The raw order of events so far in Sri Lanka (Now banning Church services)

1. Muslims attack as many Christian and tourist spots as they can.

I Don’t think I need to add videos or links here, there is enough on this site, you can scroll down to the posts over the past few days to see it.

2. Mosques now get armed guards to protect them from people who may wish to fight back, even as a shoot-out takes place between “suspicious individuals” and state authorities outside a mosque on Slave Island where a great deal of explosives, Islamic State symbols, Islamic literature and weapons are found.

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  • Sri Lanka’s Catholic churches suspended all public services over security fears 
  • It comes as several suspects remain unaccounted for over the Easter attacks 
  • Private services for burials will still be carried out, but no public masses 

“Simple solution. Ban victims” – H/T ML.

Muslims attack Christians, mosques get protection

(This post is being continually updated at the bottom with more and more related, and highly damning evidence for Islam as a whole, materials.)

The disingenuous signs of sympathy, seemingly by muslims, is nauseating. Maybe if they just stopped killing everyone we might believe that BS.


Sri Lanka: Mosques guarded during Friday prayers over fears of retaliation

Security forces stood guard outside Kollupitiya Jumma Masjid (Mosque) in Colombo during Friday prayers, as there were growing fears over retaliatory sectarian violence against Muslims after the deadly Easter attacks in the Sri Lankan capital.

Police set up fences and security checks as some patrolled the area with police dogs.

As many as 10,000 soldiers have been reportedly deployed to conduct security searches and guard religious centres.

Many members of the Muslim community have reportedly abandoned their houses and fled over bomb scares, lockdowns and security sweeps.

I don’t speak (guessing here) Sinhalese, but one can take a safe guess at what this video is about. Books look Islamic, the rest look like tools of inflicting fire, death, injury and destruction.

This appears to be the related story:

“Shoot out taken place with a suspicious group of individuals” Jesus H.! (English)

Oh! And Weapons recovered from MOSQUE AT SLAVE ISLAND!


Three tweets on the muslim suicide bombers in Sri Lanka

MSM’s DESPERATE attempt to wash the Islam out of Islamic terror and mass murder

I have been getting phone calls and emails from people telling me about the insanity, the Soviet level of disinformation on all the MSM TV stations, notably BBC and CNN etc., doing every rhetorical trick they can to deflect from the obvious fact that it is most likely the muslims who did this major mass killing event in Sri Lanka on Easter Weekend. They are in fact victim blaming for the most part. Trying to make it all the fault of the cantankerous Sri Lankan Buddhists.

I have been hoping someone would send a clip in which is an example of this as all I have so far is phone calls with people who still watch ‘TV’.

And here one comes. From Bloomberg. As M as MSM gets:

CBC: (First guess is Tamils, and they claim that “radicalized Islamist have no history of this (in Sri Lanka!”) We are truly in a Soviet era of media in Canada and most of the West at this point.

Personally, I think it is the ISI. Pakistan’s inter-service intel. They coordinated the mass casualty attack in Bombay a few years ago and have the skills and resources to orchestrate something like this.

Which makes it no less an Islamic attack, just because the ISI also makes it geopolitical.

For any one interested in exploring this possibility, read Pakistani General Malik’s book, The Qu’ranic Concept of War. A book which was made the official manual of war by the Pakistani equivalent of the Joint Chiefs.

Interesting tweet from Pakistan’s president, admitting Pakistan is a source of terrorism to Iran:



More and more bombs discovered in Sri Lanka

Van explodes near St. Anthony’s Church:

New Blast Hits Colombo Church While Officials Were Trying to Defuse It – Reports

The explosion took place near a church in Colombo, Sri Lanka that was targeted by Sunday’s deadly bombings, Reuters reported earlier, citing a witness.


The blast that took place near a church in the Kochchikade district of Sri Lanka’s Colombo earlier on Monday was a controlled explosion that was carried out by bomb squads, Ada Derana news portal reported, citing the police. According to the media outlet, the police’s Special Task Force (STF) performed a controlled explosion to diffuse an explosive device found in a van parked near the church. It was reportedly the data obtained from questioning the suspects, arrested in the wake of the Sunday explosions, that helped find the suspected vehicle.


Previously Reuters reported, citing an eyewitness, about the explosion that took place in a van while the Sri Lankan bomb squad was trying to defuse an explosive device found in a suspicious parcel shortly before that. People have reportedly been evacuated from the area.

