More and more bombs discovered in Sri Lanka

Van explodes near St. Anthony’s Church:

New Blast Hits Colombo Church While Officials Were Trying to Defuse It – Reports

The explosion took place near a church in Colombo, Sri Lanka that was targeted by Sunday’s deadly bombings, Reuters reported earlier, citing a witness.


The blast that took place near a church in the Kochchikade district of Sri Lanka’s Colombo earlier on Monday was a controlled explosion that was carried out by bomb squads, Ada Derana news portal reported, citing the police. According to the media outlet, the police’s Special Task Force (STF) performed a controlled explosion to diffuse an explosive device found in a van parked near the church. It was reportedly the data obtained from questioning the suspects, arrested in the wake of the Sunday explosions, that helped find the suspected vehicle.


Previously Reuters reported, citing an eyewitness, about the explosion that took place in a van while the Sri Lankan bomb squad was trying to defuse an explosive device found in a suspicious parcel shortly before that. People have reportedly been evacuated from the area.

Sri Lanka Police Find 87 Bomb Detonators at Colombo’s Main Bus Station

In the wake of Sunday’s deadly bombings, a national emergency was declared, starting on Monday at midnight, the office of Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena announced.


Sri Lankan police have found 87 bomb detonators at Colombo’s main bus station, according to a spokesman.

The statement comes after the Sri Lankan authorities announced that they had decided to reimpose a curfew as the country continues to recover from Easter Sunday’s deadly bombings, which killed nearly 300 people across the country, local media reported.


Reports say that a suspicious parcel has been found near a church in Kochchikade, Colombo. Meanwhile, people are reportedly being evacuated from the area

There is more, as well as more bombs and failed detonations since the initial attack on Easter Sunday. I will post them in this post for today as they are found.

Thank you Wrath of Khan and C. for your dedication in posting these materials.

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  1. They knew enough to place secondary bombs to take out the first resonders, they just screwed up the timers and detonators. some people who know what they are doing will go to Sri Lanka to teach them how to build the bombs.

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