Allahu akbar, rose petals and blasphemy; scholars threaten those who would mourn slain governor.

From The Ottawa Citizen

Pakistan scholars warn against mourning slain governor

By Michael Georgy, Reuters January 5, 2011 9:02 AM


ISLAMABAD – Five hundred Pakistani religious scholars have warned that anyone who expresses grief over the assassination of a senior ruling party official who opposed the country’s blasphemy law could suffer the same fate.

Salman Taseer, a liberal politician close to President Asif Ali Zardari, had no day-to-day role in the central government. But his killing in broad daylight at a shopping centre in Islamabad reinforces the sense that the government is incapable of stabilizing the Muslim country of 170 million.

The Punjab province governor was killed on Tuesday by one of his guards, who was apparently incensed by the politician’s opposition to the blasphemy law, in a parking lot at the block of shops popular with foreigners.

The scholars also noted the “courage” and religious zeal of the killer, saying his action has made Muslims around the world proud. Continue Reading →

Saudi’s on MTV’s ‘True Life’ sued, face punishment for ‘openly declaring sin’

From The National Post

I want my ‘openly declaring sin’ MTV!

Ali  Jarekji/Reuters file photo

Ali Jarekji/Reuters file photo

By Katherine Laidlaw June 1, 2010 – 7:30 pm

Three Saudi youths (none pictured here) who will appear on an upcoming episode of MTV’s reality show True Life could face punishments including prison and lashing for their on-air discussion of wanting more freedoms in their homeland. One girl, Fatima, tried to open a business selling cloaks in colours other than black.

Three Saudi youth may face punishment for appearing on the MTV reality show True Life to talk about ways they’re resisting the country’s strict morality, after the Saudi religious police filed a lawsuit against them for the crime of “openly declaring sin.”

The police are trying to drag the three into court and, if successful, charge them. The teens starred in an episode of the MTV documentary series, which originally aired in Saudi Arabia on May 24, called “Resist the Power! Saudi Arabia.” The program followed three characters, identified only by their first names: Aziz, who tries to meet his girlfriend for a date; Fatima, who tries to open a business selling cloaks in colours other than black; and Ahmad, who thinks women should be able to run for and hold elected office.

On the show, Aziz says, “We are not free to live as we like,” and describes the difficulty he experiences when trying to go on dates in Jeddah with his girlfriend.

An officer at the Jeddah court said it would take at least a week to decide whether to proceed to trial.

The Saudi judiciary system, based on an austere reading of Islamic sharia law, metes out harsh punishments for morality offences, sometimes including lashes with a whip and years of imprisonment. Last year, a Saudi named Mazen Abdul-Jawad was sentenced to 1,000 lashes and five years in prison for discussing his sexual affairs on a show televised by the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation.

“It will be very difficult to stop the religious clockwork once this gets to court,” a Saudi lawyer told Reuters yesterday. The True Life subjects “may face harsh sanctions like those dealt to Abdul-Jawad.”

True Life “Resist the Power! Saudi Arabia” will air in Canada on July 12 at 3 p.m. ET on MTV2. Click here for more details. for more information.

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This week’s Tales from the ‘Freedom’ Files

This week’s stories remind us once again of how ‘old fashioned’, rational thought is being replaced by ‘progressive’, irrational ideology. The Loony Left in its mission to create a better, more thoughtful world continues to cast aside what they consider the useless notions of public consultation, debate and majority consent in favour of their gentler, wiser, dictatorial approach. Initially we at vladtepesblog were reluctant to post these stories, as we felt they may provide more data for the social engineers of our cities to expand their role of government interference in our personal choices and anything else enjoyable. Quickly concluding they will rail on regardless, we got over it. Enjoy.

#1. From The U.K.  Man Banned from Buying Flowers. Co-op Supermarket customer David Houlgate wanted to buy some flowers for his daughters but was denied the purchase after store staff told him they had ‘passed their due date’. Despite the fact that the flowers had been reduced for sale and had some life left, the grocery had slated them for destruction.

‘I can understand not selling food which has gone past its sell-by date – but flowers? I did tell the manager that I wasn’t planning on eating them, but she insisted I could not have them”, Mr. Houlgate said adding, ‘It’s frankly ridiculous that flowers cannot be sold to someone willing to buy them simply because they are past their sell-by date.’ Co-op’s customer relations officer reiterated store policy stating, ‘In the case of plants and flowers, we are unable to guarantee the quality of these products after their expiry date, therefore instruct the store not to sell them.’

A man was told he could not buy a bunch of tulips because they had  reached their 'use by' date

This week’s “Tales from the ‘Freedom’ Files”

This week’s stories remind us once again of how ‘old fashioned’, rational thought is being replaced by ‘progressive’, irrational ideology. The Loony Left in its mission to create a better, more thoughtful world continues to cast aside what they consider the useless notions of public consultation, debate and majority consent in favour of their gentler, wiser, dictatorial approach. Initially we at vladtepesblog were reluctant to post these stories, as we felt they may provide more data for the social engineers of our cities to expand their role of government interference in our personal choices and anything else enjoyable. Quickly concluding they will rail on regardless, we got over it. Enjoy.

