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The EU seems to be about as rational as the Obama-Iran ‘peace’ deal: links 1 on Feb. 11 – 2016

1. Video of the PEGIDA demo at which incitement against Geert Wilders apparently took place to a scale that became a news event in the Netherlands.

(This is a bit irritating as only the commentary by the original editor is translated and subtitled and you can’t understand what the actual incitement said etc. But its interesting anyway in some other ways)

2. “Smash a B*tch’s Computer” – Female Student Attacked, Punched in Chest, Because of Trump Sticker on Her Computer

(And Trump supporters are the fascists. Ok got it)

3. Mandla Mandela’s conversion to Islam sparks South Africa ‘disquiet’

Traditional leaders in South Africa have expressed “disquiet” over chief Mandla Mandela’s conversion to Islam.

The Congress of Traditional Leaders in South Africa (Contralesa) told the BBC that being Muslim could affect his ability to uphold Xhosa traditions.

Mandla Mandela, who converted to Islam late last year, got married in a Cape Town mosque last week.

He inherited his position as chief of Mvezo in the AbaThembu clan from his grandfather, Nelson Mandela.

He is believed to have converted in order to marry Rabia Clarke, a Muslim.

This is the fourth marriage of Mr Mandela, 42.

4. Boko Haram insurgency: Suicide bombers kill 56 in Nigeria camp

At least 56 people have been killed in a double suicide bombing at a camp sheltering people displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency in north-east Nigeria.

The bombers, both female, detonated their explosives while the camp’s residents were queuing for rations.

The victims, at the Dikwa camp in Borno state, were mostly women and children.

Islamist Boko Haram militants have been attacking civilian targets as the Nigerian military seeks to wrest territory from their control.

The group’s six-year insurgency has killed some 20,000 people and driven more than two million people from their homes.

5. In rare admission, Pakistan recognises growing presence of Islamic State

(This may be a good moment to remember that Pakistan has an estimated 20 deliverable nuclear weapons and that the ISI, the main Pakistani intel agency, is about 50 50 pro terrorist, In fact it was the ISI that planned and orchestrated the attack on the Taj etc. in Bombay a few years ago)



ISLAMABAD: In a rare admission from a government official, Director General Intelligence Bureau Aftab Sultan on Wednesday said militant group Islamic State’s presence is growing in Pakistan.

Addressing the senate standing committee on interior and narcotics control, chaired by former interior minister Rehman Malik, Sultan said banned outfits, namely Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) and Sipah-e-Sahaba are reorganising themselves, with presence of Dai’sh (Islamic State) more prominent than before.

Islamic State smuggling timber into Pakistan, say Afghan officials

IB chief said that all local militant groups including Lashker-e-Jhangvi and Sipaha-e-Sihaba have a soft corner for Daesh.

“TTP coordinates with Daesh despite being rivals in Afghanistan,” he said, adding that the group is using social media and cyberspace extensively to recruit and communicate messages of suspected militants.

6. Swedish feminists: “Please don’t protect us if we get raped by immigrants”

Feminists in Sweden have launched a new campaign against men that wants to protect women from being raped.

FEMINISM | So, no doubt you have all heard about taHarrush by now, the Islamo-Arabic rape game. You might also have heard about the backlash against the people engaging in this behavior in Stockholm, where 200 men put their viking-genes to use by physically attacking these “refugees”.

What you probably have NOT heard about however, (or find hard to believe) is the feminist outcry (surprise surprise!) against these noble berserkers. Indeed, the rage was so great, they created the hashtag #inteerkvinna (translated as #notyourwoman) where they spewed their hatred over racism, fascism, white men and many other things that can be loosely tied to the events with some cognitive dissonance. In short, they made a collective tantrum on social media over the fact that white European men are standing up to the rape-fugees.

The whole thing culminated with the statement “It’s YOU I’m afraid of!” where the feminist in question is now fantasizing about afraid that some tall, good-looking nationalist will sexually harass her in the streets.

7. Shocking new ISIS video shows four-year-old British boy dubbed ‘Jihadi Junior’ blowing up four alleged spies in a car bomb

The four year old British boy dubbed ‘Jihadi Junior’ has been filmed detonating the bomb which kills four ISIS prisoners in the group’s latest execution video.

Isa Dare, the son of Muslim convert Grace ‘Khadija’ Dare from south east London, pushes the button that blows up four alleged spies sitting in a white car behind him.

Standing triumphantly next to the charred remains of the car, his hand raised to the sky, the boy then yells: ‘Allahu Akbar.’

It is the second time the young boy, who was brainwashed after his mother took him to Syria three years ago, has appeared in one of the extremists’ propaganda videos.




8. Norway police chief demands officers granted power to expel migrants at the border



Ellen Katrine Hætta has called for the power to shut the border before the migrant stream from Russia rockets again like it did last autumn.

The call for increased police power comes after Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug announced she plans to implement “Europe’s strictest immigration policy” in Norway.

Ms Hætta’s demand are in line with the Immigration Ministers planned migrant policy in Norway.

She said: “It should be made clear whether or not [police] are supposed to physically stop the border crossing.

“With the autumn’s experiences fresh in mind, it will in our opinion be necessary to investigate the possibility of physically closing the border for a period based on a safety assessment, and that this authority is considered assigned the chief.”

The planned changes to the immigration law would see asylum seekers who are not entitled to assessment are rejected at the border.

This would include people who have already been granted asylum or protection in another country, or have travelled to Norway through a country where the person was not in danger.

9. Intel Chief Breaks From Obama Narrative On Iran Deal

The head of U.S. intelligence believes that Iran’s recent actions speak loudly to its intentions, particularly given the country’s recent provocations since the Iran nuclear deal came into effect.

