UK’s #4 Dispaches: From Jail to Jihad. Radicalization in UK jails

From the good people who brought us Hidden Mosque. It would seem some in the British Media have an eye open after all.

Link: JailToJihad

H/T KitmanTV and Jdamn

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3 Replies to “UK’s #4 Dispaches: From Jail to Jihad. Radicalization in UK jails”

  1. Vled,

    Is this good though, this programme?
    I actually find it worrying. What the video is doing is it’s telling the West, in a programme, that Islam does not condone violence when we all know that it does. This is nothing but brainwashing and instilling peaceful Muslim propaganda to further turn the infidel onto their side, so their population in the west can continue to grow and grow unhindered.

    What better way to fool the masses that having two ‘opposing’ forms of Islam, one working towards ‘fast’ jihad by violence and terrorism and one by ‘slow’ Jihad by population growth. Who’s kidding who here? Those who know Islam and understand Islam out of the Indigenous population will see this programme as nothing but propaganda, albeit painting the truth of recruiting Muslims in prison. Those however, out of the Indigenous population, who haven’t a clue about Islam will be like putty in the hands of the moderate, who will use them as their protection against those who see the cunning ruse Islam is creating to fool the public.

    There are no doubt many people in the UK who like to call themselves Muslims, who do not believe in violence. However, they are not Muslims and preaching something altogether different to what Muhammad preached. Then again, that is if they’re telling the truth and not practising Taqiyya.

  2. When #4 first did ‘Undercover Mosque’ it was a fantastic piece of journalism exposing the facts of Islam in the UK,and how multicultural forces provided money to help radicalize more and more UK mosques and Muslims. Once the government got wind of it, they objected to #4’s lack of respect for the official position of the UK, now also the position of the USA that terrorism is actually ‘unislamic activities’ much as terrorism in the US is now ‘man made disasters’ as a feeble attempt to brainwash all of us Muslims and non Muslims alike into the notion of some kind of Islam which is not hateful etc. exists.
    When #4 broadcast its sequel, HiddenMosque 2 the return (both of which are up here on Vlad) you can see the effects of a Government censor sitting on the shoulders of the writers and editors of Dispatches making sure that this sequel fit the official position of the UK in terms of Islam terrorism and so on.
    With this video yes you can certainly also see the effect. However it is still of value as at least it alerts any who do not already know, about the dangers of Islam in prisons to some degree. Yes if I made this documentary and perhaps someday I will make one, it wouldn’t look like this if the evidence did not support such a soft soaping of it. But you can bet my more factual film would never make it to UK US or Canadian broadcast TV as it would violate the rules of all three nations as to how Islam must be portrayed irrespective of the facts.

    At least in Canada, the CHRC have stated that truth is not a defense. In the UK and US they still pretend the official view is the truth. Hard to say which one is worse.

  3. Eeyore,

    Thank you for your fast response. I appreciate your views and somewhat understand where your taking this “with at least it’s educating the people on Islamic terrorist recruitment in prisons”. However my point is that I find this video alarming but not for the recruiting of Jihad.

    Now I’m sure we’ve come across one another before on Jihad Watch when I used to post under a different name, but all I can really see this doing is creating false belief of what Islam is by protecting moderate Islam, whom as Hugh Fitzgerald correctly penned the name “Slow Jihad”.
    We really should not be saying “praise be for Dispatches” because what Dispatches is doing is painting an altogether false picture of what Islam is . It is promoting it as The Religion of Peace and therefore brainwashing the British public into having nothing to fear whatsoever from Islam. This is sooo wrong.

    What happens when the majority of people in the UK are Muslims, whom everyone thinks are peaceful and all of a sudden institute horrendous draconian religious laws, now that they’re in power in Government? What happens when they say no alcohol, no pork, no showing of flesh, no work for women etc etc?

    It is the creeping Sharia and stealth Jihad of the West that programmes such as these not only fail to depict but worse still strengthen their cause by giving the false impression that Islam is a Religion of Peace and Muhammad only preached love and compassion for all. We know this to be nothing but utter lie. The Islamic ‘peace’ argument has been utterly ripped apart, on many occasions by many ex Muslims and scholars on Islam.

    This is not paranoia Eeyore. This is a worrying situation that has happened in countless of lands, formerly non Muslim and now Muslim, whose people were duped into believing that Islam was peaceful, when they had no idea that Islam would simply grow and take over, forcing many people to leave and instilling Islamic rule.

    Therefore I’m very dubious of any western reporting in the MSM on Islam. This to me is just another smokescreen. The closest the UK got to seeing true Islam was the result of the banning of Geert Wilders. It’s hegemony by Islam, slow Jihad by birth and it’s happening all over the Western Civilisation.

    The Destruction of Britain

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