#1 From Spain  Animal Rights Groups Condemn Bullfighting in Film. Animal right’s activists are urging cinema goers to boycott the new film Manolete accusing the picture of glamorizing the role of the matador. Alliance Anticorrida, a French anti-bullfighting group, has sent a message to it’s 20,000 members urging them to avoid the film stating, “it is inadmissible to release a film in which the hero is a matador”. The joint British-Spanish production follows the life and death of Manolete, the legendary bullfighter. The film’s producers have tried to reassure activists that the story is about love, not killing, but their claim has fallen on deaf ears. It is worth mentioning that no real bulls were used during production.

#2 From England  Council Set to Ban Word ‘Obesity’. Liverpool City Council believes the word ‘obese’ could stigmatize youngsters and wants to replace the word with ‘unhealthy weight’. In a bid to avoid offending overweight children, the words obese and obesity would be dropped from all schemes and strategies aimed at improving children’s diets and health. But the plan is opposed by anti-obesity campaigners who feel that although the word carries a negative connotation, it could prove useful in addressing the seriousness of the problem. Tam Fry, chair of the obesity prevention charity Child Growth Foundation, maintains that school children must be taught the realities of life, stating, ” if your obese, you’re obese”.

#3 From Canada  Noise Violations May Prompt Fines. Ottawa City Council’s Community and Protective Services Committee has approved a proposal by councilor George Bedard which would see charges and fines levied against the hosts of loud parties. Councilor Bedard said that the city’s current way of handling noise complaints is ‘ineffective’, stressing ” we need to address this in a more efficient manner”. As it stands, staff who receive a complaint are directed to phone the residence and ask that the noise stop, usually ending the problem. Despite this, legal officials and police will be consulted and staff will report on their recommendations including possible noise bylaw amendments which would see hosts or their landlords who partake in or allow ‘noisy’ parties charged and/or fined. (Good thing Bluesfest has moved out of Bedard’s neighbourhood).

#4 From The U.K. Butcher Banned From Using Knives. A Sainsbury’s customer was stunned to learn that his butcher has been banned from de-boning a joint of lamb in case he cuts himself using a knife. Despite the fact that the butcher has been successfully chopping meat for 30 years and teaches young colleagues the art of meat dressing, he is forbidden from cutting lamb joints for his ‘own safety’. The embarrassed butcher said he simply couldn’t do it as he was not insured. A spokesman for Sainsbury’s market said ” Our colleagues who work on the meat counters are trained to use knives, but some have not received all the training to safely de-bone a lamb joint”.

#5 From The U.K. Great Grandmother Banned From Eating Cookie in Shop. An 86 year old great grandmother was threatened with security and banned by Marks and Spencer staff from eating a cookie inside their shop. Thelma Williams was confronted by security guards after she was caught eating a chocolate chip biscuit which she had purchased earlier from the store’s food section. Staff informed Mrs. Williams that she was not allowed to eat food bought outside the cafe, even if it was bought from the store with one employee telling her ” you’ve got to put that cookie away now or you might expect a heavy fine”.

Mrs Williams wanted to enjoy one of her biscuits with her tea  after having lunch in the M&S cafe Chocolate chip cookies: Mrs Williams wanted to enjoy one of her biscuits with her tea after having lunch in the M&S cafe.

*** and the story we almost forgot….****

From Northern Ireland.  Green Party Plans to Ban Fox Hunting. The Green Party of Northern Ireland is poised to introduce a bill that would put an end to fox and stag hunting along with hare coursing. A key principle of the Green Party Northern Ireland states that ” the impact of society on the environment should not be ecologically disruptive”.  GPNI assembly member Brian Wilson said ” Legislation banning the hunt of wild mammals with dogs already exists in England, Wales and Scotland, so this bill will bring Northern Ireland in line with the rest of the U.K.”. A group known as Rural Ireland Says Enough (RISE) opposes the plan and led a 5,000 person strong protest through Waterford, fronted by six riders on horseback. A constitutional challenge to the controversial Hunting Act (2004) has already been dismissed by the courts. Similar legislation deeply polarized rural and urban Britain, prompting impassioned demonstrations on both sides of the debate with both continuing to be at odds.

This week’s “Tales from the ‘Freedom’ Files”

This week’s stories remind us once again of how ‘old fashioned’, rational thought is being replaced by ‘progressive’, irrational ideology. The Loony Left in its mission to create a better, more thoughtful world continues to cast aside what they consider the useless notions of public consultation, debate and majority consent in favour of their gentler, wiser, dictatorial approach. Initially we at vladtepesblog were reluctant to post these stories, as we felt they may provide more data for the social engineers of our cities to expand their role of government interference in our personal choices and anything else enjoyable. Quickly concluding they will rail on regardless, we got over it. Enjoy.