Testifying to the Senate Committee on Armed Services Tuesday, director of national intelligence James Clapper gave a very somber description of what he sees as Iran’s intentions toward the U.S. now that last summer’s nuclear deal has commenced. In particular, his statements offered little assurance that Iran is acting as an honest actor with the U.S. and the other states involved in last year’s negotiations, or that the nuclear deal will stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Yucki, and all who sent in materials.

Reader’s links for Feb. 11 – 2016

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Weather calls for rape, violence and molestation, Nike next to submit to irrational religious demands and more: Links 1 on Feb. 10 – 2016

1. Idlib rebels: Death penalty for aiding besieged Shiite

BEIRUT – Judicial authorities in Idlib have ordered the public execution of anyone caught smuggling food and other aid into a Shiite enclave besieged by rebels in the province.

The February 8 decree railed against “weak willed people who have sold their religion for a small offer of worldly existence and supplied the ‘Rafida’ [pejorative term for Shiite] villages of Fuaa and Kafriyeh with foodstuffs, fuel and other items.”

Islamist factions—which swept into control of the Idlib province in the early summer of 2015—have besieged the approximately 20,000 residents of Fuaa and Kafriyeh in a bid to pressure the Syrain regime to lift its own sieges around the Damascus towns of Zabadani and Madaya.

2. Dutch Labour Party Chairman: “Who Will Rid Me Of This Turbulent Blond?”

This isn’t the first time that one of Geert Wilders’ political opponents has indicated that it would be a good idea for someone, somewhere to rid the world of the PVV leader. This time, however, it’s the chairman of the PvdA, the Dutch Labour Party, who has called Mr. Wilders a “danger to democracy”.

Below is a statement sent out by the PVV about the veiled threat against the party leader:

Wilders: Labour has blood on their hands if someone shoots me

If someone assassinates Geert Wilders, all of the Netherlands will know that the blood is on the PvdA’s hands, the furious PVV leader said in response to PvdA chair Hans Spekman calling him a danger to democracy and society.

Wilders told BNR that the PvdA is trying to demonize him, like they did with Pim Fortuyn, who was killed in 2002. “The suggestion that I am a threat to democracy is not only very inaccurate, it also shows that the PvdA learnt nothing from history. We saw with Melkert and Pim Fortuyn where demonizing leads”, Wilders said to the broadcaster.

(Please click over to Gates for the whole story and 2 short subtitled videos related to this event)

3. ‘Algerian sex attacker shouted “Inshallah” – if Allah wills it – as he raped a 25-year-old German student – then asked her if she had enjoyed it’

(First of all, the Daily mail needs congratulations for translating ‘Allah’ as ‘Allah’ and not God, which it is not, nor is it ‘G_d’, all three of which have stunningly different attributes. Second the surprising thing about this story is that they released that titbit of information without waiting a year like they did with the Danish jihadi-murderer)

An Algerian man who almost killed his 25-year-old student victim shouted out ‘if Allah wills it’ in Arabic as he raped her in a darkened alley, a court has heard.

The man, identified only by his first name Rheda, is accused of following the student as she walked home from a nightclub at 5am in Hannover, Germany.

Afterwards, with his victim badly beaten, he is alleged to have climbed off her and asked her if she enjoyed it.

After the attack had ended, the Algerian man allegedly asked his victim if she had 'enjoyed it', the court heard

After the attack had ended, the Algerian man allegedly asked his victim if she had ‘enjoyed it’, the court heard

[…] He told me “I need sex”. I opened my mouth to scream but he put his hand over my mouth. I had a pepper spray, and I tried to spray it at him but he grabbed it off me, and used it on me instead. […] and when she tried to scream again he started beating her in the face and he sprayed the pepper spray on her face again.

(The other lesson in this story is that women who carry weapons need to be trained in their use. By all means be prepared for self defense but train. Just carrying a saxophone does not mean you will get the gig)

4. Obama’s DOJ Threatens Elected Ferguson Officials

What do you call a country where unelected officials selected for their dogmatic political views, above any other qualification, mock democracy. Issue unconditional ultimatums for which they have no legal grounds. And the media cheers.

The Justice Department said on Wednesday that it is exploring “legal actions” against the city of Ferguson, just hours after the city council in the St. Louis suburb called for the revision of several aspects of a tentative agreement to revamp its police department and municipal court operations.

Ferguson’s city council voted late Tuesday to conditionally approve most of the tentative settlement reached with the Justice Department last month in the wake of the 2014 shooting death of an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, by a white police officer.

5. Master forger arrested in Thailand over fake passports for migrants to Europe

Skilled counterfeiter known as ‘The Doctor’ ran a sophisticated international operation to supply bogus documents to Middle East, police allege

Fake passports are displayed at the immigration bureau in Bangkok

Fake passports are displayed at the immigration bureau in Bangkok  Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Thai police say they have busted an international fake passport syndicate and arrested an Iranian master forger known as “The Doctor” who was wanted in several countries including Britain.

6. Netherlands: Mounted police charge at pro-Kurdish protesters at The Hague

(Some great cartoons at the end of this video, even if most of them appear to be commies)

7. Düsseldorf calls off Carnival parade over severe weather warning

(As there has never been a cancelation of Carnival before due to weather that Nash has been able to find searching German google, English google and Yahoo, one might assume that they are expecting a nasty rape front with severe accompanying pickpocket and possible downpours of muggings and muslims protesting the existence of pork and beer)

The Düsseldorf Carnival Committee has canceled the city’s parade because of the approaching low-pressure system Ruzica. With major carnival city Mainz also calling a rain check, the duties fall to Cologne’s revelers.

On Monday, the Düsseldorf Carnival Committee assured that an alternative date for this year’s parade would be found as “quickly as possible.”

A spokesperson for the committee said that after early-morning discussions the parade could not be authorized with a storm expected.

