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Weapons caches found in forty Tunisian mosques

An original translation by Our French correspondent, Nathalie

From this French News Site

Weapons caches found in forty Tunisian mosques


Fadhel Achour, the general secretary to the trade union for the managers and staff of mosques, announced on Wednesday July 1 2015 that police forces making searches in all parts of the country have uncovered caches of weapons in forty mosques.

Interviewed on the “Midi Show” programme broadcast on “Mosaïque Radio”, he declared that 190 mosques had been erected since the revolution, 90 of which had contacted the authorities in order to legalize their status. The 100 remaining mosques, 80 of which spread incendiary Takfirist speeches, have refused to acknowledge the authority of the Tunisian government.

Fadhel Achour further declared that things might have been much worse but for the Ministry of the Interior whose intervention helped to rescue some mosques from radicalization.

He added that the government of Mehdi Jomaâ had promised to end the problem in 90 days, a promise that remains unfulfilled to this day.

He proceeded to add that during Noureddine Khadmi’s time in power, several preachers and imams had been posted to some mosques, and that amongst those, some belonged to the Salafist school, and some did not even acknowledge the Maliki school.

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Grasshoppers beat ants 61 to 39, Islam continues to blow up nice people every chance it can: Links 2 on July 5th 2015

1. Welcome to Sweden

2. Greece parties like its a nation of grasshoppers over ‘No’ vote on continuing and adding new Greek Austerity measures

(Probably the best thing in the long run as the Euro was a terrible idea and was doomed to failure anyway. The sooner it fails, the less damage is done much like the coming confrontation with islam)

3. Wikileaks: Media is not ‘controlled by Jews’ but by Saudi Arabia: media loyalties purchased around the world

(Those people who watched Ezra Levant on SUN TV often may remember how he used to tell the unvarnished truth about the Saudis and various protests over Canada’s oil sands and then how the Saudis hired a high powered law firm to shut Ezra up on the subject as well as other subjects concerning Saudi Arabia’s ‘human rights’ record in 2011Given the facts in the Wikileaks above, one might wonder if the Saudis played an active role in shutting the SUN TV station down entirely as it never seemed quite rational to me how it played out. It might also make one wonder about the allegiances and cleanliness of various other media that attacked Ezra and SUN TV in Canada starting shortly after that)

On Monday, Saudi Arabia celebrated the beheading of its 100th prisoner this year. The story was nowhere to be seen on Arab media despite the story’s circulation on wire services. Even international media was relatively mute about this milestone compared to what it might have been if it had concerned a different country. How does a story like this go unnoticed?

Today’s release of the WikiLeaks “Saudi Cables” from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs show how it’s done.

The oil-rich Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its ruling family take a systematic approach to maintaining the country’s positive image on the international stage. Most world governments engage in PR campaigns to fend off criticism and build relations in influential places. Saudi Arabia controls its image by monitoring media and buying loyalties from Australia to Canada and everywhere in between.

Documents reveal the extensive efforts to monitor and co-opt Arab media, making sure to correct any deviations in regional coverage of Saudi Arabia and Saudi-related matters. Saudi Arabia’s strategy for co-opting Arab media takes two forms, corresponding to the “carrot and stick” approach, referred to in the documents as “neutralisation” and “containment”. The approach is customised depending on the market and the media in question.

“Contain” and “Neutralise”

(The article continues, and is well worth reading to the end)

4. Living here on £50,000 benefits, the hate preacher who inspired Tunisian beach killer: Cleric lives in five-bedroom home with wife and five children after thwarting deportation attempts for 15 years

A leader of the terror group behind the Tunisian beach massacre is living off benefits in Britain, the Mail can reveal.

Jihadi preacher Hani al-Sibai – who described the 7/7 terror attacks in London in 2005 as a ‘great victory’ – is one of the ‘key influencers’ of the Islamic fanatics believed to have recruited and trained gunman Seifeddine Rezgui.

But he is living on £50,000 a year in handouts with his wife and five children in a £1 million house in West London, after using human rights laws to thwart attempts to deport him for more than 15 years.

Days after the atrocity in Tunisia, the Mail found al-Sibai, 54, strolling in the sunshine outside his home.

A woman suicide bomber blew up in the midst of a crowded evangelical Christian church service in northeast Nigeria on Sunday and killed at least five people, witnesses said.

It is the latest bombing in a string of attacks blamed on Islamic extremist group Boko Haram that’s killed some 200 people in the past week.

Nearly 100 men and boys praying in mosques were gunned down on Wednesday, and a local official said Sunday that 21 more bodies have been recovered from burnt-out houses since then.

On Friday, the military said six women suicide bombers caused explosions that killed scores of people including a soldier at Zabamari Muna village outside Maiduguri, the biggest city in northeast Nigeria and the birthplace of Boko Haram.

6. European Commission ‘respects’ Greece result: statement

(BRUSSELS) – The European Commission “respects” the result of the Greece bailout referendum, it said in a short statement on Sunday, after Greek voters overwhelmingly rejected terms offered by international creditors.

Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker will hold a teleconference on Monday morning with European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi and Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the head of the Eurogroup of eurozone finance ministers, the statement added.

Juncker will also be “consulting tonight and tomorrow with the democratically elected leaders of the other 18 eurozone members as well as with the heads of the EU institutions,” it added.

“The European Commission takes note of and respects the result of the referendum in Greece,” the statement said.

(As Greece is the weakest link in the Euro chain, one would think in a rational world, the Euro would strengthen. Which Germany clearly doesn’t want as it means Canadians are not going to be getting that second BMW or Mercedes for the family. So its hard to understand why the rest of Europe would be upset by this unless Greece was just a way of keeping the Euro low and exports high. But fear not! There is still Spain and Portugal.)

7. Nigeria: Emir of Kano says Muslims become jihadis after learning Islam on Facebook

This explanation just leads to a further question: why are these young Muslims so easily swayed by what they read on Facebook and Twitter? Why isn’t the instruction they receive in the local mosque sufficient to enable them to withstand the appeal of what the Emir of Kano evidently regards as a false, extremist, counterfeit Islam?

“Emir Of Kano Opens Up On Youths’ Attraction To Jihad,” by Isaiah Benjamin, Leadership, July 5, 2015:

The Emir of Kano, Mallam Muhammadu Sanusi II, yesterday opined that exposure of the youths of today to information technology and new/social media is responsible for the youths becoming Jihadists and Boko Haram members.