#1 From The U.K.  Council Shuts Down Art Club Claiming Children are ‘Too Middle-Class’. Paint Pots Arts Club, a children’s care centre for kids under five has been forced to close after council deemed the families using it were too middle-class. The Paint Pots Art Club, part of the Sure Start child care scheme introduced across Britain in 2000,  is one of the busiest centres catering to children of all backgrounds. But despite it’s popularity, Hackney Council in East London pulled the plug claiming not enough ‘deprived’ families were represented at the service. Officials concluded that 68% of all users were white and not sufficiently ‘vulnerable’. Paint Pots director Ella Ritchies was told by the Learning Trust to canvas both the Turkish and Kurdish communities and council estates to try to spark interest but most canvassed were not interested in attending. “Based on our monitoring information, the Art Club is not reaching the families who have the most difficult needs. Accordingly, I have to advise you that the contract for the Art Club will end March 31” said an official from the Ann Taylor Children’s Centre.

#2 From Canada.  Street Hockey Dad Fights Fine. More than 500 people have signed a petition to strike down a Montreal area West Island bylaw that forbids street sports, after a father was fined for playing hockey outside with his son and friends. David Sasson and his seven year old son were playing street hockey on a residential street in Dollard-des-Ormeaux when public security officers who patrol the neighbourhood issued Mr. Sasson a $75 fine resulting from a noise complaint. ” That’s the way we have worked all these years” said acting Mayor Zoe Bayouk. The bylaw forbidding playing in the street has been in Dollard-des-Ormeaux since 1992. Mr. Sasson is fighting the fine and has since organized another game in protest.
File:Dick and Jane.jpg

#3 From Russia.  Russia Bans Hitler’s ‘ Mein Kampf”. Adolf Hitler’s book ” Mein Kampf” has been banned in Russia in an attempt to combat the growing allure of far-right politics. Prosecutors claim the 1925 semi-autobiographical book’s outline of racial supremacy has encouraged extremist and violent behaviour. Sova, a Moscow based non-governmental organization responsible for tracking racist violence, stated that 60 people were killed and 306 injured in hate attacks in Russia last year. The ban was initiated after a regional office of the prosecutor sought new ways to combat extremism. In 1950, George Orwell’s novel ” Nineteen Eighty Four” was banned by the Soviets as Stalin believed it to be a satire based on his leadership and was not re-released and legalized until 1990 after extensive ‘editing’. William Gray’s novel ” Fun With Dick and Jane” also seized, remains on the banned list due to it’s pro-American content. (In 2009, Reporters Without Borders ranked Russia 153 out of 175 in the Press Freedom Index. According to International Press Institute, Russia is the most dangerous European country for journalists).

British first edition cover

#4 From The U.K. School Bans Photographs of Pupils. West Community College in Watford, Herts has informed the parents of attending pupils that new restrictions would be put in place banning photographs being taken of students. The letter said in order to ‘safeguard’ pupils, parents, carers and friends could no longer photograph or videotape school events including sport days, drama plays and school trips. The school is thought to be the first in the country to apply such a blanket ban. School officials cite the necessity of the measure to protect students from ‘on-line exploitation’ and ‘ the threat of cyber-bullying’. Camera equipment will be prevented from being taken onto school grounds. The decision had been made after pictures of children were used inappropriately online, resulting in legal action taken against schools. The letter concluded by saying “I appreciate that you may be upset by this decision but hope you will understand the need for the school to protect the safety of our students at all times”.

#5 From The U.K.  Five Year Old Boy Left Stranded in Tree Due to Health and Safety Policy; Good Samaratin Reported to Police. A mischievous five year old boy climbed a school tree and soon found himself unable to climb back down leaving him stranded. Following health and safety guidelines, teachers at Manor School in Melksham, Wiltshire are banned from helping and, retreated inside the school to ‘observe from a distance’ so the child would not become distracted and fall. The boy was only rescued when passer-by Kim Barrett noticed the child and helped him down herself. But instead of being thanked for her good deed, the headteacher reported her to police for trespassing. The associate head “didn’t appear to be at all concerned” said Ms. Barrett. Headteacher Beverly Martin confirmed the school’s policy which prevents staff from going to the aid of children who have climbed trees. ” The safety of our pupils is our priority and we would like to make it clear that this child was being observed at all times”. To protect children, we cannot assume that people who enter school grounds without permission have innocent intentions and (we) must act accordingly. I am sure these expectations are the same in every school and are centered on children’s well being”.