With Carnival fever set to peak on Monday, parts of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia were expected to see winds of up to 100 kilometers per hour (60 mph).

8. Erdogan ups its anti in attempting to force the US to take sides with the Turks against the Kurds.

9. Iran Publishes Pictures of Captured U.S. Sailors Crying

(Someday soon I hope to see photos of Mullahs smoking. Without any sort of tobacco though)

U.S. sailor crying

U.S. sailor crying in photo released by Iran


Iran has released new photographs in which at least one of the recently captured U.S. sailors is crying, according to a series of the pictures posted on social media.

The pictures, as well as an accompanying video, were released by Iranian state-controlled news outlets and disseminated on Twitter by Iranian reporters early Wednesday.

The new photographs come on the heels of another set of pictures that showed Iranian military forces detaining the U.S. sailors at gun point and forcing them to place their hands upon their heads while kneeling on a ship.

10. Demands for Nike to remove ‘Allah’ from its shoes in Moocco

ANSAmed) – RABAT, FEBRUARY 10 – Over 50,000 people have supported a Facebook campaign on the Maroc Bel Visa page, which focuses on news and videos of Moroccan culture and traditions, to remove the name of ‘Allah’ from Nike shoes.

The soles and upper sections of Nike shoes have designs in which one can discern the name of Allah, some Muslims say, accusing the company of sacrilege.


(There is significant precedent now for corporations to change whatever and whenever wherever muslims make demands instantly and at great expense. Expect Nike to do the same. If the new round of Nuremberg trials ever come, submitting to terrorism may have to be a new category for these companies)


Thank you M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Yucki and many more. More to come this evening. A fair amount actually.

Czech Republic: How I went to a “Fascist” rally

This is an original translation by Xanthippas 

From this Czech source:

By  Daniel Vavra 07/02/2016
Since it was taking place practically in our own backyard, we decided that after lunch, we’d stroll up to The Castle [seat of Czech Parliament and site of the ‘Fortress Europe’ rally] before it starts and I will then attend this ‘”fascist” rally.
Shortly after we had set out, I was a bit taken back by the actions of the police.
They were blocking almost all the entrances to the Hradcanske Square [The Castle] and only letting the Antifa demonstrators  through to the path to The Castle, so that all those going to the IVCRN [Fortress Europe] demonstration had to pass through about a 2 meter wide corridor between the police and the anarchists.  I am not certain who tried to achieve what by this, but it certainly did not lead to a comfortable atmosphere.
The people going to the rally behaved in a much more civilized manner than the antifascists, who were aggressively belligerent.  Since I did not want to ‘mix it up’, we took the Radnice staircase towards Loreta – again, not anticipating anything bad.
At the narrowest part of the staircase, there was a group of idiotic hipsters, one of whom had a very old bike about which they led an animated debate – heedless of the throng of tourists that was trying to take this route to get around the rally.  At the top of the staircase, where the second entrance to the Hradcany Square [The Castle] is, there was a police barrier and the police were not letting anyone through, since people were supposed to enter the square from below, at the Nerudova street entrance.
I have no idea why they were doing this.  Perhaps they wanted to make sure that every “fascist” had to pass by the antifascists, so it would not be hard for them to find each other should they wanted to pick a fight.
I continued on towards Loreta, where there was some kind of a rally which, at first look, seemed to be anti-migrant because the person speaking was saying something about being “for closing the borders” and “we cannot let everyone in” and similar such ideas which, just a few months ago, were regarded as heretical Konvicka sayings [Konvicka heads up the Anti-Islam Bloc].  However, I found it suspicious that the audience, of whom there were at most 300, looked like voters for the Green Party and the whole thing was accompanied by some kind of Balcan oompa-band.  It turns out, the speaking points of the ‘sunshiners’ have changed from mindless welcoming into what Konvicka was saying in the summer of 2015.
When we wanted to continue on, we were stopped by another police cordon.  They informed us that we cannot go on, just because.  Yet, they were letting the sunshiners through no problem and, surprisingly, nobody was attacking anyone.
It started to smell, as if the police were stoking the fire beneath the cauldron of passions, so we decided to go back home.
However, when we got back to the stairs by which we had entered – the only way out, those hipsters who had earlier blocked it through their rudeness were now using some sort of a banner and were blocking the stairs, hand in hand, quite intentionally.  The crowd of tourists and IVCNR supporters thus found itself trapped and began to get pissed off.  I was, too, because I wanted to get my wife and kid home.
A conflict-resolution team began to negotiate with the idiots, not letting the people leave the other way, back to the square, and it began to look like a fight would start; people started pushing.
The funny thing was, it was those idiots on the stairs who, at this point, owed their well being to the heavily-armoured forces protecting them from being trampled by the pissed-off crowd. Well, these idiots were yelling and screaming at the heavily-armoured forces, saying their human rights were being violated (because blocking a staircase just might be a real human right) and that they will see them in court.
In the end, among all the confusion, we had managed to push our way out, [my] family went home and I went on to see what a “fascist” rally looks like.
After we managed to get through a blockade of twenty-kilo hipsters and crazed women, who managed to survive their own heroism only due to the police – yet who were united in their hatred of it, I ventured down the only unblocked way to the rally, so that I could personally see this “evil” and so that I could also compare the Czech TV’s reports on the number of participants with the reality on the ground.
The first thing that surprised me was that at the scenic lookout over Prague, I was welcomed by a few hundreds strong crowd of Anarchists with signs “Antifascism belongs on the street” and with the warcries of “No pasaran!” and “Alerta Alerta Antifascista!”  Everyone coming to the rally was forced by the police and their blockade of all the access routes to walk this sort of an isle of police and aggressive activists.
I don’t know who wanted to achieve what by doing this, but calming the situation down was most definitely not it.  Whatever genius issued a permit for IVCRN and Antifa to hold simultaneous rallies in the same city square must truly have had a cunning plan.
I admit that as soon as I got there, I was surprised by the number of ‘man’s men’ in patriotic t-shirts present.  Now, I do not mean football hooligans, but the dads of families, often with moms, who are so fed up by now that they went and bought t-shirts saying ‘Bohemia’ or ‘This land is my land’ and headed to Prague.
Similarly, I was surprised how calmly they bore it when the rebels yelled that they are fascists and they had to pass through that isle of shame.  “Luza [the loosers]” had, considering the level of provocation, behaved in a rather civilized manner.
At first, there were fewer people in the town square than I had expected.  Later, it became clear that this was mostly because the police were doing everything in their power to prevent demonstrators from reaching Hradcany [The Castle] – and that they did not succeed [to keep out] a considerable number of people.
Two of my friends, who came for a look-see, had phoned me saying that Nerudova Street [entrance] is closed off, blocked by a procession of Anarchists who are not marching anywhere but staying put, so that nobody could get through.
Finally, the town square had filled up – by my estimate, at least six thousand people.  According to the police, it was 15,000.  According to TV3, the square has the area of about 200x50m and in the lower half, people were truly packed in tight.  In the upper part, it was a bit less packed but still quite thick, so it is realistic to estimate 1 person per meter [squared], which would give a count of about 10,000.
The makeup of the crowd was varied.  Everyone who had been to any kind of a rally for whatever reason knows that this is a magnet for all kinds of anti-social people, the homeless, jerks and idiots – which can always be used to successfully discredit any demonstration whatsoever.  However, the number of drunk provocateurs here was surprisingly small. Aside from the aforementioned men and often their wives, the older generation was also here, as were some sporting the ‘coffehouse’ look, women, a few families with children.
Definitely, men were in the majority.  Football hooligans and skinheads also formed a non-negligable group.  Indeed, there were quite a few and later, I found out why this might be so.  On the internet, this had been coming to a head for a long time:  Antifa had been calling people up to form blockades so many people really did come out to have a football-style fight.  However, the whole time there, I did not have any feeling of danger by anyone to anyone.
This was only a worry for when the time to leave came and these people would meet up with those who were doing all that shouting on the way here.  Tourists of the most varied skin tones had also happened upon the event, suspecting nothing bad, and to my surprise, I did not hear any racist comments in their direction, much less any aggressive behaviour.
The rally itself lasted for just over an hour.  We saw a variety of the star candidates from Usvit [Dawn of Direct Democracy], who repeated things already spoken a thousand times, and guests.  Konvicka [an entomologist and the chair of the Block Against Islam], had, in my opinion, escalated things unnecessarily when he used words like ‘collaborators’ followed by a list of people whom he considers as such.
The absence of high-mindedness and gentlemanly conduct at these kind of activities really bothers me.  Dientsbier’s miss-steps [Dientsbier is the US-born Czech Minister for Human Rights] can be pointed out politely, even humorously, and not just in a style reminiscent of incitement to a lynching.
The guests from Switzerland and Germany were witty:  their fiery speeches in their native tongues, in conjunction with the many shaved heads in the audience, had a bit of a bizzarre effect, even thought they did not say anything untowards.  Still, nobody decided to ‘heil’, even as a jest, and overall, nothing untowards was happening.  I did not see anyone with a gallows, and nobody was shouting anything that Pelikan [the Czech Minister for Justice] could have them jailed for.
Towards the end of the speeches, a police car had appeared at our backs and a bit of a mele happened, which became apparent by the sudden disappearance of the rougher types.  Apparently, the police had decided to pacify one of the hooligans and his friends chose to help him.  However, it did not turn into much of anything.
The whole time, I was worried about what will happen at the end, when the clusters of anarchists and skinheads will start to head off the streets into Mala Strana [another area of Prague] and the thousands of normal people and the tourists will get mixed into this.
The police had decided to avoid this danger through the most bizzarre means possible and instead of letting people leave by the easiest exits, they forced absolutely everyone to exit through the narrowest alley into ‘Novy Svet’.  Ten thousand people had to pass through a 3m wide bottleneck.
I do not know if the police forced everyone through this narrow spot in order to count and photograph everyone, in any case, this was idiotic and not a hair was harmed on the heads of the group of dusky tourists trying to make their way through.  Even more bizzarre was that from the next intersection on, there was nobody directing the traffic so the whole crowd headed towards the Radnice Stairs, where the Anarchist demo had been.
Along the way, we had encountered a man who had fallen down and hit his head and all the xenophobes passing by were offering to help him.  Then they all went home.
Or so I thought.
In reality, the subway was shut down, the trams [buses] were shut down and all the bridges were closed.  The Anarchists at the Manes bridge attempted to fight it out with the hooligans, and their Twitter account had, for a long time, announced to the world that there still is a group of enemies one can have a ‘peaceful dialog’ with.
I must admit, I had not expected this.
I did not expect that anyone would use this rally as a playground for hooligan fights.
I did not expect that, by the looks of them, well-off intellectuals would, long before the start of the rally, try to limit others in their freedom of movement; that in the name of the fight for peace and justice, people would hurl paving stones at each other on The Castle stairs.
And it makes me quite sad.
And if someone tries to claim that this was provoked by Konvicka’s supporters, they are lying.
Had it not been for the actions of people holding banners against violence and extremism, no extremism would have taken place today, nobody would have thrown paving stones and the hooligans would still be fighting at football matches and not at Mala Strana [area of Prague].
Similarly, their actions did not, in any way, contribute towards calming the situation, did not alter the views of the participants (more like the opposite) nor did it bring closer any sane resolution of this turmoil.
Source:  Daniel Vavra (abridged)
Note:  all emphasis is that of the original author.
Note:  some paragraph breaks were inserted by the translator
[translator’s notes]

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Reader’s links for Feb. 10 – 2016

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Wilders: Labour has blood on their hands if someone shoots me

(This is an unprecedented second press release by Geert Wilders, Dutch MP, in one day)

image002If someone assassinates Geert Wilders, all of the Netherlands will know that the blood is on the PvdA’s hands, the furious PVV leader said in response to PvdA chair Hans Spekman calling him a danger to democracy and society.

