of the money was needed to repair a Starbucks coffee shop which had its entire front window smashed to pieces and which Kamel was later seen to enter. Continue Reading →

G20 Toronto. The usual morons wreck, burn, and ruin things for the poor.

As usual, scores of what is most likely university grads, decided to make the streets of Toronto impossible for the working poor and raise costs on all things from a coffee to bank fees all for the sake of the poor or whatever group they imagine is disenfranchised in Canada at the G-20 now taking place in Toronto Canada. Saturdays highlights are 2 police cars burned and a Starbucks trashed. The latter I believe is vastly more sinister in implication as it typically means the hate and violence of this group is focused on what we saw especially in Europe during Israel’s defencive action in Gaza in 08.

Rumours were circulated that Starbucks is owned by Jews and that a certain percentage of all sales went directly to support the IDF. Now I have no idea if Jews are on the board of Starbucks, there probably are. But its unlikely any shareholders would be OK with profits going to fund a foreign army that already receives 100% of its funding from it’s own government, as do all national armies. If you search Vlad for Starbucks, you will see quite a few videos and articles about the targeting of Starbucks across the world as a focus of both Leftists, (Starbucks is a successful corporation world wide, other than Israel, employing tens of thousands and therefore personifies evil) and Muslim groups for the ‘reasons’ stated above. Top video is amateur video of destruction of Eaton’s Starbucks and the second is one of several police cars that were burned.

Today many predict will be much worse. There was at least one Palestinian flag amongst the protesters that I saw as well. So we likely have the usual crowd of agitators. The left and Islam.

Pictures from The National Post and the BBC web sites.

More on the Starbucks Jihad: Manhattan Starbucks hit by bomb blast

Vlad has been blogging on ‘The Starbucks Jihad’ for some time now. Maybe one of the first blogs to do so. More evidence from New York today…

Hat tip Gay and Right many thanks

Manhattan Starbucks Hit by Small Blast

Memorial Day Blast Is Fourth Small Bombing in Manhattan in Past Two Years

A bomb blast outside a Starbucks coffee shop rattled the early morning Memorial Day quiet of Manhattan’s Upper East Side today, shattering windows and triggering the evacuation of 25 apartments.


An early morning blast rattles a Manhattan Starbucks.

(ABC News)

The coffee shop was closed when the bomb erupted at 3:25 a.m., and there were no reported injuries.

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the first officers on the scene “found windows blown out of the Starbucks and the chair, the seat that is right outside, shattered.” The time of day echoed that of a pattern of unsolved early morning blasts that have occurred outside the British Consulate, the Mexican Consulate and the Armed Forces recruiting booth in Times Square over the past two years.

Below thanks to Islam in Action, a NY Muslim attempts to convince people that a ‘massacre’ which in fact never happened in Jenin, is the fault of Starbucks. Go to the link for more on the Starbucks Jihad.

More on the Starbucks Jihad

One of the more peculiar threads of the global Jihad Vladtepesblog follows, is what we call the Starbucks Jihad. We have several posts here on attacks on Starbucks especially in Europe as well as the sureal video of an Egyptian Imam demanding Starbucks be boycotted because he claims, its logo is of an ancient Jewish queen of Persia.

Below please find an article from Pajamas media on the Starbucks relationship to the left and Islamic world. They also suggest a coming Chrystalnacht, something we at Vlad have been predicting for some time. Only it will start with coffee shops.



Starbucks Boycott Turns Violent

Poor Howard Schultz. No matter how hard the Starbucks head tries, he can’t seem to avoid being in the news as he is hated in so many parts of the world. Here in the UK he is hated because it is fashionable to spurn American globalization. I will never forget a “Jews for Justice for Palestinians” activist screaming at me shortly after 9/11, saying “American enterprises clogging the British high street” contributed to the hatred that caused the terror attacks. I reminded her that if KFC, Woolworths, McDonalds, Domino’s, Subway, and Starbucks closed all at once there would be about 500,000 Brits on the dole.

Schultz is hated by Anglo-Muslims because he is an alleged “mega-Zionista.” He is hated by the Guardianista intelligentsia of Primrose Hill, who were successful in banning Starbucks and its baristas from their high street. He is hated by the mullahs of the Middle East who have demanded the coffee chain be closed down because Queen Esther appears in its world-renowned logo. My esteemed journalistic colleague and respected historian Melanie Phillips, who does not suffer fools gladly and has an unparalleled instinct for a major news story, thinks the Queen Esther issue is more than just Islamist propaganda.

Now that the novelist Howard Jacobson has published a screed alerting the world to the explosion of anti-Semitism in Britain, which our mild-mannered chief rabbi calls a “tsunami,” and now that Zionist-hatred has metamorphosed into violence on the streets of London, I thought I would examine the process of hate-mongering evolving into mini-Kristallnachts.