…..And the story we almost forgot to mention……..
“Watch Your Mouth Ann”. University of Ottawa tells right-wing, American pundit Ann Coulter to watch her mouth urging her to use ‘restraint’, ‘respect’ and ‘consideration’ during one of a trio of speaking engagements booked at Canadian university campuses. Vice president and provost Francoise Houle advised Coulter via e-mail to ‘inform herself of Canadian hate speech and defamation laws’ before giving her talk. Days later her speaking engagement was canceled. Blame is abundant on all sides of the Coulter incident; police  and university officials say it was the event’s organizers who shut it down and event organizers said it was police warnings of anti-Coulter demonstrators claiming they could not guarantee her safety. But after sifting through the mess, one things is abundantly clear as The National Post points out in an editorial of March 25:
” It matters little who is correct (both could be). The true cause is the same either way: angry left-wing students and protesters who cannot bear the idea of people they dislike having a say”. It was not Ms. Coulter’s controversial views that forced the cancellation. Nor, in the end, was it any specific action by politically correct university administrators. Rather it was the potential for violence from the crowd outside that silenced her, which sets a very dangerous precedent for free speech in this country”.
” Universities used to fight vigorously for the free expression of ideas, all sorts of ideas, even discomforting and controversial ones. Now they seem to stick up only for those ideas backed up by the promise of anger, violence and vandalism”. Indeed, a triumph for thuggery over scholarship.

This week’s “Tales from the ‘Freedom’ Files”

This week’s stories remind us once again of how ‘old fashioned’, rational thought is being replaced by ‘progressive’, irrational ideology. The Loony Left in its mission to create a better, more thoughtful world continues to cast aside what they consider the useless notions of public consultation, debate and majority consent in favour of their gentler, wiser, dictatorial approach. Initially we at vladtepesblog were reluctant to post these stories, as we felt they may provide more data for the social engineers of our cities to expand their role of government interference in our personal choices and anything else enjoyable. Quickly concluding they will rail on regardless, we got over it. Enjoy.

#1 From the U.K. British Man Arrested by the Egg Police. A British auctioneer who attempted to sell a chest of drawers containing 100 year old bird’s eggs has been charged under laws designed to protect wildlife. Jim Railton thought the cabinet was just another piece of furniture but authorities disagreed. After a description of the common species eggs appeared in an auction catalogue, his salesroom was raided by police who were tipped off by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. He was arrested and driven to the police station where he was fingerprinted and mouth swabbed for a DNA sample. If found guilty, he faces a $5,000 fine and 6 months in prison.

#2 From the U.S., Switzerland and Canada. Workers in Detroit Urged to Avoid Perfumed Products. Signs will be placed in city buildings in Detroit telling staff to refrain from using scented products such as cologne, aftershave, perfume, deodorants and face/body lotions. Scented candles and spray/solid air fresheners are also banned. The new regulation came into play after a city employee won a $100,000 settlement claiming colleagues perfume caused her breathing difficulty. Due to similar complaints, Zurich has banned perfume, plunging necklines, bad breath, shirts with patterns, too much make-up, overly manicured nails, gym shoes, messy beards and short trousers. Ottawa debated on a similar program that would outlaw perfume, scented soaps, cleaners and deodorants in public places.

#3 From the U.K.  British Police Banned from Asking for Christian Names. British police officers taking down a suspect’s particulars have been banned from asking for their Christian names should the practice offend Muslims, Sikhs and people of other faiths. They must instead ask for their ‘personal’ or ‘family’ name. Kent’s police diversity handbook also instructs officers to refrain from using phrases such as ‘ my dear’, ‘love’, ‘mixed-race’, ‘businessman’, ‘housewives’ and ‘child’ and warns officers not to comfort people by ‘putting their arm around them’. The rulebook for Kent police intends to ‘break down cultural barriers with diverse communities’ and such loose talk and gestures of comfort could be seen as embarrassing and unprofessional by some unfamiliar with the ease of traditional British norms. The Kent manual seems in keeping with NHS Trust who attempted to ban hot cross buns at it’s hospitals during Easter for fear of offense and Liverpool schools who have succeeded in their ban of the traditional bun along with pancakes.

#4 From Canada.  Butt Out! City of Waterloo to Ban Smoking in Apartments. As of April 1, a Waterloo regional policy is set to outlaw smoking in multi-unit apartment dwellings. The ban will apply to all new residents and to those previous tenants who wish to relocate to a new unit. “People’s health is important to us and we’ve taken a bold move”, says regional director of housing Deb Schlichter, adding ” not everyone is going to be happy with the change”. Ms. Schlichter also advocates the use of public health nurses to provide counseling and nicotine replacement therapy to those who wish to kick the habit but does not rule out the prospect of eviction as a last resort. Pressure groups have long lobbied for a complete ban on smoking including in the home. Sadly, tenant Gary Smith’s old fashioned sentiment is lost among the rhetoric of the Butt-Out-Brigade ” what I do in my apartment is nobody’s business”.