Sri Lanka Police Find 87 Bomb Detonators at Colombo’s Main Bus Station

In the wake of Sunday’s deadly bombings, a national emergency was declared, starting on Monday at midnight, the office of Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena announced.


Sri Lankan police have found 87 bomb detonators at Colombo’s main bus station, according to a spokesman.

The statement comes after the Sri Lankan authorities announced that they had decided to reimpose a curfew as the country continues to recover from Easter Sunday’s deadly bombings, which killed nearly 300 people across the country, local media reported.


Reports say that a suspicious parcel has been found near a church in Kochchikade, Colombo. Meanwhile, people are reportedly being evacuated from the area

There is more, as well as more bombs and failed detonations since the initial attack on Easter Sunday. I will post them in this post for today as they are found.

Thank you Wrath of Khan and C. for your dedication in posting these materials.

Sri Lanka attack post 2: The aftermath, 2 bombers IDs

1. Video of bomb disposal units at hotel

2. Sri Lanka blasts: Aftermath of Negombo & Batticaloa churches explosions

3. Far left wing extremist news, DW, has a video on the arrests of people involved with the bombings yet fails to mention that they are muslim and did it for reasons of Islamic supremacy, or that they are members of a new Islamic group.

4. Aftermath footage:

5. Aftermath inside one of the Churches

6. Graphic video of the aftermath of the attack at the Negombo Church

(around 70% the way through, it shows some of the dead. Its a good idea to stop before then.)

7. Graphic and horrifying. I only post it because what is real must be known.

8. Sri Lankan police detain 7 men in connection with the attacks.

9. RT: Dead are over 207, 8 blasts in toto,  7 under arrest

10. Victims in ambulance, …

11. Who the islamic terrorists are:

Two Suicide Bombers Behind Sri Lanka Blasts Identified As Zahran Hashim, Abu Mohammed; Death Toll Rises Over 150

The attack on churches gains major significance given the Christian community constituting a minority of 7.6 per cent in the overall 22 million Sri Lankan population. Though, the true motive behind the attack remains a mystery given so far no individual or terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the shocking attacks, as of now, two suicide bombers have been identified as Zahran Hashim and Abu Mohammed.


According to the media reports, the first blast was reported from St Anthony’s Church at Kochcikade in Colombo, second from St Sebastian’s Church at Katuwapitiya in Negombo and third from another church in Batticaloa. The three five-star hotels from where the blasts were reported are Shangrila, the Cinnamon Grand and the Kingsbury.

As per a News18 report, at least 2 blasts were carried out by suicide bombers. Suicide bombers were behind the attack at Shangri La Hotel and Batticaloa Church. The suicide bombers has been identified as Zahran Hashim and Abu Mohammed, reports News18.

Video of one of the bombers:

Sri Lanka. Cutting through the spin.

The news has been featuring several bits of mis, dis, and contextually amiss information about events in Sri Lanka where Buddhists and muslims have seen escalating conflict.

US president Obama has even weighed in on it on the side of the muslims as he is wont to do whenever muslims face the consequences of actions they set in motion around the world.

Here are a few of links from just the past 48 hours illustrating the classic media narrative there:

1. TIME: Buddhist Gangs attack muslim businesses 

2. US denies visa to Sri Lankan Buddhist Monk

3. Another report of Buddhists as perpetrators of all problems between communities in Sri Lanka

4. Here is a perfect example of BBC reporting on Sri Lankan religious strife 

This interview I did with one of the leaders of the Buddhist group at the center of much of this conflict spoke with me at length and with great precision on some of what came before the events which the BBC, among others, decided they would report on.

Here is a video which is not in English but the description over at Youtube is at least, and you can see that it is acknowledging the aggression against Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

It should be noted that in the map of the new Caliphate that was released by Al-Qaeda branch, ISIS/ISIL, Sri Lanka is to become a part of it in the near term. Buddhists, who have already lost several entire nations to Islam, Afghanistan to name only one (How did we think the 100 Ft. tall Buddha statues got there in the first place?) in past campaigns to destroy all things on Earth not Islamic, are understandably concerned about how that affects the future of their culture, values and peoples.