The emir, who spoke at the 10th annual Ramadan lecture titled “The challenges of Muslim Ummah in the 21st Century,” organised by VON, NTA and FRCN, which held in Kaduna, yesterday, said the youths learn new ideologies from the internet and after watching, make up their minds to go to Iraq and Syria, to join the Jihadist groups.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan and everyone who sent in material on this holiday weekend. Its actually been mercifully slow the past couple of days. Unfortunately experience shows that typically it means, ‘get lots of sleep you’re gonna need it’. Lets hope this time is different.

The usual collection of horror, now so common it borders on banal: Links 1 on July 5 – 2015

1. Bikers ride to oppose refuge camp in Estonia

2. Turkey Prefers Islamic State to Kurdish State (Gatestone)

3. Moderate muslima’s text conversation with undercover reporter on her views of the Tunisian slaughter of her fellow Britons 


4. Finland: HS: Iraqi man jailed for planning sister’s death

Helsinki District Court has ruled that a 20-year-old Iraqi man be sent to prison for preparing to kill his own sister, daily Helsingin Sanomat reports. The charges are being characterised as so-called honour violence.

5. Ronald Reagan July 4th 1986

(Just so we can know that once, the US had a leader that was a champion of Western liberal Democracy for us all)

6. Man brazenly parading ISIS flag outside Big Ben is stopped by police… but then allowed to walk free as they rule he ISN’T breaking the law

This is the shocking moment a man paraded past the Houses of Parliament draped in an Islamic State flag with a young girl on his shoulders – before being allowed to walk free by police.

The man could be seen walking past a group of scouts near Big Ben with the little girl waving a smaller version of the jihadist group’s flag just days before the anniversary of the 7/7 terror attacks.

Police confirmed that they stopped the man in the busy tourist area on Saturday, but did not arrest him as his actions were deemed ‘within the law’.

The decision has been slammed on social media, with many saying it makes they feel unsafe on the streets of Britain.

A man paraded past the Houses of Parliament draped in an Islamic State flag with a young girl on his shoulders
(The problem is not that he wasn’t breaking the law, there is a statute somewhere on flying the banner of a state with which you are at war. The problem is no one knows if muslims are uniquely exempt from this law like they seem to be from all the rest of them)

Thank you M., Shabnam, Richard, Wrath of Khan, Vederso, and many more and more to come.

Turks show what real racism and collective guilt looks like and the US offers shady secret deals to Hizb’allah? Links 3 on July 4 – 2015

1. Title of video is: “Edl go nuts…” when in fact, given what they are actually protesting, their reaction is about 1/1000th of what it should be in as much as all authorities from police, city councils, children’s aid societies and so on all didn’t just fail in the jobs for which they are grotesquely overpaid, but aided and abetted the people who turned something like one million british children into sex slaves, drug addicts and prostitutes for muslim gangs. I think holding a few signs and showing some middle fingers would be more accurately defined as ‘feeble response’ as opposed to “going nuts”

2. ISIS teens execute 25 soldiers in Syria’s Palmyra

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria on Saturday released a grisly video showing 25 Syrian government soldiers being executed by teenagers in the ancient amphitheater in the city of Palmyra.

The video documented an execution that reportedly happened shortly after the group captured the city on May 21.


ISIS have also begun destroying some of the ancient relics from the site, although the video released Saturday could suggest that the militants wish to keep some of the ruins intact as a convenient place to carry out executions.

Daily Mail link here

3. Shocking New Study Reveals Just How Many Muslims Support ISIS (And It’s Frightening)

Yet another poll of “regular” Muslims seems to show that a shockingly high number actually agree with Muslim extremism. This time, a poll finds that a whopping 42 million support the creation of a worldwide caliphate, an Islamic order that would outlaw all other religions.

Many non-Muslims console themselves with the assumption that “most Muslims” don’t support extremism or terrorism. But nearly every time a poll is taken, this notion that Muslims stand four square against extremism is shot down.

(And these are just the muslims that answer honestly. Imagine a real poll done with a polygraph)

4. Earlier today a tweet came in with an Arabic or Farsi  press release claiming that the US had asked for a meeting with Hizb’allah, a banned terrorist group that the US technically cannot meet with. Hizb’allah refused and as this was interesting i sent it to our own translator to be checked to make sure it said what the email claimed it did.

In fact it said quite a bit more:

First, the webpage from All Iraq News:


The tweet said:

U.S. requested a meeting with Kataib Hizballah, an Iranian proxy and U.S.-registered terrorist group. They refused

After sending the page to Ritamalik and asking if this is indeed what it says, I got the following response:

Yes! It says that Jaafar al-Hussein,i who is the Hezbollah brigade’s spokesman, has announced the refusal of the request and has said that if Americans repeat a request for a meeting again they are going to come out and reveal the reason for the meeting request that the Americans have confidentially told them. This means that they are more than denying the request for meeting by the Americans, but they are even black mailing them into backing off.

One can only shudder at the thought of what the Americans confidentially told them to get a meeting. Who are they throwing under the bridge to get a legacy deal for Obama? And legacy is the most benign assignable motive.

4. Turks protesting against China attack Koreans ‘by mistake’

Turkish nationalists protesting China’s treatment of ethnic Uighur Muslims attacked a group of Korean tourists in the heart of Istanbul’s old city on Saturday, mistaking them for Chinese nationals.

Hundreds of angry protesters marched towards the Topkapi Palace on the banks of the Bosphorus Strait in a show of solidarity with the Turkic Uighurs, who complain of cultural and religious suppression under Chinese rule.

Shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is the Greatest), they attacked some Koreans outside the Topkapi Palace, which is visited by thousands of tourists every day.

Thank you M., Richard, Rita M., Gates of Vienna and many more.

More to come for sure.

Islam: Attacking the present, obliterating the past and threatening the future: Links 2 on July 4 – 2015

sonia1. Oped by Sonia Bailley in American Thinker on government disinformation that is costing the lives of the disinformed.

2. ISIS wants to destroy Egypt’s Sphinx and pyramids

As tensions rise in Egypt, the ISIS has said the nation’s cultural icons, like the pyramids and the sphinx, should be destroyed.

Britain’s The Telegraph reports members of ISIS have stated that objects shouldn’t be the subject of idolisation or worship.

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi reportedly said destroying the monuments was a “religious duty”.

British Muslim political activist Anjem Choudary told presenter Dan Cruickshank: “When Egypt comes under the auspices of the Khalifa (Caliphate), there will be no more Pyramids, no more Sphinx, no more idolatry. This will be just”.