#5 From England, Scotland and Canada.  The Latest in the War on Fat: Council Bans Ice Cream Vans from Stopping Near Schools. Ice cream traders in London have been banned from parking outside schools or in town centers in a bid by Hillington Council to improve children’s diets. Council claims they have been forced into action because healthier eating habits in children must be encouraged. Ice cream vendors found in defiance of the ban risk having their van(s) impounded. “An ice lolly is only unhealthy if you have 3 or 4 in one go” said ice cream vendor Pete Bhogal. The ban applies to nurseries through secondary schools.

Council bans ice cream vans from stopping outside schools

Traders in Uxbridge, Ruislip and Hayes, west London, will be forced to sell ice creams only in residential streets Photo: AFP/GETTY

The promotion of healthier eating habits in children including a ban on baked potatoes for pupils, is just one issue being tackled by health desk-jockeys. School administrators in Scotland have folded sleep lessons for teens into the curriculum warning them of the health hazards of late night t.v. and the benefits of an early bed time. This is done despite the fact that most parents are perfectly qualified to teach good sleeping habits to their own children within their own homes. Meanwhile, one Calgary school has banned kids from skateboarding to it’s school as officials have mistaken them for weapons. The fact that skateboarding is a healthy form of exercise seems to escape such skinny minded bureaucrats, as the city of Calgary also frowns on skateboard ramps, basketball hoops and hockey nets.

British police banned from asking for Christian names; may cause offense to Muslims, Sikhs

From The Telegraph U.K.

Police officers banned from asking for ‘Christian’ names

Police officers have been banned from asking for a person’s “Christian” name because it might offend people with other religious beliefs.

By Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent
Published: 12:18PM GMT 18 Mar 2010

Officers taking down a suspect’s particulars must now ask them for a “personal and family name” in case the word “Christian” offends Muslims, Sikhs or other faiths, according to the new official guidance.

Kent Police’s prescriptive diversity rulebook also tells officers to refrain from using phrases such as “my dear” or “love”, when addressing women for fear it may cause “embarrassment or offence”.

The guidelines warn that officers should not comfort people by “putting their arm around them” as it could be seen as “unprofessional”.

They also state that the term “mixed race” should be replaced by “mixed parentage” or “mixed cultural heritage”.

Police officers condemned the guidance as “the latest in a long line of annoying politically correct nonsense”.

Other recent examples have included Scotland Yard instructing officers not to use the phrase “gang rape” to describe such crimes because the term is too “emotive”. Sex attacks that involve more than one culprit are referred to as “multi-perpetrator rapes” instead.

Last year it was revealed that officers in Warwickshire had been warned not to say “Evenin’ all” – the phrase made famous by television show Dixon of Dock Green – because it could confuse people of “different cultural backgrounds” as to the time of day.

Other words now discouraged include, “businessman”, “housewives” and “child”, all of which organisations argue have negative connotations.

The new rulebook for Kent police, which has almost 7,000 officers, staff and community support officers, says it intends to “promote clearer communication” and “break down barriers” with diverse communities.

“Do not underestimate how your own cultural background may affect your perception and behaviour towards others,” it warns.

One veteran Kent police officer of 15 years, who did not wish to be identified, said: “Most of us are fully aware of how to treat people from different cultural backgrounds, but being told we can’t even ask what their ‘Christian’ name is just plain ridiculous.

“That is what we are brought up with – Christian name and surname – and to be honest if you had an officer ask for your personal name and family name it’s just going to confuse people.

“It’s just the latest in a long line of annoying PC-related nonsense that we keep getting shoved down our throats.”

Marie Clair, spokesman for the Plain English Campaign, said: “I would like to know who these people with religious beliefs are that are allegedly so offended.

“I do not understand why someone in an office somewhere is coming up with these guidelines when there has been no outcry or complaints made public to suggest that the word “Christian” is offensive in this context.

“It is political correctness being pushed to its absolute limits. All common sense has been lost. Why can’t we use familiar language which people understand?”

This week’s “Tales from the ‘Freedom’ Files”

This week’s stories remind us once again, of how ‘old fashioned’, rational thought is being replaced by ‘progressive’, irrational ideology. The Loony Left in it’s mission to create a better, more thoughtful and harmonious world continue to cast aside what they consider the useless notions of public consultation, debate and consent in favour of their kinder, gentler, dictatorial approach. With the exception of two, all of these stories come from Britain, a land that once proudly served as the petri dish for freedom and which now seems to have become unfortunately, a beaker filled with stifling sediment.

#1 From the U.K.  Cinema goers warned by watchdog group that a large popcorn contains 1,800 calories. “There is a myth that popcorn is fat-free” says the Foods Standard Agency (FSA), adding ” the food on offer at cinemas is high in fat, sugar and salt”. It recommends smaller portions be made available.

#2 From the U.K.  Woman who found 700 year old coin in garden years ago as a child prosecuted for not reporting the treasure to authorities. The silver piedfort marking Charles IV’s ascension to the French throne in 1322 was found by Kate Harding 14 years ago as she helped her mother in the garden. Following her mother’s passing, she kept the coin as a memento. Last year she sought it’s authenticity from a museum but failed to report her find to the coroner. She has since been prosecuted under the Treasures Act, 1996.

