Al-Qaida plotting ‘spectacular attacks’ in UK: Report

Times of India

Abdullah al-FaisalLONDON: Extremists linked to the al-Qaida have claimed that home-grown terrorists are plotting “spectacular attacks” in Britain, a news report said on Monday.

According to reports, the al-Qaida militants have labeled Britain and Europe as a bigger enemy than the United States in an internet magazine favoured by the extremists.

The website, promoted by supporters of extremist cleric Abdullah al-Faisal [another convert to the religion of death] who was deported from Britain after serving a jail sentence for inciting violence, warns of “spectacular attacks”, The Sun reported today.

The British tabloid said the strikes are being planned by terrorists living in Britain in coordination with others overseas.

Security experts in the UK have warned repeatedly that al-Qaida inspired home-grown terrorism is the number one challenge for Britain. Gordon Brown continues to ignore the warnings

A recent report has called for reform of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) to allow an expert on ‘home-grown’ terrorism to sit on the top security panel and to be consulted when assessing potential security risks.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown had earlier underlined that most of the terrorist plots that took place in Britain had their links Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the al-Qaida and Taliban militants have been fighting the US-led Nato forces.

“Three-quarters of the terrorist plots that hit Britain derive from Pakistan and Afghanistan and it is to make Britain safe and the rest of the world safe that we must make sure we honour our commitment to maintain a stable Afghanistan,” Brown said.

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  1. Sex-segregated swimming times in public pools and mandatory “burqinis” even for non-mahoundian female swimmers; bans on the teaching of subjects deemed offensive to mahoundians, or substituting whitewashed versions of historical facts for them; lax enforcement of laws against domestic violence, expensive housing and fat welfare checks off the hardworking British taxpayer (a label which doesn’t apply to A-rabs and Porkis without a shadow of doubt, since they don’t work and the only “tax” they pay is that goddamn terrorism-financing zakat), mahoundian immunity from British hate-speech laws, sharia courts, polygamy, lax ticketing and enforcement of parking rules around mosques, halal food in schools and prisons for everyone (including non-mahoundians), the end of the sale of British weapons to Israel… After all of these measures of appeasement and surrender to mahound in the UK, just to mention those I can remember off the top of my head, what that country can expect from mahoundians is this: more demands, and threats of spectacular attacks in the name of allah (mahound’s imaginary alter-ego.)

    If the UK is to both ward off the threat of more mahoundian terrorist attacks and rollback the tidal wave of islamization scourging its soil, it will happen not through more concessions to mahoundian demands, nor through more appeasement, nor through more caving in to their whims. The only way to protect and save Britain is to follow the example of John Sobieski at the Gates of Vienna on September 11, 1683, Thomas Jefferson through his bombarding the living crap out of the Barbary Coast Pirates in the beginning of the XIX Century and Israel in the Six-Day War; to deal with and speak to mahoundians using the only language they never fail to understand, the only kind of communication that never fails to drive home a point through the void of mahoundian numb skulls; as Sobieski, Jefferson and the IDF did: through humiliating defeats in combat and superior military force. But I suspect that the only way that it could happen would be if ordinary Britons decide to take matters into their own hands, in order to take their country back from mahound-worshippers and restore the rule of secular law and the upholding of human rights for all, with no exceptions of any kind to sharia; for they cannot expect their political elites to do that. The latter have for many years acted as though they’re just more than happy to let the mahoundian tumor metastasize unbridled within the UK, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were in fact truly ecstatic about the way the “social-engineering on a massive scale” is going, to use Pat Condell’s description of their shameless surrender.


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