Islamism Must Carry a Price

CPP…By Daniel Greenfield  Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Islamists are sworn to make war on the West, to drive out freedom and democracy, replacing them with the mandated tyranny of Islamic law.They declare all laws and all nations that do not originate or abide by Islamic law to be invalid. And they reserve the right to make war on them by any means necessary, from the political to the economic to the terroristic.

And yet it might surprise many people to realize that most Islamists are not haggard fanatics living off dried goat meat in caves. Instead many of them are doctors and lawyers working in major American and European cities, they serve as advisors to Western politicians and write newspaper columns. Their organizations are treated with respect and given veto power over the policies of governments whose existence they reject.

And that in a nutshell is the trouble of it all. Because Islamism should carry a price, instead it only carries rewards. Islamists in Europe and America do not actually have to be isolated hermits working out of a few ghettos. Instead they are able to gain all the benefits of the West, from advanced degrees to high paying jobs to political recognition, while maintaining their hatred for the West.

The results are inevitable. The investigation of a CERN physicist for contacts with Al Queda, and a Glasgow doctor and dentist attempt to carry out an airport car bombing. These are not the alienated or disenfranchised immigrants, a description that the press routinely uses to try and turn the perpetrators into victims. No, some are even European born. Rather what they are are Islamists who blended successful lives in the society of the infidels, with their own religious fanaticism. And they were able to do that because tolerance for Islam eliminated any barriers and obstacles to being both Islamists and middle class professionals.

The question is not a casual one, because in reality most terrorism stems from the sons of the middle and upper class. The immigrants in the ghettos may riot, toss molotov cocktails at the police and rob and rape—but it tends to be the university graduates who actually join up with international Muslim terrorist groups and begin planning attacks. Traditionally the middle class has always provided the upper ranks of terrorist groups, and it is no different with Islamist terrorists.

The lead 7/7 bomber, Mohammad Sidique Khan was a university graduate. The lead 9/11 terrorist, Mohammed Atta, was the son of a lawyer and a graduate student. Neither of them were oppressed and hapless immigrants. By contrast they had mastered the rules of their host countries, and used that to their advantage. Had they been living on the margins of society, they would have posed comparatively little threat except in the way of petty crimes. Instead their education and their ability to insinuate themselves into the lives of their target nations made them far dangerous than they normally would have been.

Tolerance for Islam, means that Islamists do not have to choose between Islamism and having the trappings of a successful Western life. They can have both, dipping their feet in specially installed foot baths, praying for the death of Jews and Christians in break rooms converted into prayer rooms, working in foodless environments during Ramadan… and plotting and scheming with no one the wiser until it all blows up on some busy day and the bloody results wind up splashed all over the TV news.

France has come the closest to trying to force Islamists to choose one way or another with the Burka ban. And it has naturally resulted in an ugly backlash, because Islamists do not want to give up the privileges they came to Europe for, they want it all and feel entitled to take it all. They see imposing Islamic law, first on fellow immigrants and their children, and then on the nation and the continent at large, as a binding religious duty. And thanks to the tolerance of the same legal and political system they are sworn to overthrow, nothing stands in their way.

Meanwhile Turkey’s Islamist regime is pushing to join the EU, despite feeding hate toward the infidels and the rise of Islamism at home. The Islamists in Ankara want the economic and political advantages of EU membership, even as internally they continue to reject the rule of law, targeting their secularist political opponents and striving to recreate Turkey as an Islamic state.

Erdogan and Gul are no different than the American and European Islamists who conduct their war against the civilized world under the cover of politics. Except they are not circling a parliament or a few elected representatives, but steering an entire nation into the darkness of Islamism… and consciously providing a model for European Islamists to do the same in France and England, in Belgium and Sweden, and all around. And their model is based on the premise that Islam can be combined with all the benefits of Western life, so long as Islam is in the forefront every time.

When treason prospers, none dare call it treason. When Islamism prospers, none dare call it what it is, an elementally fascist movement, overseen by cunning politicians and fixers and manned by prosperous professionals, who happen to believe that their host societies must be subjugated to the will of Allah. European and American tolerance has removed every obstacle to Islamism, thereby inherently promoting it. After all if the aspiring Pakistani or Syrian student does not have to choose between the material prosperity of a Western life and the religious fidelity of an Islamic one, he will easily choose both. And we have seen where that path leads already. To a burning car at Glasgow Airport, to bombs in backpacks and airplanes passing low across New York City.

And still worse yet it paves the way for the subjugation of the free world under the hobnailed boot of the Prophet of murder and slavery, by the graduating classes of every university of the free world. And that is exactly what will happen, so long as Islamism does not carry a heavy price. A heavy political price and a heavy economic price. Treason prospers, so long as none dare call it treason because of its very prosperity. Crime pays, so long as measures against it go unenforced. To defeat Islamism, its host nations must insure that it is no longer a paying proposition, that it is not tolerated and that it becomes an economic, political and career ugly albatross around the neck of every Muslim and Muslim nation that practices it.

6 Replies to “Islamism Must Carry a Price”

  1. There is nothing wrong with being an Islamophobe

    Islam is the religion that teaches hatred and violence and intolerance, Since September 11, 2001, there have been over 14,205 terrorist attacks, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and a lot more injuries, throughout the world. The perpetrators of these attacks were not monsters; they were Muslims. Islamic terrorism is a new phenomenon; Islam owes its success to terrorism. The founder of Islam boasted, “I have been made victorious with terror”. Muslim jihadis are following the footsteps of their prophet who bragged, “I have been made victorious with terror”.

  2. I am living in an Islamic country, and I can admit it really is discriminating – Passively. You can’t declare you’re an atheist, and you have to pay additional taxes??

    They believe directly from the Koran >.> they believed that sperms come from the spine??

  3. Jacob is that your real name?

    You are a jewish person living in an Islamic state?

    Tell us about it. I would like to hear your story.


  4. Islamophobe:
    Phobias are an irrational, disabling fear as in a mental disorder

    Sorry but you might want to change your name.

  5. Thank you for the reply.

    Frankly speaking I am not a Jew. In fact, Jews in my country can’t be declared Jews. And the only thing that is Jewish about my country is a public-made cemetery for Jews.

    I can admit that my country is Islamic, it declared itself monarchy-democratic, and our economy is fine. These sorts of info can be found easily by any media, but I must confess that it’s all a living lie. We non-Muslims are living a lie, a denial. We learn nonsense in schools, study for the sake of parents and religion rather than our dreams, and although non-Muslims are allowed to practice their religions, they cannot be atheists, and their practice must be indoors. Muslims can get away with a few “taxes”, and the poor get funds from the government. They have supremacy by graduating easier, employment and just..everything. The excuse? We non-Muslims invests more in overseas unlike them, so they believe we can survive by ourselves. And all of that has been going on for the past 50 years, and no single country is aware of this mental genocide

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