I’m all for a Jewish joke but…

**** UPDATE **** A commenter below explains that this was some anonymous person out there who did a voice over on scenes from Drawn Together, and not the actual movie or show at all. I am much relieved if this is the case. Please read the comment below this post.

****  update  ****

comment is wrong, clips authentic

This seems to be more of a political statement along with a grotesque misrepresentation of history.

The show claims to be ‘Drawn Together’ but I thought I had every episode of that and never saw anything like this. I suspect it’s from a Movie from the show.

In the show, they take shots at Jews being cheap and all the usual stereotypes and frankly, I have no problem if the stuff is funny. They take shots at everything in Drawn Together. But this is politics and venom through thin, inaccurate analogy.

drawn together movie israel 2 from Person on Vimeo.

drawn together movie israel 1 from Person on Vimeo.

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7 Replies to “I’m all for a Jewish joke but…”

  1. Freedom doesn’t mean we have to like it.

    kinda of a related question.

    My nephew was over this weekend he is at that age of just learning all the really bad words. I asked him so, what words did you learn?

    He was playful at first then started with what they were without saying the words. He said, “Bi ..” when talking to a girl “Fu..” and so on. Then I said do you know the worst word I know of that makes all the others seem like light weight words? It can only be used in a very bad way when spoken by a Muslim, the word is Kafir. I explained what it meant and it isn’t a bad to say when spoken by a kafir.

    Then when my nephew got home the first thing he did was go to his mom (a leftist) and said, “I need to stay away from people that believe in Islam.”

    That is not what I told my nephew but that is what he got out of explaining what the word means. His parents didn’t say a word and didn’t question me at all. But I assume I will not be seeing my nephews for a while.

    Sometimes I wish I was a leftist and knew nothing about the world around me.

  2. Remember that scene in Pulp Fiction where the main character has an epiphany and realizes that the quote he has been using for evil purposes all these years was correct?

    Ezekiel 25:17. “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.

    Of course I know this quote from Pulp Fiction as I can’t handle the bible. But the point is valid. He who suffers the slings of the sarcastic, the sanctimonious, the snide, the selfish because they walk the walk that is true and just are great men. It would be easy to be a leftist disguising selfishness and jealousy and contempt in a thin cloak of sanctimony. But my admiration is reserved for those who lose friends, career opportunities, jobs, lovers because they know that the path to genuine individual civil liberties lies in what is called ‘conservative-ism’ today or the right wing as it where.

    Yes if you pretend to be an egalitarian Multi Culti lefitst the world is your oyster. And then of course, the left and Islam will pick the bones of individual capitalist accomplishment clean then blame them for the lack of seconds.

  3. This is a voice over from one of hte episodes of Drawn Together and not the original voice over at all.

    Someone (probably a Muslim or Muslim appeaser) has posted this in the hopes that people will think that the TV show featured such ranting.

    Muslims will do anything to make Israel and Jews (as well as any and all non-Muslims) look bad. After all, we are all “kufar” the them.

    Stop the hajri, stop Islam.

  4. It is the movie I watched it last night, as much as I could stand, ant sadly, RRwest is wrong. I posted the link above

  5. It’s the leftists biggest nightmare, the shock and awe tactics they used to convert Christians into modernists is being used by both the right (South Park) to satirise the left, and the vulgar (Drawn Together) to make a few bucks.

    In the end the left will ineffectual in stopping attacks on people based on racial or ethical rules of conduct because the attacks or jokes on Jews in these programmes are no different from the way the left has been attacking Christians, middle-class Europeans, men and the poltically marginalised.

    The Left doesn’t have the moral high-ground, they just think they do: which also makes them dangerous.

    The way a intelligent medium like South Park or Geenstijl (Dutch blog) attack Leftist morality is no different from the early attacks by Socialists, the Frankfurt school and the postmodernists on Christianity, except that this time the tools of the trade are not used by the Left or even there Christian adversaries, but an atheistical Right that seeks to improve society along pragmatical lines and abhorres the moral hypocracy of the Left.

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