Please be warned, this is recorded over the phone from Sri Lanka, the sound is medium, his accent is thick and he is speaking quickly as well as being very diplomatic. But the information is there. If you are looking for some context and counter-spin to the narrative that seems to be the new global standard of, ‘in all things, muslims are the victims’.

Sri Lanka. Buddhists fight back, get called terrorists.

Funny how when people fight back against constant aggression by muslims they get called terrorists but when muslims attack anyone else they are called militants by the exact same organizations. Its almost like there is some sort of policy in effect by journalists or something. But that would be crazy. Right?

1. Buddhists fight back against constant islamic aggression in Sri Lanka

Interesting that a Buddhist who held a meeting warning that if muslims continue to attack Buddhists would face repercussions is labelled as hate speech, but the daily meetings by Muslims in Mosques where they plan attacks and strategies against the Buddhists does not seem to be a problem for the government.

2. This video is alleged to be Buddhists attacking muslim local business.

If this is as it is labelled, I would recommend that the muslims in Sri Lanka pack up and go back to one of the fifty odd nations in the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and leave the Buddhist and Hindu nations entirely. That will teach them. Everyone knows that when the Muslims all leave, well that never happened so we don’t know. But if its anything like before muslims got there…  Remember. Afghanistan was a Buddhist nation before the Muslims came and destroyed all traces of what was a peaceful and genuinely progressive civilization. Remember the 100 foot tall Buddha statues the Taliban blew up using Western technology and then acting like it was some great accomplishment? That, dear friends, is Islam in a nutshell. Destroying the great work of others using materials and technologies stolen from their enemies, and then acting like it was meaningful achievement.

3. This appears to be aftermath of an attack in a town in Sri Lanka called Aluthgama

4. The claim of this video is: Aluthgama Sri Lanka. Troopers shooting at muslims.

Nowhere in the video that I saw was anyone shooting at anyone.

5. Some ink on the events from Ahram online

Sri Lanka slapped an indefinite curfew in a popular tourist region Monday after rioting Buddhist mobs killed three Muslims in a surge of religious violence that triggered international concern.

Local community leaders accused authorities of doing little to prevent Sunday night’s carnage that made hundreds of Muslims homeless after attacks on their homes, shops, factories, mosques and even a nursery.

The most senior Muslim member of President Mahinda Rajapakse’s government threatened to resign at the decision to allow militant Buddhists to rally in the flashpoint region.

(Three Buddhists allegedly killed by Buddhists sparks international concern. 300 girls kidnapped from school, forcibly ‘converted to Islam’ and sold as sex slaves, and some rumored to have been stoned to death for failure to cooperate in this expedition generates a hash tag picture with Michelle Obama and some Facebook likes)

I think it is very revealing that the police had to separate the muslims from the ethnically and culturally mixed areas. This means that of all the diverse people, beliefs and methods of living in Sri Lanka the only group that cannot get along peaceably with everyone else is the muslims. In fact that one line by the BBC reporter in the video above neatly undoes all the spin doctoring of the rest of the media trying to paint this as an atrocity against muslims.

To understand the issue better, something none of these reports attempt to do whatsoever, please consider watching the interviews I did with Zemira Natan on how muslims treat Buddhists in Sri Lanka specifically and how they deliberately build mosques in locations close to main temples and buildings sacred to other faiths, and for that matter do most things, as calculated provocations to all other faiths and peoples.

I will try and do another interview with her soon on this specific issue.

False flag op in Sri Lanka. Muslims attack Buddhists, and then claim it was the other way around

These are buddhists defending themselves from islamic aggression.

From a Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka that must remain anonymous for the moment:

“One of the muslim extremist (set) fire to his own shop and accused (the) buddhists (of doing it). they trying to beat buddhists ! Then SL soldiers came to solve this case in peacefully. Then muslims trying to killed soldiers. But our soldiers didn’t shoot them because they like to peace as the buddhists”

UPDATE on the matter of Muslims in Pakistan making shoes with Hindu sacred symbols molded on to them.

(Essentially, the Pakistani court is stonewalling the Hindus from stating their case)


The real story of Buddhists and Hindus in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka

The other day I posted a video by Choudary’s group, ‘need for caliphate’ staging a mock-outrage demo about persecution of muslims in south Asia.

The interview below gives a better picture of the region.

In the comments below this video at Youtube, Wrath of Khan was kind enough to post the following comment:

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