Wilders told BNR that the PvdA is trying to demonize him, like they did with Pim Fortuyn, who was killed in 2002. “The suggestion that I am a threat to democracy is not only very inaccurate, it also shows that the PvdA learnt nothing from history. We saw with Melktert and Pim Fortuyn where demonizing leads”, Wilders said to the broadcaster.

“What do you do with someone who is a danger to democracy? We saw what Volkert van der G. thought should be done with Pim Fortuyn. Again, I hope that the bullet does not come, but if that bullet comes from the left, then the Netherlands will know that the PvdA letters are written on its side.”

Click here to view a video of  an interview today with Geert Wilders, and here to view this article on the website of NL Times.

(We are a couple of hours away from having a titled version of the Geert videos)


France: A resident of Calais describes how cultural enrichment actually works

Published 8. February on Riposte Laique
this was recorded on the 7 February 2016  during a day at Rungis
(10 km outside of Paris because Patriots did not get permission to demonstrate in Paris). There were 12 speakers, one of them was SIMONE HÉRICOURT, a native of Calais. This woman touched the room, describing what Calais was before the “Jungle”. Now violent Illegals make life hell for Salesians. They feel (and ARE) abandoned by the Government and live in fear. 
This, to me, seems a microcosm (albeit a rather big one with 18,000 illegals living in the Jungle) of what is now happening in Europe and will happen globally if we cannot stop it. 
The speech is relatively long at 1/4 of an hour, but it is so raw and authentic that’s probably why I became the most poignant moment of that day  for the people in the salle, despite 11 other speakers of high caliber. 



Five items of above average cause for concern: Links 2 on Feb. 9 – 2016

1. Atwan: ISIS Savagery – from Islamic History; West Likely to “Contain” ISIS Like It Contained Arafat

In a December 15 lecture about ISIS at the American University in Beirut, Abdel Bari Atwan, former editor-in-chief of “Al-Quds Al-Arabi” and the current editor-in-chief of “Al-Rai Al-Youm” rejected common claims that the savagery of ISIS is alien to Islam, presenting examples of similar conduct from Islamic history. Atwan said that the West faces two options: to contain ISIS or to destroy it. The former is more likely than the latter, he added. The West always starts by trying to destroy organizations that it considers to be terrorist and ends up negotiating with them, Atwan said, citing the Taliban, the PLO, and the IRA as prominent examples.

2. Ontario on track to receive 10,000 Syrian refugees by end of February: Wynne

(This is just Ontario, not Canada, and this is in addition to the 7000 already ‘settled’ in Ontario since Dec. 10th 2015)

About 7,000 refugees have already settled in Ontario since Dec. 10.

(Photo probably from Europe)

By: Allison Jones The Canadian Press Published on Mon Feb 08 2016

TORONTO — Premier Kathleen Wynne says despite “challenges,” Ontario is on track to receive 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of this month.
The federal government is aiming to settle 25,000 refugees by the end of February, with about two-thirds expected to be government-assisted.
About 7,000 Syrian refugees have already settled in Ontario since Dec. 10 and on Monday the premier announced details of some of the funding committed to helping them.
The Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants is receiving about $343,000 for trauma and mental-health training for front-line workers as well as a public education campaign, and COSTI Immigrant Services is receiving $283,000 to deliver workshops and orientation resources to refugees.

3. ‘Islamic State Commander’ Found Living As Refugee In Rural German Village

In the latest of a series of raids, German police have searched two homes in a rural village after a television channel interviewed a suspected Islamic State commander living there as a refugee.

Sankt Johann is a small village in the south west German state, Rhineland-Palatinate. Something of a rural idyll, its 800 residents live between vineyards in the shadow of a 14th century Gothic church. And yet, as SPIEGEL TVreports, this weekend it was the scene of police raids on two Islamic State-linked suspects living in refugee housing.

Prosecutors’ office spokesman Michael Neuhaus said the two men targeted by the operation are “suspected of taking part in the Syrian civil war as members of a foreign terrorist organisation”. He said there were “no immediate indications that a concrete attack was planned” but declined to give any further details.

4. U.S. defense intelligence chief predicts increased ISIS attacks

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By Jonathan Landay

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Islamic State is likely to step up “the pace and lethality” of its attacks in the months ahead as it seeks to fan the flames of international conflict, the director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency said on Monday.

Speaking to a security conference, Marine Corps Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart linked his warning to the militant group’s establishment of “emerging branches” in Mali, Tunisia, Somalia, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

He also said he would not be surprised if Islamic State, which has created a self-proclaimed Caliphate across swaths of Syria and Iraq, extended its operations from the Sinai Peninsula deeper into Egypt.

“Last year, Daesh remained entrenched on Iraqi and Syrian battlefields and expanded globally to Libya, Sinai, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the Caucasus,” Stewart said, using a derisive Arabic acronym for Islamic State.

“Daesh is likely to increase the pace and lethality of its transnational attacks because it seeks to unleash violent actions and to provoke a harsh reaction from the West, thereby feeding its distorted narrative” of a Western war against Islam, he said.