(Telegraph link)

3. Tunisia beach attack: State of emergency declared

The state of emergency gives security forces more powers and limits the right of public assembly.

Authorities had already tightened security in the wake of the attack on 26 June, deploying more than 1,400 armed officers at hotels and beaches.

Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi is due to address the nation later.

Security forces were criticised for not responding more quickly to the attack in Sousse, when a gunman opened fire on tourists on a beach and in a hotel before being shot dead by police.

4. UK: Politicians Urge Ban on the Term “Islamic State”

The BBC has rejected demands by British lawmakers to stop using the term “Islamic State” when referring to the jihadist group that is carving out a self-declared Caliphate in the Middle East.

Lord Hall of Birkenhead, the BBC’s director general, said that the proposed alternative, “Daesh,” is pejorative and using it would be unfair to the Islamic State, thereby casting doubt upon the BBC’s impartiality.

Prime Minister David Cameron recently joined the growing chorus of British politicians who argue that the name “Islamic State” is offensive to Muslims and should be banned from the English vocabulary.

During an interview with BBC Radio 4’s “Today” program on June 29 — just days after a jihadist with links to the Islamic State killed 38 people (including 30 Britons) at a beach resort in Tunisia — Cameron rebuked veteran presenter John Humphrys for referring to the Islamic State by its name.

5. Both NASA and NOAA caught fixing Global Warming Data

Scientists at two of the world’s leading climate centres – NASA and NOAA – have been caught out manipulating temperature data to overstate the extent of the 20th century “global warming”.

The evidence of their tinkering can clearly be seen at Real Science, where blogger Steven Goddard has posted a series of graphs which show “climate change” before and after the adjustments.
When the raw data is used, there is little if any evidence of global warming and some evidence of global cooling. However, once the data has been adjusted – ie fabricated by computer models –  20th century ‘global warming’ suddenly looks much more dramatic.
(This may require some research before I can accept this story at face value. If this is as reported, it is a massive violation BOTH ASPECTS of these people’s 1st amendment rights. Freedom of speech, and freedom of the free exercise of their religion. I must be misunderstanding this somehow.)

In the ruling, Avakian placed an effective gag order on the Kleins, ordering them to “cease and desist” from speaking publicly about not wanting to bake cakes for same-sex weddings based on their Christian beliefs.

“This effectively strips us of all our First Amendment rights,” the Kleins, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, which has since closed, wrote on their Facebook page. “According to the state of Oregon we neither have freedom of religion or freedom of speech.”

7. A VIOLENT rapist who launched a terrifying attack on a young student before beating a brave stranger who came to her rescue is today behind bars – thanks to a selfie.

8. UK Muslims decry move to host Prophet Muhammad exhibit

Muslim organisations in the UK have condemned a move by an anti-Sharia campaign group to host an exhibition featuring cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in London in September.

Azad Ali, chair of the Muslim Safety Forum based in London, told Al Jazeera on Friday the proposed “Muhammed Cartoon Exhibit” by UK-based Sharia Watch was an attempt to taunt the tolerance levels of British Muslims, and described the move as a cheap attempt to create disharmony in the UK.

“They keep on pushing the boundary, testing the levels and always upping the ante … this is what this is about: getting a reaction from Muslims and looking for a justifcation to demonise us,” Ali said.

“We are looking to find ways for a positive discussion to come out of this, but no one thinks the planned event is anything but racist,” he said.

The exihibit is set to feature controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders as a speaker. Wilders is known to be vehemently anti-Islam.

Thank you CB Sashekla, M., Richard, and all, More to come but let us all hope nothing more than the usual.

Muslims hacking and slaughtering their way across the globe while leftists reinvent language and facts as cover: Links 1 on July 4 – 2015

1. Syria conflict: Mosque blast ‘kills 25 al-Nusra Front rebels’

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that dozens more were injured in the city of Ariha.

People had been gathering at the mosque to break their Ramadan fast at the time, the group said.

The cause of the explosion is not yet known.

(Methane leak no doubt)

2. Nigerian troops battling Boko Haram outside Maiduguri: vigilante

Kano (Nigeria) (AFP) – Several “huge” explosions were heard on Friday night as Nigerian troops engaged Boko Haram fighters in a village outside the restive city of Maiduguri, a civilian vigilante said.

“Hordes of Boko Haram gunmen are currently locked in fierce battle with Nigerian troops in Zabarmari village, 10 kilometres (six miles) outside Maiduguri,” vigilante Danlami Ajaokuta told AFP.

“We have been hearing huge explosions coming from Zabarmari since 8:00 pm (1900 GMT) as troops fought to push back Boko Haram gunmen who are trying to invade the city,” he said.

(This article is interesting because it foreshadows the importance of ‘vigilantes’ in this fight. Governments seem to have neutered official state methods of fighting against islamic oppression of a people and in the UK and elsewhere, governments are aware that all the population may not accept the total destruction of reason and history and so puts as much or more efforts into suppressing the rational and important people’s reaction to it.

The good news is vigilantism in this context, may actually show the political will to make the state retask the police and military to actually uphold the law and defend the people)

3. Gates of Vienna is right on top of the riots in the Netherlands

4. Majority of Britons now see Muslims as a threat as terror concerns grow

(Wow! It looks like Abe Lincoln was right)

A YouGov poll showed 56 per cent of people currently believe the religion is a danger to Western liberal democracy, rising 10 per cent from the day after the 2005 bombings in London which left 52 dead.

The latest survey was taken even before last week’s terror atrocity in Tunisia which saw 30 people killed.

Also revealed in the poll, carried out on behalf of the Huffington Post, was that 79 per cent of people believe an attack on the same scale as 7/7 is likely in Britain in the near future.

The July 7 attack, which took place a decade ago next Tuesday, saw bombs placed on a bus at Tavistock Square and on Tube trains at Edgware Road, Russell Square and Aldgate.

Those fears from the public echo recent concerns from experts who say more extremists than ever now want to carry out an attack on the London Underground. 

