David G. Littman: 25 years at the UN Human Rights bodies. A retrospective:

This is some compelling watching. David G. Littman himself speaks on some of his impressions in new interviews on his eperiences in the UN Human Rights Council and other UN bodies, and the extraordinary degree of obfuscation and other tactics used by the various members of the UN to avoid any discussion of actual human rights.

This is some compelling watching. There is more interviews on this with Mr. Littman to come, but this is the second in his retrospective on the UN.


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  1. Why we allow these venal, lying, collectivist types into decent discussions is beyond me. Perhaps as Islam is a ongoing insult to any western council we should kick out all the Islamic countries, and get back to some civilised discourse.

  2. As they operate collectively wouldn’t it be sensible to treat them as a collective, and only allow a point of order from one, and punish one and punish them all. Like it was one country, that’s what they want isn’t it?

  3. Every totalitarian system silences its critics by changing the rules of discourse and forbidding the opposition to use the very words which describe what the totalitarian system is doing.

    This is the main reason why Arabic continues to be used as the de facto language of Islam, since it is controlled by the very people whose power rests in using Arabic to control the laws, economies and lives of Muslims the world over. Arabic is the only language in the world which is designed, not for revelation, but concealment and obfuscation.

    And now the UN is riddled with Muslim delegates who are doing exactly what totalitarian systems do to silence their critics by not allowing opponents to talk about or use the very words that describe what Muslim states (and international Muslim neighborhoods as well) are doing to human rights around the world. They are using the very rules of international bodies like the UN and the language we use against us wherever they can.

    Which brings me to the muzzling of the DHS, FBI, CIA, federal departments and the armed forces by the Obama administration when discussing Muslim terrorist acts against civilians in the US. It is silencing the critics of Islam, reducing the realities behind the acts to mere abberations, when in fact they are at the core of Islam itself.

    As I learn more about what Islam and its apologists are doing on the international level, I am truly beginning to suspect that the current administration in the US is doing everything in its power to re-interpret human rights, the Bill of Rights, and the US Constitution using Muslim standards. In short, I believe that Obama is practising takkiya/kitman and has done so for over 30 years and has promoted similar people to positions within the White House.

  4. Littman amazingly maintains his composure through it all. God bless him.

    more symbolism? at 2012 London Olympics (link from comment at JW)

    Barnett | May 24, 2010 7:26 AM | Reply

    I recently just read something that mentioned that it is common for muslims to build Mosques on land they wish to Conquer.

    Our nation is in distress without their help. What a more glorious time for them to conquer the west.

    Now that we know that there is construction of two Mosques near ground zero, One better consider the Mosques that are being built in cities nationwide in areas whre Muslim do not even populate.

    These areas are usually inner city or low income neighborhoods where recruiting is easy.

    Most of these Mosques are more than likely funded from Saudi Money and have ties to terrorism.

    So wake up America. It will soon be coming to a neighborhood near you!

    Construction of a Mosque so close to ground zero (WTC) is a slap in the face to The citizens of NYC, victims of 911 and all of America.

    Obviously this is symbolic as many things are in Islamic culture.

    Sometime ago I came across something that seems too out there to be taken seriously. I need anyone to look at this now for serious consideration.

    The logo that was created for the London Olympics 2012 was created by branding agency Wolff Olins. I believe it was under the management of Abed Bibi from their Saudi Arabia or Dubai offices. This is a quote from an interview with Abed Bibi.

    “Everyone deserves a better
    life, and this should be our
    aim, to have a better world,
    better life, better brands,” he
    says. “If a human being or a
    president is a brand, then
    if he’s good… he’s gifted his
    entire nation.”
    Such ‘brands’, according
    to Bibi, include everyone
    from JFK to Castro, Sheikh
    Zayed to Yasser Arafat. The
    ‘brands’ of Islam include
    the Hajj, Mecca and Jerusalem. (al-quds?)
    But despite a bit of intellectualizing
    in this frenzy
    of idealism, Bibi has to admit (frenzy of idealism)
    that—in the corporate
    world—the region is yet to
    come up with a truly enduring
    brand statement (until now))

    Castro, Sheik Zayed and Yasser Arafat gifted their nation?

    Jerusalem is an Islamic Brand?

    Although it was not popular by other logo designers or the general public (who petitioned to have it banned)it still was chosen to represent both Olympics and Paralympics 2012.

    The logo which resembles puzzle like characters, is exactly that. When I deconstruct the Olympic design and reconstruct the characters I get what appears to be a reference to 911, The pieces seem to form a 911 with what could appear as a plane going into two towers and a separate shape of a pentagon. In the Paralympics logo deconstructed and reconstructed two towers, statue of liberty and embassy suites hotel.

    I know you can sometimes make something into what you would like it to be but this is just too close
    to be disregarded as nonsense. Two logos from two different logos I can create these symbols or landmarks in lower Manhattan and the pentagon.

    I believe these logo are just as symbolic as the Mosque being built 2 blocks away from Ground Zero. This is an insult to Americans of any race who believe that radical Islam was responsible for deaths of innocent lives on September 11, 2001.

    Now the strange thing about the embassy suites is when you go into Google Earth 3-D Model of that building(embassy suites NYC) you will find a picture gallery of the aftermath of 911 on the inside walls. Just zoom straight down through the roof from above and facing north.

    No other 3D model has this characteristic

    I’ve been hoping someone would look into this for a longtime and give it some consideration as crazy as it appears to be.

    Links below for images and media

    Images of logos and symbolism view them all large


    Interview of Abed BiBi about Arab super brands


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