(The thing is, if Islam wages war on everyone else to feed a narrative that everyone else is waging a war on islam, it does not change the fact that islam is waging a war on all of us and we need to act in our own interests. Not reacting to the provocation will not convince any muslim that they are being lied to, but does guarantee a victory to them. This is pretty basic math)

5. Luton cop ‘groomed’ children on Facebook

(“It doesn’t matter how good airport security is if the pilot is the terrorist” and it doesn’t matter how good your laws are if the police are the ones turning white British children into forced prostitutes and drug addicts)

12:54Tuesday 09 February 2016

A policeman with an obsessive interest in teenage girls ‘trawled’ Facebook for young victims to have sex with, a jury heard today.

Mohammad Arshad, 35, groomed numerous underage girls over the Internet, cruised around Luton with them in his black Mercedes and persuaded to have sexual activity with him, it was alleged.

He persistently pestered them for sex and raped one 14 year old one on the back seat of his car, St Albans Crown Court was told.


“At the time he was seeking sexual contact with under age teenage girls, he was also a Police Constable with Bedfordshire police. “

Thank you M., Pym Punell, Maria J., Wrath of Khan, Richard and many others. Much more to come today. 



Open-Air Museum Hessenpark – Free admission for “refugees”, everyone else pays, even dogs.

An Original Translation by Nash Montana With much thanks

From this German language Website:

A lively debate is taking place right now about the pricing politics of the open air museum, Hessenpark. Hartz IV recipients (unemployment benefits), people with handicaps, yes even dogs have to pay admission, among everybody else, except of course “asylumseekers” and “refugees” and their companions who get completely free admission. And that is exactly what drives citizens up the wall, they feel that this type of preferential treatment is nothing but discrimination and they feel as though they were second class citizens. And now the Open air museum complains on their Facebook homepage about the incredible amount of hate mail and ugly comments made in regards to their pricing politics.

But this has nothing to do with hate. People are rightfully complaining about an injustice, The guests receive free Wifi, clothing, housing incl, washing machine and dryer, heating, food, cleaing, bus and train tickets, recreational activities and much more, add to that welfare benefits and extra pocket money of 143,00 Euro. And from this pocket money a “guest” could easily spend 2,50 Euro for an admission to the Museum.

Of course all train-station-clappers and refugee fetishists immediately conglomerate and babble out their usual moralistic drivel in commentaries: Super campaign for “refugees”, great for the integration and a chance for a peaceful togetherness, shortly put, all the usual general empty phrases of ‘Gutmenschen’.

We will see how the Hessenpark will act in the near future when paying clientele will cease to visit, because they won’t be able to come up with the admission fee. Either everybody pays or everybody gets free admission.

Turkey attempts to turn NATO against Kurds, Hijab day in Ottawa! Yeay! and more: Links 1 on Feb. 9 – 2016

1. Turkey demands that the US choses between Turkey or the Kurds.

2 Pathetic distortion of reality by Al Jazeera, who seem to be saying that the Paris attacks had nothing to do with Islam, and any attempt to protect European culture and values is ‘islamophobic’. This clip cannot be seen in the US but there may be a workaround for that. All people in the US should set VPNs to Canada for this one.

(Anyone thinking that this clip is from a channel with any integrity whatsoever is advised to watch yesterday’s Tommy Robinson clip where they tried to trick and trap him on live TV and then edited out all his answers to their trick questions that failed to make him and his views look bad. Once you have seen this, there should be no further doubt in your mind why Egypt’s Al Sisi shut them down as a Muslim Brotherhood propaganda arm)

3. Al Jazeera admits to its (highly deceptive) editing of the interview with Tommy Robinson, where he busted them for trying to trick him, and then censored his rebuttal to their very dishonest questions. 

4. PEGIDA Dublin, a little more kinetic than reported apparently.

5. Young Jewish man arrested for singing Ha Tikva on Jerusalem’s temple mount

(This should raise some issues of sovereignty etc. For those not familiar with this small piece of earth, it would be akin to arresting muslims for praying at the kabaa in Mecca)

6. Oz-Rita translated an article from an eye witness in Calais about what took place there.

(More will be posted on this today. Some, unusual might be the cautious way to phrase it, events took place after the arrest of the former leader of the French Foreign Legion)

After being arrested rather brutally on the 6th February in Calais, the Colonel spent one night in the cells and one night in hospital because of health problems. Following this ordeal he appeared on French State media (eg RTL) who basically promote the narrative of the socialist Hollande Government,  a very unreliable and hostile witness where the reality of “the French people” is concerned, (to put it mildly). In these strange interviews and editorials, the colonel basically seemed to give out a message fully contradicting what he said during the manifestation.
7. Various moslem and leftist groups have organized a headscarf solidarity day, using the most facile kind of intellectual slight of hand, equating wearing the uniform of political islam with having some form of mild birth defect or something. No doubt thousands of simple minded women, and I say women because conspicuously, no men have been invited to participate in this event otherwise thousands of simple minded men would also join in, and no doubt it will go towards the narrative of seeing muslims, who dress, eat and behave in a way designed to segregate their community from the rest of humanity, will be seen as the victims of the effects of their own policies of hostility and enmity towards all other demographics.
One photo that will not be shown in this testament to the end of reason is the one below:

Iranian women protesting the hijab in 1979

Then of course, we have Egypt’s Nassar mocking the head-cloth for 2 minutes on public TV:

8. Another example of Facebook’s insane bias against Israel and her interests while ignoring genocidal messages against the Jewish people or Israelis.

(There may be a counter-move to this soon. More on that when its closer to reality)

9. Prerecorded bomb threats sent to UK Jewish schools with arabic ‘music’ in background. 

10. Suspect in au pair death refuses extradition

American Lauren Mann, 25, was discovered half naked in her apartment, lying face down on a mattress. Firefighters went to her apartment after her employers became alarmed when she did not show up for work.

A later autopsy revealed that she had died from suffocation, and police found that she had been giving shelter to a 24-year-old Gambian illegal immigrant whose asylum application had been rejected by Austria, and who was due to be deported. He was named by prosecutors in Austria only as Abdou I., because of local privacy laws.