5. A fun little illustration of what leftist college students believe and what makes them vote one way or another.

(Personally I find it as awful that they would change their vote on this basis as is their reasoning for voting for the new far left in the first place. Neither are reasoned and neither are healthy. The Clinton’s wealth shouldn’t be the issue. The concealment of it or illegal and unsavory means of acquiring it though, should)

6. Leaflet-throwing youths loot Athens supermarket

(This is what you get for teaching that Robin Hood was a good guy, without proper context. This action has only sped up the point where the store closes and no one can get any food)

A group of around 30 people raided a supermarket in the Athens neighborhood of Vyronas on Friday, throwing anti-austerity flyers into the air and grabbing food off the shelves.
The youths, who were believed to belong to anti-establishment groups, left the supermarket without paying and shared their loot with passers-by in the street before fleeing.

7. Islamic State claims it fired rockets from Egypt’s Sinai at Israel

Two rockets fired from Egypt’s violence-plagued Sinai Peninsula exploded inside Israeli territory on Friday without causing casualties, a military spokesman said.

“Two rockets fired from Sinai struck southern Israel, but without causing casualties or material damage,” the spokesman said, without elaborating.

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant jihadist group’s affiliate in Egypt, “Sinai Province”, said it had fired three Grad rockets at Israel.

It said this was in retaliation for alleged Israeli support for Egypt’s armed forces on Wednesday when the jihadists attacked army checkpoints in northern Sinai.

8. A link to a stream of the EDL demonstration on more or less now in the UK

9. Strict muslim multiple murderer charged in New Jersey

Brown also faces three aggravated murder charges in Seattle, where authorities said last year the killings were part of a crusade to punish the U.S. government for its foreign policies.

Authorities said in court documents filed in Seattle last year that Brown described himself to detectives after his New Jersey arrest as a strict Muslim who was angry with the U.S. government’s role in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan because of the death of innocent civilians and children.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Gates of Vienna, Richard, Red Fox Blogger, and many more.

Lets hope today is a slow news day. Happy Birthday USA!

More effects of the union of leftists and islamic groups on secular democracy: Links 3 on July 3 – 2015

1. Hillary Clinton appears to be a criminal in the old USA but a hero in the new Islamic one. (If she converts I guess)

2. Trinity Western’s loss a clear case of anti-Christian bigotry

3. HIDDEN CAMERA: Muslim Lawyer Tells Kids ‘ISIS is Just Propaganda’ and ‘Extremism Doesn’t Lead to Terrorism’

4. Denmark to reduce asylum benefits

(Sane and rational policy is so rare now its actually news)

The recently-formed Venstre government announced on Wednesday that unemployment welfare benefits that asylum seekers coming to Denmark were entitled to under the previous government will be replaced by a new – and significantly lower – so-called ‘integration benefit’.

“The government will, as promised during the election, quickly implement a new integration benefit for new arrivals, in order to make Denmark a less attractive destination while making it more attractive to work and contribute to Danish society,” a press release from the Ministry of Employment stated.

5. Valerie Jarrett Gave Benghazi Stand-Down Order

Scandal: The omnipresent power behind the throne some have called the president’s Rasputin had the power to call off three strikes against Osama bin Laden. She may have used that power again the night four Americans died in Benghazi.

The Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack on our diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, came while America failed to mount a rescue mission despite sufficient time and assets. Included in that disaster were the unaccounted whereabouts of President Obama during eight critical hours, the lack of Situation Room photos, the failure by the president to follow up with subordinates before his trip to Las Vegas and the fabricated story that the whole thing was prompted by an Internet video.

Columnist Charles Krauthammer said recently on “The O’Reilly Factor” that the “biggest scandal of all” regarding that Benghazi slaughter has yet to emerge.

“I think there is a bigger story here … that will in time come out,” Krauthammer said. “The biggest scandal of all, the biggest question is: What was the president doing in those eight hours?”

 (Anyone surprised?)

An Afghan court has overturned the death sentences of four men convicted in the lynching of a woman who had been falsely accused of burning the Quran, a lawyer connected to the case and a politician said Thursday.

In a nation in which violence against women is commonplace and so-called honor killings often go unpunished, the death in March of the woman, named Farkhunda, managed to galvanize Afghanistan as no other case had.

Videos of her final moments, taken by members of the mob that surrounded her, showed Farkhunda pleading as she was kicked and stomped, and was later tied to the back of a car and dragged to the garbage-strewn banks of the Kabul River. There her attackers set fire to her body.

(Please read the following comment by a reader on this article)

Comment from Lynx

The Globe and Mail ran an article today pointing out that the death sentences of four of Farkundha’s killers have been overturned.  That’s outrageous enough (though not unexpected).  However, the real mind-blowing quote is:

“In the immediate aftermath of the killing, it was easy to find Afghan men who supported the actions of the mob, saying that the woman deserved to die if the accusation were true and that even if she were innocent, her tormentors had killed her in good faith.”

So it turns out you can kill innocent people, but if it’s done in good faith, it’s totally cool.  Thanks Islam!

7. ‘Tanya’ speaks at PEGIDA Sweden.

This was Saturday June 27th at the same event as the Dan Park speech

8. Gates of Vienna post on the current ongoing riots in The Netherlands

9. Turkey and other nations criticize China for making it more difficult for muslims to skip lunch and double down on dinner during the month of excessive murder

10. Of the 3000 people executed brutally and publicly by the Islamic State so far…

The charges that ISIS brings against those condemned to death are usually offenses against Islam. These include blasphemy, sorcery, sodomy, spying, and practicing as a Shia Muslim. The bodies of the executed are often brutally put on public display, with their purported offenses listed for everyone to read.

One expert put forth her view of why these executions are so ubiquitous and brutal:

11. GREENFIELD: Pulling Down the Slaver Flags of Islam and Africa

The return of the Confederacy was averted in the summer of 2015 when major retailers frantically scoured through their vast offerings to purge any images of a car from the Dukes of Hazzard. If not for their quick thinking, armies of men in gray might have come marching down the streets of New York and San Francisco to stop off for an Iced Mocha Frappucino ™ at a local Starbucks before restoring slavery.


History will little note nor long remember the tired wage slaves making $7.25 an hour while checking Amazon and eBay databases for tin models of an orange car with a Confederate flag on top. During this courageous defense of the homeland from the scourge of a mildly politically incorrect 80s show, Hillary Clinton committed her own unpardonable racist hate crime by saying, “All lives matter”.


The politically correct term is, “Black lives matter.”

Thank you Liberty Dk., Gates of Vienna, M., Wrath of Khan,  Yucki, Richard, Bains, Lynx and everyone who contributed materials for todays posts and comments.

Its harder and harder to find any humour in the situation the rational person finds themselves in today. But wouldn’t it be great if a few dozen nice people went to the new fence at the White House in DC and protested the new ‘Apartheid Fence’ the Obamas had installed? That would be a nice giggle at that hypocrite’s expense.