#3 From the U.K. Staff at WH Smith refused to sell mother pair of childrens’ scissors over safety fears. Nadine Martin was left shocked and angered after a sales assistant said she could not buy a pair of brightly coloured scissors for her three year old daughter. Her youngster spotted the scissors and placed them on the check-out counter, prompting the clerk to ask Ms. Martin if in fact she would supervise their use at home. ” I can’t believe a parent can’t buy children’s scissors” said an embarrassed and angry Ms. Martin. She left without making a purchase. A WH Smith spokesman apologized for any embarrassment caused but defended the move stating, ” customer safety is of paramount importance to us. To that end, we insist our staff complete regular training updates to remind them of their obligations both legally and in accordance with our own policies”.

#4 From the U.K. London cabbies famous for their friendly chat, to be given training on when to keep quiet. In a bid to prepare taxi drivers to deal with ‘life in a modern service industry’, regulators are suggesting extra training to new recruits which includes knowing when to keep quiet. In addition to memorizing thousands of streets and routes, additional recommendations would include welcoming passengers and dealing with stressful situations. John Mason, head of taxi regulation at Transport for London said ” There is always room for improvement. Perhaps sometimes it is good to keep your mouth shut if you sense vibes from the customer that perhaps they are having a bad day”.

#5 From the U.S. Naked Snow Woman Forced to Cover Up. A neighbour of a family in Rahway, New Jersey, phoned police and filed a complaint charging that a nude snow sculpture of Venus de Milo was offensive. Despite the fact that passersby and several other neighbours were complimentary, the Gonzales family were ordered by the authorities to cover up Venus. Even the responding officer was apologetic and appreciative of the sculpture. Nevertheless, Venus was forced to put her clothes on. She has since melted away.

The snowlady built by Maria Conneran and her brother Jack  Shearing, left, that drew an annymous complaint to the police and had to  be covered up

***And now the story of the week that we didn’t have time to mention*…….
From the U.S. How Bad is the R-word? In recent months it has become clear that the terms ‘retard’ and ‘retarded’ have joined the glossary of words and phrases that public figures cannot utter. The stage has already been set for a 1990’s-style show-down over whether the word can ever be an innocuous epithet or is always too derogatory. In a bid to further eradicate the R-word from polite discourse, campaigns such as ” Spread the Word to End the Word” have been launched.
We’ve seen this type of censorship before- over zealous attempts by a few to rid us of what they consider offensive words, often leading to the banning of books, or even dictionaries. What is lost in such well meaning campaigns is the refusal to recognize the fact that most of us are well meaning, thoughtful and quite capable of using such words in their proper context with no intend toward ill will. If there really is the need for a politically correct intervention to remove the word, the implication is clear; we must suffer from an intellectual disability disabling us from considering others (in other words, we’re a bunch of rude social retards). It will be interesting to see how the french language wrestles with this issue since the word for late is retard. And what word will musicians now use to describe the slackening of tempo?
Censorship is telling a man he can’t have a steak just because a baby can’t chew it”, Mark Twain, author of banned books, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

How sexy; Politiken on it’s knees for Islam.

After a settlement to the Saudis, Middle Eastern and Australian Muslim groups, Politiken took a swipe at freedom in favour of sharia. “We apologize to anyone who was offended by our decision to reprint the cartoon drawing”. Although the paper stands by it’s decision to print what it wants, they are sorry for any hurt feelings. Islamist groups are thrilled and predictably the Oh I See welcomes the apology.

We should understand that pictures of Muhammed complimentary or not, were and still are, quite common and have not been met with very much if any incident, outside of the Jyllands-Posten episode. We also have to understand that within Islamic theology, the Quran can abrogate itself to suit it’s selected political purpose of the day. For a thorough understanding of such abrogation in Islam see here (second video) and here. Think of  it as an ‘in the heat of the moment’ or the ‘here and now’ doctrine, Muslim scripture in the ‘fast lane’. What better way to charge ahead against the ‘enemies of Islam’ than to conveniently abrogate the Quran to suit the present, chosen circumstance? Foolproof, I’d say.

” None of Our revelations do We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, but We substitute something better or similar: Sura 2. The Cow-Verse 106.

The picture above is an illustration of Muhammed. Greek, 19th century. It is currently housed in the Benaki Museum in Athens. What would the Imams say? Or what of this one below, used as an illustration advertising soup stock powder? Would it be permitted as long as the soup were made without pork?

1928 German advertisement for bouillon extract shows Gabriel guiding Mohammed up to Allah.

There are thousands of depictions of Muhammed old and new, created by artists around the world including ones created in Muslim nations. The claim that he cannot be depicted in picture form is clearly false.

From The Telegraph U.K.

