Sri Lanka. Buddhists fight back, get called terrorists.

Funny how when people fight back against constant aggression by muslims they get called terrorists but when muslims attack anyone else they are called militants by the exact same organizations. Its almost like there is some sort of policy in effect by journalists or something. But that would be crazy. Right?

1. Buddhists fight back against constant islamic aggression in Sri Lanka

Interesting that a Buddhist who held a meeting warning that if muslims continue to attack Buddhists would face repercussions is labelled as hate speech, but the daily meetings by Muslims in Mosques where they plan attacks and strategies against the Buddhists does not seem to be a problem for the government.

2. This video is alleged to be Buddhists attacking muslim local business.

If this is as it is labelled, I would recommend that the muslims in Sri Lanka pack up and go back to one of the fifty odd nations in the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and leave the Buddhist and Hindu nations entirely. That will teach them. Everyone knows that when the Muslims all leave, well that never happened so we don’t know. But if its anything like before muslims got there…  Remember. Afghanistan was a Buddhist nation before the Muslims came and destroyed all traces of what was a peaceful and genuinely progressive civilization. Remember the 100 foot tall Buddha statues the Taliban blew up using Western technology and then acting like it was some great accomplishment? That, dear friends, is Islam in a nutshell. Destroying the great work of others using materials and technologies stolen from their enemies, and then acting like it was meaningful achievement.

3. This appears to be aftermath of an attack in a town in Sri Lanka called Aluthgama

4. The claim of this video is: Aluthgama Sri Lanka. Troopers shooting at muslims.

Nowhere in the video that I saw was anyone shooting at anyone.

5. Some ink on the events from Ahram online

Sri Lanka slapped an indefinite curfew in a popular tourist region Monday after rioting Buddhist mobs killed three Muslims in a surge of religious violence that triggered international concern.

Local community leaders accused authorities of doing little to prevent Sunday night’s carnage that made hundreds of Muslims homeless after attacks on their homes, shops, factories, mosques and even a nursery.

The most senior Muslim member of President Mahinda Rajapakse’s government threatened to resign at the decision to allow militant Buddhists to rally in the flashpoint region.

(Three Buddhists allegedly killed by Buddhists sparks international concern. 300 girls kidnapped from school, forcibly ‘converted to Islam’ and sold as sex slaves, and some rumored to have been stoned to death for failure to cooperate in this expedition generates a hash tag picture with Michelle Obama and some Facebook likes)

I think it is very revealing that the police had to separate the muslims from the ethnically and culturally mixed areas. This means that of all the diverse people, beliefs and methods of living in Sri Lanka the only group that cannot get along peaceably with everyone else is the muslims. In fact that one line by the BBC reporter in the video above neatly undoes all the spin doctoring of the rest of the media trying to paint this as an atrocity against muslims.

To understand the issue better, something none of these reports attempt to do whatsoever, please consider watching the interviews I did with Zemira Natan on how muslims treat Buddhists in Sri Lanka specifically and how they deliberately build mosques in locations close to main temples and buildings sacred to other faiths, and for that matter do most things, as calculated provocations to all other faiths and peoples.

I will try and do another interview with her soon on this specific issue.

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9 Replies to “Sri Lanka. Buddhists fight back, get called terrorists.”

  1. I keep saying this is a world wide war of conquest by the Moslems and that we must resist them everywhere, the big problem is most people refuse to accept the idea that third world nations can or have set out to conquer the world.

  2. They are already funding both democratic and republican parties. In NYC they managed to get 2 whole public holidays for Ramadan by the current mayor. This despite the Trojan Horse attempt in Brittain of taking over secular schools and converting them to extremist Islamic ones.
    The liberals and greedy businessmen are behind this. The public has to organize and take a stand against Islamic propaganda.

    • As you say, they buy off politicians from both parties.

      We need a critical mass of nonpartisan activists to come out in force. Parents of school-age kids should be at the forefront of any such civil disobedience. To dump their damn tea – uh, textbooks – into the Hudson.

      • People are afraid of direct confrontation possibly because they come under the direct view of Islamist forces. Say anything against Mohammad than The US would arrest you for inciting Muslim violence which might kill overseas soldiers. I know there is a pro Israel advertising campaign going on in NYC which is placing anti Muslim ads openly in public view. Got to see if I can help them.

  3. what gets on my nerves is that they are calling Buddhist terrorists! There is evidence that it was the muslims who first attacked. And that was two days before this incident, in the same area, to a SOLE MONK AND HIS DRIVER. when complained the police in da area did nothing it seems. At least one monk was murdered and at least four were attacked by unknown ( we can guess – muslims) thugs. Nothing of this went in popular TV media.
    Buddhists need to be more vigilant. As, most of the ruling class and all media seems to be in favour of the muslims.
    These situations should be avoided. Sinhalese should be more helpful to each other. They should build up POWER via businesses and education. And most of all protect Buddhism.
    The sinhalese can look to Japan, at how they developed. Hard work and helping each other is how they developed.And Japan is still 95 % pure Japanese.

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