Continue Reading →

Deli Jihad.


So what conclusions can one draw from the recent arrest of a woman in Guelph for putting sewing needles in packages of lunch meat at a local store. First we should look at the names of those involved. Schneiders is a name of German origin but also the surname of many Jews. Even more common in it’s other variant Schneiderman. Now lets look at the name of the arrested. Mastoora is a name of Muslim origin. This connection will not be brought up by the media and they will pass it off as a disgruntled ex employee [ Mastoora had recently been fired after seven years of employment with Maple Leaf foods] who was seeking revenge on a former employer. Perhaps that is all this is about. Then again, perhaps not.

This dangerous act seems to run along the same lines as the attacks we see on Starbucks. Whether Starbucks or Schneiders is owned by Jews or not is irrelevant. If the Muslim community perceives this to be true then they are soft targets for jihad and shall be attacked accordingly.

Guelph police make arrest in meat tampering case

Fri Mar. 27 2009

Guelph, Ont. police have made an arrest in connection with a series of deli packages that were recently found with sewing needles inside them at a local No Frills supermarket.

Late Thursday, Guelph police announced they had made an arrest in connection with the case.

Store management called police after a No Frills customer brought a package that had been tampered with back to the supermarket last week.

The subsequent investigation found 13 sewing needles that had been inserted into 12 different Schneider’s meat product packages sold at the No Frills supermarket located at 191 Silvercreek Parkway in Guelph.

The store immediately pulled Schneider’s products from its shelves and police investigated the matter with the help of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Sgt. Doug Pflug told that all of the affected products had been yanked from store shelves within a 25 kilometre radius of the No Frills during the investigation.

No injuries were reported as a result of the tampering.

Mastoora Qezil, 41, of Guelph, was arrested and charged with one count of common nuisance. She is scheduled to appear in bail court on Friday.

Kristallnacht will begin at Starbucks. And it will be soon.

Readers of Vlad will know we follow two threads especially. Artists and Islam and for very important reasons, not the least of which, is that artists like gay groups which are famously liberal (as are we at Vlad) have somehow been conned into joining the most illiberal forces on earth today masquerading as human rights groups or ‘peace’ groups. This tactic is what destroyed an otherwise pretty decent Iran. And the Jihad against starbucks. Initially it was a kind of curiosity to us. How the left and militant Islam had joined forces to try and destroy Starbucks. We have seen Starbucks locations destroyed in Europe during pro Hamas demonstrations and various locations of Starbucks in Canada and elsewhere have had peculiar protests and memo’s from head office. Muslims with a motive of pure anti semitism have managed to co-opt students leftists and basically anyone stupid or uneducated enough to wear a Che T shirt, to attack Starbucks for the ‘anti corporate’ agenda so fashionable with kids who do not have to pay their own bills. Kristallnacht will happen again, it will happen soon, and it will start at Starbucks.

Now we have this in Lebanon…

From The Lebanon Daily Star Beirut:

Activists protest against Starbucks, drive off customers
By Marc Abizeid
Special to The Daily Star
Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Activists protest against Starbucks, drive off customers

BEIRUT: About 25 young activists belonging to the Union of Lebanese Democratic Youth (ULDY) demonstrated outside a Beirut Starbucks Monday evening to protest the Seattle-based coffee shop’s ties to Israel. Members handed out leaflets and shouted slogans outside the store, catching the attention of passers-by and virtually ending all traffic heading in for a drink. A handful of police officers guarded the entrance of the store while two army trucks unloaded about a dozen soldiers across the street in anticipation of violence.

“It’s not just Starbucks that we’re demonstrating against,” 25-year-old ULDY member Hassan Zeitouny said. “It’s a demonstration against all that send aid to Israel, especially those that give money to Israelis to return back to Israel.”

ULDY – a leftist organization with ties to the Lebanese Communist Party – organized a similar demonstration outside the Hamra Starbucks during Israel’s devastating 22-day assault on Gaza in January. The group is also active in the larger campaign to boycott other American products and companies which it accuses of supporting Israel such as CocaCola and Phillip Morris.

The activists held signs up to the cafe’s windows with one displaying a drawing of a Starbucks’ cup overflowing with blood while another carried a mock-menu offering “coffee to kill my family,” and “espresso to knock down my house.”

Cheers were sung as each customer left the shop. After the last customers exited quietly, the cafe was left empty except for a few discouraged-looking employees sitting around a table drinking their own product.

“It’s good that people are leaving. I think they understood something – they understood this shop here is against Lebanon,” Zeitouni said. “Some citizens don’t know that Starbucks gives money to Israel while others know but don’t want to understand how much this flies in the face of what we stand for.”