Geopolitics: WW3 becomes more intense and Islam’s sharia gets more comfortable in the West. Links 2 on July 3 – 2015

*** Before heading to any of the news items, PLEASE READ THIS article by Sonia Bailley. Has anyone wondered why the US seems more uptight about the threat to July 4 celebrations tomorrow than anytime since 911? This may be exactly why. ***

1. The Local Newspaper That Thinks Legitimate Protest is Worse Than Raping Underage Girls

Which story do you think is more worthy of attention in a local newspaper:

a) three members of a local Muslim gang in court on charges of grooming and raping children?

b) protestors outside the court condemned by left-wing activists?

Yes, me too. But the rules are different, apparently, if you work for the Chelmsford Weekly News.

2. Muslim convert facing jail after admitting flying back to the UK from Syria using her party girl twin sister’s stolen passport 

A devout Muslim convert is facing jail today after being caught flying back to the UK having been in Syria using her party-girl twin sister’s stolen passport.

Jamila Henry, 22, was detained by anti-terror police at Luton Airport when she got off a plane from the Turkish capital of Istanbul.

The passport belonged to her twin Jalila, a self-proclaimed party girl, who later complained that the incident had ruined her plans to go on a girls’ holiday to Amsterdam. 

3. This video is about ongoing riots in the Netherlands, but there is way more behind this than what is being reported. Like US riots which claim it has to do with actions of an unjust or brutal state actor, in fact there are sinister forces behind them by people with an agenda few would consider in the public interest.

4. Hate preacher accused of radicalising Frenchman who ‘beheaded his boss before placing his head on a spike’ lives in BRITAIN, it is revealed

The French ISIS fanatic accused of beheading his boss before placing his head on a spike was radicalised by a man living in Britain, it has emerged. 

Frederic Jean Salvi, who is also known as ‘Ali’ and is believed to be linked to terror attacks in Paris and Indonesia, is currently working and living in Leicester, it has been reported.

Last week Salvi was accused of helping to radicalise Yassin Salhi, 35, who allegedly murdered his boss Herve Cornara before attempting to drive his van into a gas factory in Lyon.

According to the Daily Mirror, Salvi was not born a Muslim, but converted inside jail while serving time for drug trafficking in the early 2000s.

5. Rocket from Egypt Hits Southern Israel

A rocket fired from Egypt exploded in southern Israel’s Gaza belt region Friday afternoon.

Residents of the area were forced into rocket shelters after sirens sounded at approximately 4:20 p.m. local time. No damage or injuries has been reported.

The IDF temporarily closed Route 12 as a “security precaution.”

Unlike other recent rocket attacks, which have broken the relative calm since the truce signed between Israel and terrorist groups in Gaza, this attack did not come from the Gaza Strip but from within Egyptian territory.

Although there has been no official claim of responsibility, the likely culprit is ISIS’s Egyptian branch, known as “Sinai Province.”

The terror group has been escalating its attacks against the Egyptian authorities, assassinating Egypt’s chief prosecutor and carrying out a massive assault which left some 100 people dead this week.

The Muslim Brotherhood has warned of “serious repercussions” and has called on its supporters to “rise in revolt” after Egyptian police killed 13 of its members.

Egyptian police raided an apartment in the Cairo suburb of 6th of October on Wednesday and killed 13 of the outlawed group’s leading members, including a former member of parliament, Nasser al-Hafy, security sources and a member of the group said.

The Brotherhood members were reportedly meeting to discuss sponsoring the families of detainees when the police stormed the building. The victims’ families said the men were unarmed and had been taken into custody earlier in the day but were released after giving fingerprints.

7. The ‘humanitarian aid’ aboard a recent flotilla to Gaza fit in two cardboard boxes

Pro-Palestinian activists aboard a Swedish vessel tried and failed to punch through Israel’s maritime blockade of Gaza this week. Israeli commandos boarded the vessel, searched the ship and brought it to an Israeli port.

The Israeli military called the operation “uneventful.” According to a report, Israel’s Channel 2, one of the activists was zapped with a taser. The foreign activists were detained and are being deported.

In the scope of Middle East confrontations, it was a minor, though publicized, affair.

Afterwards, Israel’s defense minister Moshe Yaalon said, “there was no aid on board” the activist ship.

Not necessarily so — but pretty close. We checked. You decide.

Members of the Gaza flotilla organization — which sent four boats, three of which turned around before arriving in the vicinity of Israel — have repeatedly said the vessel that was stopped, Marianne, was carrying humanitarian aid for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

8. The worst agreement in U.S. diplomatic history

Charles Krauthammer:

The devil is not in the details. It’s in the entire conception of the Iran deal, animated by President Obama’s fantastical belief that he, uniquely, could achieve detente with a fanatical Islamist regime whose foundational purpose is to cleanse the Middle East of the poisonous corruption of American power and influence.

In pursuit of his desire to make the Islamic Republic into an accepted, normalized “successful regional power,” Obama decided to take over the nuclear negotiations. At the time, Tehran was reeling — the rial plunging, inflation skyrocketing, the economy contracting — under a regime of international sanctions painstakingly constructed over a decade.


Thank you M., GoV., Richard, Bains, Dan F., and many more.

These are surreal times. Usually massive conflict comes from a few things, which are very bad economic conditions, forcing different peoples to mix, and ideological nut bags who convince enough people to risk life limb and wealth to enforce that ideology on others. It is easy to see the two out of three in play here and the third factor has two different insane and counter-productive ideologies at play working together to destroy what was in fact a dramatically successful, wealthy, efficient and productive even happy society. Civilization had conquered many diseases, some of which are coming back now through nothing but bad management, and the world’s poor were either getting richer or at worst not getting poorer, and the only real famines and droughts even now are not as much from nature as from wars and so on. Life was pretty good till the Marxists and muslims deliberately started to examine what made things work, and then screw them up.

Yesterday we posted how Obama deliberately stopped various Arab states from sending the Kurds, who are the only people having any successes against the Islamic State, the heavy weapons they need to continue. How can this not be a clear signal Obama and the US is on the other side?

More to come.