Danish newspaper apologises over Prophet Mohammed cartoon

A Danish newspaper on Friday became the first in the country to apologise for offending Muslims by printing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb-shaped turban, rekindling a heated debate about free speech.

Published: 5:38PM GMT 26 Feb 2010

Politiken said its apology was part of a settlement with a Saudi lawyer representing eight Muslim groups in the Middle East and Australia.

The daily drew strong criticism from Danish media, which previously had stood united in rejecting calls to apologise for 12 cartoons that sparked fierce protests in the Muslim world four years ago. Continue Reading →

New feature: Tales from the ‘Freedom’ Files.

Remember when saying ” it’s a free country” was actually true? In light of the fact that many of our parents enjoyed more freedom than we do today, Vlad has decided to launch a new weekly feature, Tales from the ‘Freedom’ Files, reminding us of how ‘old fashioned’ rational thought is being replaced by ‘progressive’ irrational ideology.  The feature cites stories that only the Loony Left could manage to bulldoze into government policy without public consultation, debate or consent. We were motivated by ‘ What exactly does the term free country mean, please?’. Our top five headlines, collected from around the world, will be available every Saturday. Enjoy.

#1. From the U.K.  Equality and Human Rights Commission warns it may be illegal for schools to require girls to wear skirts (as part of uniform) as it could discriminate against transsexual pupils. (Vlad note:  this may be a problem as Islam forbids the wearing of pants by girls. No doubt that the same commission will provide an exemption for Muslims).

#2. From France.  The Tunnels for Toads Project. An animal rights protection group is urging French authorities to build specific crossings and tunnels to save frogs, toads and newts from being squashed by motorists.

#3. From the U.K.  Garden gnomes, welcome mats, pottery tortoises deemed health and safety hazard by council.


#4. From the United States.  Pediatricians urge wieners undergo ‘reshaping’ and hot dogs be affixed with warning labels.

#5. From the U.S.  Third hand smoke labeled dangerous to your health. Researchers call for a ban on smoking in homes.

Note** This story by far the worst of the lot, is the *story of the week that I didn’t have time to mention*……

From the U.K.  Father apprehended by mall security and police, accused of paedophelia and threatened with arrest for taking photo of 4 year old son on childrens’ train toy ride.

Iran’s nuclear program now unstoppable


Iran: Nuclear Program Unstoppable – Ahmadinejad
January 14, 2010
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Jan. 14 that Iran’s nuclear program has reached the point where Tehran’s enemies will not be able to stop its progress, IRNA reported. He said Iran’s enemies will surrender because of its nuclear achievements.

Well, I guess the UN’s AEA can expect another shiny new trophy to sit next to the one they got from Pakistan for all the help they got from the world body for their assistance in getting the bomb. I bet the UNAEA is really pissed that North Korea hasnt sent one yet. But I’m sure Iran will send one. They are good sports that way.

China unhappy with US arms sales to Taiwan

This doesnt look good. From Stratfor:

China: Washington Urged To Cancel Taiwan Weapon Sales
January 9, 2010
A statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry urged Washington to cancel plans to sell missile equipment to Taiwan, saying it would violate China’s security interests and severely undermine trust between U.S. and Chinese militaries, AFP reported Jan. 9. The statement came hours after China’s Defense Ministry warned it reserved the right to take action if the United States did not comply. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu entreated the United States to recognize the “severe consequences” of arms sales to Taiwan.

China: Washington Urged To Cancel Taiwan Weapon Sales January 9, 2010A statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry urged Washington to cancel plans to sell missile equipment to Taiwan, saying it would violate China’s security interests and severely undermine trust between U.S. and Chinese militaries, AFP reported Jan. 9. The statement came hours after China’s Defense Ministry warned it reserved the right to take action if the United States did not comply. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu entreated the United States to recognize the “severe consequences” of arms sales to Taiwan.

For anyone who likes this information, you may want to buy a subscription to WWW.STRATFOR.COM for some amazing analysis and so on of world affairs from a distinctly geopolitical point of view. Well worth the subscription. I post about 1% or less of what they produce in a day.

Italy: Crucifixes banned from classrooms

From The Ottawa Citizen

Italians outraged by classroom crucifix ban

Court rules icons in schools may disturb non-Christians

By Philip Pullella, Reuters November 4, 2009 3:04 AM

Italy reacted furiously Tuesday to a European Court of Human Rights ruling that crucifixes should not be displayed in schools, with the government condemning the “pagan” move and calling it an attack on the nation’s history and culture.

The ruling by the court in Strasbourg, which Italy said it would appeal, said crucifixes on school walls — a common sight that is part of every Italian’s life — could disturb children who were not Christians.

Italy has been in the throes of national debate on how to deal with a growing population of immigrants, mostly Muslims, and the court sentence is likely to become another battle cry for the centre-right government’s policy to restrict newcomers.

“This is an abhorrent ruling,” said Rocco Buttiglione, a former culture minister who helped write papal encyclicals. “It must be rejected with firmness. Italy has its culture, its traditions and its history. Those who come among us must understand and accept this culture and this history.”

