5 Replies to “Obama Appeals to the Iranian People (not their government)”

  1. Watch it again. Yes, he appeals to the people but he also speaks to the government – a big dissapointment when I saw it yesterday.

  2. The most important thing in the world, to the Iranian Government, is the belief that the United States is just dying to attack them at all times. To drive home this idea, they have huge, “Death to America” rallies on a regular basis. But, you know, I almost feel sorry for the Mullahs, trying to convince their people that Barack and Hillary and Joe are just looking for an excuse to annihilate Iran, ’cause without that narrative, they’ve got no excuse for their incompetence or their cruelty. See what I mean? I think Barry is rope-a-doping these suckers. I sure hope so, anyway.
    Another thing. Did you notice that bit about supplying them with internet technology. Sounds like the Americans are going to send state-of-the-art hacker gear to Iran so the people can hear some truth. That’s psychological warfare for the good-guys, folks, and that aint no small thing. If Obama can help create conditions that lead to revolution in Iran, that would be a truly great accomplishment. A democratic revolution in Iran would be the best piece of news we’ve had in many years.
    Watch that clip over and over, it’s carefully thought out and packed with meaning.

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