Why is tomorrow significant? Polygamy a right in the UK? How far will the left go to normalize mental illness? Links 1 on July 3 – 2015

*** Before heading to any of the news items, PLEASE READ THIS article by Sonia Bailey. Has anyone wondered why the US seems more uptight about the threat to July 4 celebrations tomorrow than anytime since 911? This may be exactly why. ***


1. Becoming disabled by choice, not chance: ‘Transabled’ people feel like impostors in their fully working bodies

(Did someone ask, what happens when you replace psychiatrists with Marxist social workers?)

His goal was to become disabled.

People like Jason have been classified as ‘‘transabled’’ — feeling like imposters in their bodies, their arms and legs in full working order.

“We define transability as the desire or the need for a person identified as able-bodied by other people to transform his or her body to obtain a physical impairment,” says Alexandre Baril, a Quebec born academic who will present on “transability” at this week’s Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Ottawa.

(I think I can see whats coming next. Barbara Streisand is going to come out as spokesman for the recently deceased (TARD. Tolerating all recently deceased) and insist that they be called ‘metabolically challenged’ and sue the makers of zombie movies for being racist. A publicly funded education campaign will be launched explaining that only a tiny minority of ‘culinary extremists’ among the MC eat the brains of the living and this must not be allowed to reflect on the rest of the decomposing community)

2. Israel now more allied with Egypt than America is

From Times of Israel:

Israel has been giving the Egyptian military a free hand to operate in northern Sinai against local jihadist groups, voluntarily ignoring an annex to the 1979 Camp David Peace Accords banning the presence of significant Egyptian forces in the area, an Israeli official told The Times of Israel on Thursday.

According to the military annex of the Camp David accords, Egypt is allowed to maintain a civilian police force only in the eastern strip of the Sinai Peninsula, where the majority of local jihadists are currently located. Following Israel’s disengagement from the Gaza Strip in 2005, the Egyptian army was allowed to deploy a border patrol battalion along the border with Gaza.

An official told The Times of Israel in 2014 that due to the challenges facing the Egyptian military in the northern Sinai, “In practice, the military annex is nonexistent.”

3. France Expelled 40 Radical Muslim Preachers Over Three-Year Crackdown

Question 1 final proctology exam

France has deported 40 foreign imams over the past three years, the government announced just days after a deadly terror attack at an American-owned factory near Lyon.

Ten of the clerics were expelled after the Charlie Hebdo attack in January, Christian news site Aleteia reports. Gunmen stormed the offices of the French humor magazine in retaliation for the magazine printing Mohammed cartoons.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve vowed to deport any foreign clerics preaching hatred. Authorities are investigating some mosques, and if found to be inciting terrorism, they will be closed, according to Cazeneuve.

4. UK’s First Female Sharia Judge: ‘We Can’t Ask Muslims Not to Have More than One Wife’

Britain’s first female sharia law judge has issued a brazen warning that flies in the face of UK law, stating that the “government cannot ask Muslims not to have more than one wife”.

The news comes on the back of a report by the Times newspaper which claims that Britain is experiencing a “surge” in Sharia marriages, as young British Muslims adopt a more hardline religious stance than their parents.

The Times reports:

“As many as 100,000 couples are living in such marriages, which are not valid under UK law, experts said. Ministers have raised fears that women can be left without the right to a fair share of assets if the relationship ends, while others are forced to return to abusive “husbands”.”

5. For Egypt, avenging Sinai attack may include striking Gaza

(Anyone think the leftists will send a flotilla to crash through Egyptian military checkpoints?)

Throughout the night, the echoes of explosions from the Egyptian airstrikes on various targets in the northern Sinai Peninsula could be heard on the Israeli side of the border.

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From the moment it began fighting back Wednesday, the Egyptian army, as is its wont, has not hesitated to use all the means at its disposal. After Wednesday morning’s multi-tiered attack in Sheikh Zuweid, the aggressiveness of its military response is likely to outstrip that of any previous operation.

Anything that moves in the coming days in Egypt’s Rafah, Sheikh Zuweid, and El-Arish areas will likely become a target of Egypt’s F-16s and Apache helicopters, in part in a bid to protect its ground forces from danger.

Right now, the Islamic State fighters and Muslim Brotherhood fighters are likely rubbing their hands together gleefully, despite the rivalry between them. These two rival organizations found a common enemy in the form of the Egyptian government and its chief, President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi.

But the public wants revenge for the attacks that killed dozens of soldiers, who enjoy a particularly high standing in Egypt.

6. Saudi policeman killed during security raid – SPA agency

DUBAI, July 3 (Reuters) – A Saudi policeman was killed on Friday in an exchange of gunfire during a raid to arrest a wanted person in the western city of Taif, the SPA state news agency quoted an interior ministry spokesman as saying.

The agency said three suspects had been detained and flags of the militant Islamic State group seized, along with gun silencers and computers.

Saudi Arabia last month announced a list of 16 people it said were involved in two deadly mosque bombings claimed by Islamic State in May and offered a cash reward of 5 million riyals ($1.3 million) for information leading to their arrest.

Thank you Bains, Maria J., M., Richard,

Tuesday this week I joined Red Fox Blogger on the Counter-Jihad network for the usual, ‘Last Tuesday of the Month’ update on a few issues. I was only able to join the first hour this week due to other commitments but for anyone who likes that sort of casual audio discussion on matters Islamic, Marxist and the implosion of civilization, here it is. 

More news to be posted shortly.

Interview with Dan Park, Swedish artist jailed for subversive art, faces another potential trial for ‘racism’

On Saturday, June 27 2015, Dan Park gave a short speech at a PEGIDA rally in Malmö Sweden at which, a couple of dozen liberals were there demonstrating for individual rights and against sharia law, and several thousand self named ‘Anti-fascists’) but are, more likely by their own definition than the correct one) themselves fascist.

Right after he spoke, the police approached him and considered arresting him again for holding a banner which reads: “Islam – Fascism”

Here it is below:

Dan parks islam fascism

The police elected to not arrest him if he agreed to come in to the station the week of the speech for interrogation which he agreed to do.

The interrogation was today, July 2nd 2015 and this interview was done over skype shortly afterwards.

News links from readers for July 3 – 2015

Daily Links Post graphic

In order to preserve the flow of conversation about various posted items, and also in order to make it easier for visitors to find the list of related links being shared by other readers, regulars and interested parties in one place, each day a post is automatically created at a minute past midnight ET.

This way, under the various posts of the day, conversation can take place without as much ‘noise’ on the various links and articles and ideas in the main posts and all the news links being submitted can be seen under these auto-posts by clicking on the comments-link right below these ones.

