This week’s “Tales from the ‘Freedom’ Files”

This week’s stories remind us once again of how ‘old fashioned’, rational thought is being replaced by ‘progressive’, irrational ideology. The Loony Left in its mission to create a better, more thoughtful world continues to cast aside what they consider the useless notions of public consultation, debate and majority consent in favour of their gentler, wiser, dictatorial approach. Initially we at vladtepesblog were reluctant to post these stories, as we felt they may provide more data for the social engineers of our cities to expand their role of government interference in our personal choices and anything else enjoyable. Quickly concluding they will rail on regardless, we got over it. Enjoy.

#1 From the U.K. British Man Arrested by the Egg Police. A British auctioneer who attempted to sell a chest of drawers containing 100 year old bird’s eggs has been charged under laws designed to protect wildlife. Jim Railton thought the cabinet was just another piece of furniture but authorities disagreed. After a description of the common species eggs appeared in an auction catalogue, his salesroom was raided by police who were tipped off by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. He was arrested and driven to the police station where he was fingerprinted and mouth swabbed for a DNA sample. If found guilty, he faces a $5,000 fine and 6 months in prison.

#2 From the U.S., Switzerland and Canada. Workers in Detroit Urged to Avoid Perfumed Products. Signs will be placed in city buildings in Detroit telling staff to refrain from using scented products such as cologne, aftershave, perfume, deodorants and face/body lotions. Scented candles and spray/solid air fresheners are also banned. The new regulation came into play after a city employee won a $100,000 settlement claiming colleagues perfume caused her breathing difficulty. Due to similar complaints, Zurich has banned perfume, plunging necklines, bad breath, shirts with patterns, too much make-up, overly manicured nails, gym shoes, messy beards and short trousers. Ottawa debated on a similar program that would outlaw perfume, scented soaps, cleaners and deodorants in public places.

#3 From the U.K.  British Police Banned from Asking for Christian Names. British police officers taking down a suspect’s particulars have been banned from asking for their Christian names should the practice offend Muslims, Sikhs and people of other faiths. They must instead ask for their ‘personal’ or ‘family’ name. Kent’s police diversity handbook also instructs officers to refrain from using phrases such as ‘ my dear’, ‘love’, ‘mixed-race’, ‘businessman’, ‘housewives’ and ‘child’ and warns officers not to comfort people by ‘putting their arm around them’. The rulebook for Kent police intends to ‘break down cultural barriers with diverse communities’ and such loose talk and gestures of comfort could be seen as embarrassing and unprofessional by some unfamiliar with the ease of traditional British norms. The Kent manual seems in keeping with NHS Trust who attempted to ban hot cross buns at it’s hospitals during Easter for fear of offense and Liverpool schools who have succeeded in their ban of the traditional bun along with pancakes.

#4 From Canada.  Butt Out! City of Waterloo to Ban Smoking in Apartments. As of April 1, a Waterloo regional policy is set to outlaw smoking in multi-unit apartment dwellings. The ban will apply to all new residents and to those previous tenants who wish to relocate to a new unit. “People’s health is important to us and we’ve taken a bold move”, says regional director of housing Deb Schlichter, adding ” not everyone is going to be happy with the change”. Ms. Schlichter also advocates the use of public health nurses to provide counseling and nicotine replacement therapy to those who wish to kick the habit but does not rule out the prospect of eviction as a last resort. Pressure groups have long lobbied for a complete ban on smoking including in the home. Sadly, tenant Gary Smith’s old fashioned sentiment is lost among the rhetoric of the Butt-Out-Brigade ” what I do in my apartment is nobody’s business”.

#5 From England, Scotland and Canada.  The Latest in the War on Fat: Council Bans Ice Cream Vans from Stopping Near Schools. Ice cream traders in London have been banned from parking outside schools or in town centers in a bid by Hillington Council to improve children’s diets. Council claims they have been forced into action because healthier eating habits in children must be encouraged. Ice cream vendors found in defiance of the ban risk having their van(s) impounded. “An ice lolly is only unhealthy if you have 3 or 4 in one go” said ice cream vendor Pete Bhogal. The ban applies to nurseries through secondary schools.

Council bans ice cream vans from stopping outside schools

Traders in Uxbridge, Ruislip and Hayes, west London, will be forced to sell ice creams only in residential streets Photo: AFP/GETTY

The promotion of healthier eating habits in children including a ban on baked potatoes for pupils, is just one issue being tackled by health desk-jockeys. School administrators in Scotland have folded sleep lessons for teens into the curriculum warning them of the health hazards of late night t.v. and the benefits of an early bed time. This is done despite the fact that most parents are perfectly qualified to teach good sleeping habits to their own children within their own homes. Meanwhile, one Calgary school has banned kids from skateboarding to it’s school as officials have mistaken them for weapons. The fact that skateboarding is a healthy form of exercise seems to escape such skinny minded bureaucrats, as the city of Calgary also frowns on skateboard ramps, basketball hoops and hockey nets.

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