A Vatican spokesman said it was sad the crucifix could be considered a symbol of division and said religion offered a vital contribution to the moral formation of people.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi added that it was “wrong and myopic” to try to exclude a symbol of charity from education.

Members of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s government bristled, weighing in with words such as “shameful,” “offensive,” “absurd,” “unacceptable,” and “pagan.”

Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said the court had dealt a “mortal blow to a Europe of values and rights,” adding that it was a bad precedent for other countries.

The case was brought by an Italian national, Soile Lautsi, who complained that her children had to attend a public school in northern Italy that had crucifixes in every room.

Education Minister Mariastella Gelmini said crucifixes on the walls of tens of thousands of classrooms “do not mean adherence to Catholicism,” but are a symbol of Italy’s heritage. “If we erase symbols we erase part of ourselves,” she said.

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Smoking, selective enforcement, freedom and culture

Much of the western world from North America through to Europe has seen social engineers systematically destroy our culture through the introduction of pernicious laws which seem benign at first and end up as a joke of logical extremes.

Notice the no smoking sign on the glass

Notice the no smoking sign on the glass

Some years ago, basic right to private property was violated when smoking sections were introduced to privately owned restaurants bars hotels and coffee shops. At first there was little noise as it seemed reasonable in a way as well as considerate. As if consideration can be forced on people. Gradually these sections became larger and areas where one could smoke became smaller as well as regulations forcing owners to purchase expensive air treatment units and even special walls and other architectural changes had to be made to accommodate any smoking section at all. Eventually, privately owned and operated business’s had to act as police on their own customers and the mere possession of an ashtray became a crime. Now, patio’s have to have no permanent cover outside and any umbrellas cannot be more than a certain percentage of the total space even to smoke cigarettes outside. Some towns in Ontario  do not allow any smoking on patio’s at all. In Holland, one may still smoke marijuana and hashish in cafes and bars which sell these materials but it is actually illegal to add tobacco into the mix. hence, the point about jokes of logical extremes.

All this on its own is a worthy topic for a serious essay on leftism and how it uses creeping state-ism to destroy more fundamental rights of property and freedom of its use. However when we compound this with multiculturalism, we get an interesting twist.

Various Arab and Islamic groups in Canada have demanded the right to allow tobacco smoking in their cafes and shawarma shops in the form of flavored tobacco in a hookah. This they claim, is their culture and so they should be able to supersede Canadian, Ontario and Ottawa laws on tobacco use in a ‘public’ space.


Shawarma restaurant on St. Laurent Blvd. Ottawa Canada

Of course, smoking cigarettes drinking beer and watching hockey in a bar in Canada was never actually our culture. But smoking this fake strawberry crap in a big brass water pipe is theirs so we have to allow this in flagrant violation of all the laws on smoking in ‘public’ places. To say this is infuriating would be understating the case. But its also a symptom of the suicidal path leftism has created for western civilization. Where we actually criminalize our own culture (for our own good of course) while making exceptions for others.

How do we fight this? well it would be supremely difficult. Inroads to freedoms on all fronts such as speech and thought crimes have been so well created over time that any real constitutional freedoms have so many exceptions that there is virtually no rational argument to be made for real rights. Political correctness, multiculturalism and public health have determined what laws may exist and what may be broken. And there lies the one possible loophole not to fight it but the second best thing, to at least make the enforcement temporarily even.

I plan to make the case that this exception is actually racist on the grounds that subjecting Arab or Muslim employees to second hand hookah smoke shows a contempt for, and less value of, the health and lives of Arab Canadians and therefore is racist and must not be made.

That allowing this to take place in a ‘public’ (I use single quotes as clearly all laws of liability show the onus on a bar or restaurant owner for the safety of all on his property often even after they leave his premises if they have been drinking, and therefore the property is indeed private in the universe of reason) space is in fact flagrant disregard for the health of Arab Canadians and the ‘danger of second hand smoke to the employees’, the initial excuse to ban smoking in business’s across Canada in the first place.

What a hollow victory this would be if I won though. It would just empower the state more and cheapen the cost of a gallon of sanctimony to the point where Canada’s main export would have less value than it already does.

At last, the UN pisses off the left


A recent UN report has asked that Ottawa suspend its crack pipe and safe injection site as it violates UN rules for narcotic trafficking.

While I don’t see this as any less stupid than any other UN edict at least its refreshing to see them annoying their usual supporters. Frankly the drug problem is easily solved in theory and imposable in practice. Legalize them and have the govt. actually give the drugs rather than the paraphernalia to use them and the number of users drops.Associated crime drops. Spending on a futile war on drugs stops saving the nations hundreds of billions of dollars better spent fighting Islam (Muslim terrorists and Leftist terrorists pretty much entirely fund their acts of terrorism selling drugs to western peoples) and terrorism in general.

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