After her death, the man vanished but he was then caught in Bern in Switzerland in an asylum centre by police who had tracked his mobile phone.

However, hopes that it would be a speedy end to the case for the young woman’s family have been scotched by the fact that the man is refusing to be sent back to Austria, and lawyers are helping him fight the demand.

(Darwin seems to be especially harsh, and rapidly so, to white leftists stupid enough to act on their own propaganda)

11. Asylum seekers given priority for hospital visits

(When triage is done by identity politics, you will run out of taxpayers quite quickly)


The reason is that many asylum seekers need expensive translators to help communicate with doctors, and officials do not want to pay for the translators to sit around waiting.

The problem was highlighted last week when large numbers of people turned up at hospitals because of a flu epidemic, and had to wait to see doctors whilst asylum seekers were given priority treatment.

As part of the asylum process, refugees get a health check. With 90,000 asylum seekers registered last year, this has put a huge strain on health resources.

Austrian officials have confirmed that they have been ordered not to make asylum seekers wait and to give them fast track treatment.

“Priority is being given to asylum seekers because of the issue with translators,” said Ralph Luger, from the KAV (Krankenanstaltenverbundes) health board in Vienna which runs more than a dozen hospitals in the capital.

Martin Gantner from the charity Caritas said that it meant asylum seekers were given priority in the same way that prisoners or people with disabilities are also be prioritised.

12 Golden Dawn supporters protest another invasion comfort station in Greece

(What an awkward position Western governments have put nice people in, that many will feel forced to support fascist, far left national-socialst parties as the only option against total cultural destruction. The strong man solution is coming earlier to Greece perhaps than more northern European nations)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Maria J., Gates of Vienna, Oz-Rita, RJ., Shabnam, ACT For Canada, Yucki, and many more. Its going to be a busy day as we look at why the French General turned 180 degrees after a night in jail and in hospital. Anyone else remember why Ross Perot dropped out of the US presidential race?)

Wilders: Stopping Islamic Immigration Is a Matter of Survival

Press release from the Rt. Hon. Geert Wilders, MP Dutch Parliament, The Hague


In April last year, the renowned nonpartisan Pew Research Center released a report on the future growth of world religions. The content was shocking. The report states that, if current trends continue, Islam will almost equal Christianity by 2050. While the world’s population is expected to rise by 35% until the middle of this century, Islam will grow with a staggering 73%.

The consequences of future Islamic growth are frightening. Islam is not a religion like Christianity, but rather a totalitarian political ideology. Its goal is primarily political. Islam wants to submit the whole world. It aims to establish a worldwide Islamic state and bring everyone, including “infidels”, such as Christians, Jews, atheists and others, under Sharia law. This is the barbaric Islamic law which deprives non-Muslims of all rights, treats women as inferior beings, condemns apostates and critics of Islam to death, and condones terror. More Islam equals more violence, more intolerance, more terrorism.

With the growth of Islam, the world will become a less safe place. And so will America. According to Pew, the United States will see its number of Christians decline from more than three-quarters of the population today to two-thirds in 2050, while Islam will more than double in size and replace Judaism as America’s largest non-Christian faith. The consequences of the Islamic presence in America have already been visible in several murderous attacks, such last December’s San Bernardino shooting, but also the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, the 2009 Fort Hood shooting, the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001, and several other acts of terrorism. If Islam doubles in size, the threat of terrorism will only grow.

In the past, the totalitarian ideologies of Nazism and Communism have both been defeated by the common efforts of America and Europe. Without America, Europe would have been lost. But without Europe, America would have been isolated. If Europe had fallen to either Nazism or Communism, there is no doubt that America would have become the next victim. The Transatlantic alliance between Americans and Europeans has been the key to the survival of our common Western civilization. This alliance is in danger today, because the more Islamic Europe becomes, the less reliable it will be as an ally of America.

Though the predicted future rise of Islam in the US is worrying, the situation in Europe is far worse. The Pew figures show that Islam has already gained a significant foothold on the European continent and is growing rapidly. Europe’s Islamic population, boosted by higher birth rates and immigration, will nearly double, from 43 million people in 2010 to 71 million people in 2050. In the Netherlands, Muhammad is currently already the second most popular name among newborn boys nationwide and even the most popular name in our three largest cities, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. This is also the case in the Belgian capital Brussels, the Norwegian capital Oslo, and the British capital London. As a matter of fact even in the whole of Great-Britain, Muhammad has become the most popular name for newborn boys.

The Islamization of Europe will profoundly influence European politics. Winning the Islamic vote will become the goal of ever more European politicians. As a result, Europe’s policies will become even less friendly towards Israel and the United States than they already are. The Atlantic alliance is in danger.

The Islamic vote has already decided at least one major European election: the 2012 French presidential elections. These were won by the Socialist Francois Hollande over the incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy by only 1.1 million votes. Since an estimated 2 million Islamic votes participated, of which 93% – 1.7 million votes – went to Hollande and only 7% to Sarkozy, it was the Islamic vote which gained Francois Hollande the Elysée Palace.

According to Pew, the growth of Islam in Europe is caused by several factors, including the young age of the Islamic population. However, more than half the growth can be attributed to immigration. In other words, stopping all immigration from Islamic countries would reduce the growth of Islam in Europe, but also in America, by more than half. The easiest way to limit the growth of Islam in the West is to stop Islamic immigration.

Islam is an existential threat to our Western freedoms and our Judeo-Christian civilization. It also threatens the Atlantic partnership between America and Western Europe. It is our duty to limit this threat. It is our mission as patriots to protect our nations. The first measure we must take to stop Islam, reduce the risk of terrorism and safe our civilization, is to stop all immigration from Islamic countries. It is a matter of survival.

Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament, is the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV) and the author of “Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me,” published by Regnery.


