Undercover Mosque from UK: Repost for 3rd aniversary

Thanks to KitmanTV here are some really important videos which, if you have not already seen them, really need to be seen by all. Undercover Mosque is a TV documentary by England’s #4 where reporters were sent into major UK Mosques where they recorded secretly what was being said, often in mosques and by clerics who receive large government money for ‘interfaith dialogues’ and multi-faith programs’.

First, the actual documentary:

Dispatches – Undercover Mosque from Ole Olsen on Vimeo.

Here is a laughable attempt by the left and Muslim community to mitigate the damage done by exposing the hate taught daily at British Mosques

Here is a follow up interview with Abu Husama, another attempt to deflect:

Police excuse their behaviour towards the film makers:


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