Thank you all for those that take the effort to assist this site in keeping the public informed. Below, typically people can find the latest enemy propaganda, news items of related materials from multiple countries and languages, op-eds from many excellent sites who write on our topics, geopolitics and immigration issues and so on.

European Union officials seem to be writing a surrender: Links 3 on July 2 – 2015

1. Woman sues US police over hijab

DEARBORN, Michigan: A Muslim woman is suing a Michigan police department, saying her rights were violated when she was ordered to remove a headscarf for a mugshot after her arrest.
Maha Aldhalimi was told that she was wanted for an unpaid parking violation. She says she was ordered to remove the headscarf, known as hijab, for a photo at the Dearborn Police Department last September.


2. Greek banks down to €500m in cash reserves as economy crashes

Greece is sliding into a full-blown national crisis as the final cash reserves of the banking system evaporate by the hour and swathes of industry start to shut down, precipitating the near disintegration of the ruling coalition.

Business leaders have been locked in talks with the Bank of Greece, pleading for the immediate release of emergency liquidity funds (ELA) to cover food imports and pharmaceutical goods before the tourist sector hits a brick wall.

Officials say the central bank will release the funds as soon as Friday, but this is a stop-gap measure at best. “We are on a war footing in this country,” said Yanis Varoufakis, the Greek finance minister.

3. 6 U.N. peacekeepers killed in Mali

(CNN)Six U.N. peacekeepers were killed and five others were injured Thursday in an attack on their convoy in the West African nation of Mali, the United Nations said.

All 11 peacekeepers were from neighboring Burkina Faso. Details about the attack, which happened in central Mali’s Timbuktu region, weren’t immediately available, and the United Nations didn’t say who was behind the assault.

The attack brings to 42 the number of peacekeepers killed in Mali since their mission began in 2013. The United Nations sent peacekeepers to Mali in April 2013 to guard against militant Islamists who threatened to move on the West African nation’s capital, Bamako.

4. Denmark: Muslims get two months in prison for whipping woman in the face with iron chains

NannaSkovmandOn Christmas morning, Nanna Skovmand and her boyfriend were subjected to an unprovoked attack by Muslims who kicked and beat them with bottles and iron chains in the face. As has happened so often before, the sentence they have received is ridiculously short. The attackers are already out of prison as you read this – six months after their attack.

5. UN chief of migration: EU must destroy homogeneity of member states through immigration

(Nothing at all Dr. Evil about this guy whatsoever)

Via BBC:

The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said.

Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.

He also suggested the UK government’s immigration policy had no basis in international law.

6. EU’s chief for security: “Islam is a victim itself … political Islam should be part of the [European] picture”

Mogherini claims that aversion against Islam and Muslim immigrations comes from “fear” and is a sign of “weakness”. And she openly admits that EU “fights” to give space to Islam, political Islam and Muslim immigration not just in Europen but in the whole world. Bad idea.

7. Officers from the MPS Counter Terrorism Command (SO15) have this morning, 2 July, attended an address in east London and arrested a 15-year old girl on suspicion of preparation of terrorism (under section 5 of the Terrorism Act, 2006) and she is currently in custody at a central London police station pending further enquiries.

8. ISIS takes a sledgehammer to civilization once again: Activists caught smuggling Palmyra statues to safety are lashed – then forced to destroy priceless antiquities in front of a baying crowd

New photos have emerged of ISIS destroying a number of historic statues from the ancient archaeological site of Palmyra in Syria.

An activist had been attempting to smuggle the statues out of Palmyra only for the statues to be uncovered when he was caught by the militant group.

As punishment for his crime, pictures show the activist being publicly flogged after being forced to use a hammer to destroy the statues he had been trying to save from ISIS.

The photos provide more evidence that the brutal jihadis remain hell bent on eradicating any trace of Syria and Iraq’s rich heritage.

Scroll down for video:

ISIS militants use heavy duty sledgehammers to destroy the historic statues in front of a large crowd 

ISIS militants use heavy duty sledgehammers to destroy the historic statues in front of a large crowd 

9. Ezra on the European Union head of security statement that seems to suggest that welcoming  ‘radical’ islam is the best way to proceed for Europe.

Thank you Nicolai Sennels, M., Wrath of Khan, Maria J., Lynx, and all. The focus ring is in motion. The excuse of not seeing clearly what is taking place becomes laughable.

Muslims amputating and slaughtering their way into everyone’s heart this summer. Links 2 on July 2 – 2015

1. Nigeria: Boko Haram militants attack a town in the north-east killing 97 people

2. Saudi government funding private Islamic schools in Canada, documents show

The Saudi government is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to help finance the expansion of private Islamic schools in Canada, according to newly leaked documents that shine a light on how foreign states are helping finance a growing demand for religious education.

The documents, involving cables between diplomats at the Saudi embassy in Ottawa and government officials in Riyadh, contain conversations from 2012 and 2013 about a $211,000 donation to a school in Ottawa and $134,000 to a school in Mississauga.

he schools confirmed to The Globe and Mail they had sought such donations to help build or buy new facilities for rapidly expanding student bodies.

The memos about the donations were among 500,000 Saudi diplomatic cables that WikiLeaks has begun releasing, yielding unprecedented insights into how the secretive Arab kingdom operates outside its own borders.

3. ISIS terrorists ‘plan to strike at bars, the main airport and tourist resorts across Tunisia throughout the summer’ 

Tunisian supporters of the Islamic State terror group have drawn up a list of fresh terror targets following the success of two bloody attacks this year, it has been claimed.

An investigation of jihadi internet forums and social media accounts is said to have unveiled plans for attacks on shops selling alcohol, the country’s main airport and the tourist island of Djerba.

SIxty people have been killed in two ISIS-linked terror attacks in Tunisia so far this year.

The first attack on the Bardo Museum in the capital Tunis took place on 18 March and left 22 people dead, the vast majority of them Western tourists. The second, on June 26 at a beach resort in Sousse, claimed the lives of 38 people – 30 of them British tourists.

4. Thrown to their deaths by ISIS barbarians for ‘being gay’: Men are pushed head-first off a fourth-storey building in Islamists’ latest sickening executions 

Known for their barbaric punishments and repressive control over the locals, ISIS have released photographs of militants hurling four men, accused of homosexuality, off the top of a building in Iraq.

The jihadi group has previously carried out the sickening punishment in their de-facto capital, Raqqa, in Syria. Now the inhumane death sentence has been used in the Iraqi province of Fallujah.