This article was published on Breitbart News Network. Click here to view the article on their website.


Reader’s links for Feb. 9 – 2016

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After Amateur Tournament in Riesa: ??Refugees beat soccer players with iron bars

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German website: Bild

Riesa – A brutal incident took place after a soccer tournament in Gröditz by Riesa. A group of roughly 20 refugees assaulted two amateur kickers (25, 27) of the SV Frauenhain. The men were beaten with iron bars, and had to be brought to the hospital.

Police spokeswoman Ilka Rosenkranz confirmed the incident on BILD: This incident did happen early Sunday morning around 3:45 in Gröditz.”

So far it is known that about 20 thugs, which according to witness reports live in the nearby refugee home, were chasing the two soccer players through town first. The SV Frauenhain explained in a statement: “On the night of February 7, two of our players of the SV Frauenhain were attacked by a mob of 20 or so North-africans who were armed with iron bars, they chased them through the town and beat them so badly they had to be hospitalized.”

[Translator: By the way, In the press-release of the Dresden Police from Sunday not one word was mentioned about the attack. When BILD asked Sunday, there were no information about the attack given forth also]


Boy Raped in Pool: “He screams and cries every night”

An original translation by Nash Montana

From this German website:

Dunja R. will never be able to get the phone call that she received from her son out of her head, because he was uncontrollably sobbing. But she felt it right away: Something terrible had happened to him.

It was only last week that police made it public: It was back on December 2nd, a child molester had been arrested at the Wiener Theresienbad, Vienna public pool. A refugee (20) from Iraq jerked the ten year old Goran R. (all names changed) in a toilet cabin and raped him there. The boy suffered such heavy injuries, that he had to be treated at the AKH (General Hospital).

During the interrogation the perpetrator admitted, he came to Austria via the Balkan route, and he hadn’t had any sex for four months. At the pool he “submitted to his lust”. In an interview with “Heute”, Goran’s Mother Dunja R. (43) tells of the suffering of the small victim.

Heute: How did you learn of the crime perpetrated on your small son Goran?
Dunja R.:* I am a single mother of five children. Money is always short. But Goran loves to go swimming. So I gave him three Euros pocket money on December 2nd for Theresienbad near where we live. After school he could go and use the pool. Three hours later he called me and he sobbed and cried so hard that I couldn’t understand a word. Then someone from the pool personnel took his cell phone and said: “Please come here, your child has been sexually attacked!

”??Heute:* Your son confided to the pool supervisor??*Dunja R.:* Yes – and he immediately called the police. As I arrived at the pool I saw my crying child through a glass door, and a man in swimming trunks with his hands cuffed. My sister who came with me, immediately wanted to jump on the man. But the cops pulled him away and surrounded him.”

Heute:  How did the offender get into contact with your son? ?Dunja R.:* Goran was playing with a 15 year old in the pool, the Iraqi was the 15 year old’s companion. As my son went to take a shower, the man motioned him to come to him. Goran thought he needed something – but he was immediately pulled into the cabin. I raised my children to be helpful. Today I have to say: Unfortunately.

Heute:* Who is helping your son cope with this experience now?? Dunja R.:* The Children’s Protection Center “Die Möwe” is supporting us a lot, they’ve found us a lawyer and are providing therapy.

*Heute:* You are not just concerned about the physical injuries of your son?
*Dunja R.:* Absolutely. Because the scars left on his soul may never heal. The boy can only sleep when I give him Trittico-pills. He screams and cries every night. And when he sees my desperation, he turns away from me. It is as if he is erecting a wall around himself. At school Goran has talked of killing himself. His pain is literally pulling the floor out from underneath our entire family.

*Heute:* Have you heard how the offender is justifying his crime in his interrogation?
*Dunja R.:* yes, with “a state of sexual necessity”, and it makes my blood boil. I come from Serbia, I have lived for five years in a Caritas home and I have gotten along with many different people from many different nations. I am certainly not a racist. But this self-serving declaration of the Iraqi is egregious. Or is anyone going to have sympathy for me if tomorrow I rob a bank and then I’ll say, I just didn’t have enough money for my children?

Heute:* Do you wish that the man who raped your son gets deported?? Dunja R.:* Yes – but only after he has served his prison sentence here. Because I have heard what all can happen to child molesters in prison.


Muslim killer in Denmark last year had a koran, Canada to turn military bases into islamic community centers with mosques halal: Links 2 on Feb. 8 – 2016

1. Copenhagen terrorist had Quran during attacks

(Which is the more criminal I wonder? The politicians for telling media to hide this important fact for the public good, or the media for obeying political instruction and not doing their job or their responsibility to the public by informing them of that which they need to make healthy decisions)


Radio24syv revealed that Omar El-Hussein, a Danish citizen of Palestinian origin, was carrying a copy of the Quran when he was shot and killed by police in the wee hours of February 15, 2015, information that had been kept secret by Danish authorities.

According to the radio station, at the time of his death El-Hussein had a Quran on him with a bookmark at Surah 21, ‘The Prophets’, which contains verses about disbelievers of Islam.

A theologian and expert on the Quran at the University of Copenhagen said that although one cannot definitively prove that the 22-year-old El-Hussein was inspired by the scripture, the location of the bookmark could be significant.

2.  Canada to leave multi-nation mission against the Islamic State, but to bring 6000 muslim migrants and house them at Canadian military bases.



Thank you M., Richard, Maria J., Wrath of Khan and all. I think 2 items are enough for this post. Especially if you are trying to keep your blood pressure in the green to orange range.

Here is an interesting and worthy interview with a man who just wrote a book on Critical Theory and post modern culture. Its quite enjoyable. Not embedable though so click over to source. The video doesn’t appear in my FIREFOX I think cause of an ad blocker but it does in other browsers.