The UK has been accused of being a menace to the outside world

Britain blamed for rise in Islamic extremism: From

The UK has been accused of being a menace to the outside world, as the perception by American’s that the Britain has failed to tackle Islamic extremism boiled over.

Policymakers in the US said the attempted bombing of a flight to Detroit by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who is believed to have been radicalised in London, was further evidence that one of the biggest threats to the US came from the UK, where the capital has been called ‘Londonistan’, by some critics.

There has also been criticism of the ghettoism of Muslims in Britain, compared with the assimilation in America.

Former chief speechwriter for George W Bush Marc Thiessen claimed Muslim immigrants in the US were far better integrated in society and considered themselves as American within a generation, as the US embraced the melting pot concept.

He went on to say that it did not exist in Europe in the same way, particularly in Britain, which is far more socially stratified society than in the US.

A scholar on radical Islam and former adviser to Rudolph Giuliani during his presidential campaign argued that the UK is a menace to the outside world, which has been a problem for many years, and this is just another example.

The Home Office denied Abdulmutallab a student visa in May and placed him on an immigration watch list, but did not pass the information to the US.

Thiessen also said that the US, as a result, was in grave danger due to the fact that defences have been lowered by doing away with vital tools on the war on terror that have been proven as successful.

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