ISIS’s latest propaganda images come after a family of 12 British nationals, including two grandparents are feared to have traveled to Syria

(Video at DM link)

(When they start doing this in Canada, I’m sure Trudeau’s islam-friendly Liberal party will at least demand that they place a “Caution: Falling Gays” sign on the sidewalk)

5. US blocks attempts by Arab allies to fly heavy weapons directly to Kurds to fight Islamic State

(Does anyone think that maybe someone should be demanding an explanation for that?)

High level officials from Gulf and other states have told this newspaper that all attempts to persuade Mr Obama of the need to arm the Kurds directly as part of more vigorous plans to take on Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) have failed. The Senate voted down one attempt by supporters of the Kurdish cause last month.

6. Nigeria: millions affected by Boko Haram

7. The effects of the anti immunization movement appear to be bearing fruit.

(Think of it as a Darwin test. If you have an IQ high enough to understand the science of vaccinations and of risk-benifit equations, you will get vaccinations for yourselves and your children. For the rest, …)

8. Video of Islamic State psychos amputating hands and feet from someone who, all bets taken never got a fair trial by any rational definition for whatever arcane thought crime he was found guilty of. Watch at own risk.

Thank you M., Maria J., Wrath of Khan, Richard, TL.,  and all. More to come. A fair amount more actually. Sorry about that in advance.

Schools run by Islamic State supporters, Tard on tard mass killings and more: Links 1 on July 2 – 2015

1. Canada to strip a terrorist of his Canadian citizenship for the first time.

(It is still a pound of cure when an Oz/ of prevention would be much better. But a pound of cure is still better than no cure administered or available)

Hiva Alizadeh is the first Canadian to be targeted by a law that allows Ottawa to strip the citizenship from Canadians convicted of terrorist offences, provided they are citizens elsewhere.

Tammy Hoy/CP

Tammy Hoy/CPHiva Alizadeh saind in court, “People over there want us to hit from within.”


After swearing the oath of citizenship in 2007, Alizadeh left the country. When he returned in 2009, he claimed he had been visiting family in Iran because the Canadian winters made him depressed.

But a member of Ottawa’s Muslim community informed the authorities Alizadeh had said he was actually in Afghanistan, where he had undergone training and pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden.

Alizadeh also said he had been instructed to return to Canada to find recruits to prepare terrorist attacks against Canada and the West. “People over there want us to hit from within,” he said.

2. Salafi muslim group, Jaish al-Islam, release video where they dress up in orange and sing songs while executing Islamic State fighters, kneeling and dressed in black and call them apostates and heretics. 

(Once again, twigging to a great scene in a movie called, ‘Deterrence’, where a Condoleezza Rice like character says to the president character, “The thing about jihad is, you know when you lost, but you can’t know when you won. Cause when do you stop fighting for allah?” A brilliant observation. Even if the world submits to muslims, they will have to keep killing each other in a war of purification because death in jihad is the only guaranteed ticket to the pares-vie bar and brothel in the sky)

They deny the charge that Jaish al-Islam members are apostates, instead accusing the Islamic State of being heretics and apostates. They claim that they are the true jihadists.

It is important to note that Jaish al-Islam is itself an Islamist Salafist group which ultimately seeks to establish an Islamic State governed by sharia law.

The execution reverses the power dynamic of the Islamic State’s videos by revesing the color scheme. The Jaish al-Islam fighters wear orange, while their Islamic State prisoners, kneeling and chained, wear black, a clear allusion to the orange jumpsuits typically worn by victims in the Islamic State’s videos.

3. Facebook and twitter not reporting terrorist accounts

(But they have made it impossible for people who write about terrorism to do so under a name that keeps them safe. Just so long as they have their priorities straight)

4. US to have an embassy in Cuba before it has one in Jerusalem. 

(Just so long as we know the US has its priorities…. well given the recent supreme court decision…..)

5. ‘When you’re cut you won’t be a slut looking for men like a prostitute': An utterly horrifying encounter with the FGM cutter women who butcher young girls’ genitals with a razor blade

Standing barefoot with a viciously sharp blade in her hand this is a cutter woman who performs female genital mutilation (FGM) on young girls as part of a misguided belief it prevents promiscuity and maintains family status in the traditional community.

Half-blind and with just a couple of teeth left in her mouth, Anna-Moora Ndege started cutting girls’ sexual organs over 70 years ago.

At first she used a six-inch nail, sharpened on stone to create a crude flat blade. Now she uses a razor blade – bought at the little shop at the end of the dirt track leading from her mud hut in rural Africa.

Ndege, 86, along with Agnes Kerubo, are two of the cutters that can be found in villages, towns and cities in Kenya and across Africa and parts of the Middle East where communities cling on to this barbaric tradition.

Abortions with coat hangers? Change the world to prevent. This is OK though

(It would be interesting to know the real stats on back alley abortions with coat hangers that killed women because we do have pretty good stats on this practice and it would make an interesting comparison)

6. UK: Teacher banned from the classroom for life after tweeting ‘beheading deserved’ and ‘well done ISIS’

A British teacher has been banned from the classroom for life after a tirade of pro-ISIS rants on Twitter.

Nargs Bibi, 32, was found guilty by a disciplinary panel of posting the foul-mouthed rants online.

Among other things Bibi posted sick messages in line with ISIS militants’ actions, such as beheadings.

The former teacher posted lines like “beheading deserved” online before telling his followers: “Well done IS…don’t blow the shrines up…kill kafir for wat they’ve done[sic].”

He went on to say: “F*** ur teaching job. F*** UK and US…Allah destroy them. They deserve every killing…hide it frm public…cant hide it frm me[sic].”

Thank you Maria J., Wrath of Khan, M., Richard,  Pym Purnell, Yucki et al. More to come.





Reader posted news links for July 2 – 2015

Daily Links Post graphic

In order to preserve the flow of conversation about various posted items, and also in order to make it easier for visitors to find the list of related links being shared by other readers, regulars and interested parties in one place, each day a post is automatically created at a minute past midnight ET.

This way, under the various posts of the day, conversation can take place without as much ‘noise’ on the various links and articles and ideas in the main posts and all the news links being submitted can be seen under these auto-posts by clicking on the comments-link right below these ones.

Thank you all for those that take the effort to assist this site in keeping the public informed. Below, typically people can find the latest enemy propaganda, news items of related materials from multiple countries and languages, op-eds from many excellent sites who write on our topics, geopolitics and immigration issues and so on.