The raw order of events so far in Sri Lanka (Now banning Church services)

1. Muslims attack as many Christian and tourist spots as they can.

I Don’t think I need to add videos or links here, there is enough on this site, you can scroll down to the posts over the past few days to see it.

2. Mosques now get armed guards to protect them from people who may wish to fight back, even as a shoot-out takes place between “suspicious individuals” and state authorities outside a mosque on Slave Island where a great deal of explosives, Islamic State symbols, Islamic literature and weapons are found.

Please see earlier posts from today.


  • Sri Lanka’s Catholic churches suspended all public services over security fears 
  • It comes as several suspects remain unaccounted for over the Easter attacks 
  • Private services for burials will still be carried out, but no public masses 

“Simple solution. Ban victims” – H/T ML.

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3 Replies to “The raw order of events so far in Sri Lanka (Now banning Church services)”

  1. Quite the little racket they’ve got going, isn’t it? First, they attack you viciously, killing hundreds of your people then they all step back and say, “It wasn’t me. What are you looking at? Why are you always so prejudiced against me for no reason?”. And the government passes a law against criticizing people who question Islam out of fear of the “backlash”.

    It’s like being in a restaurant and having a guy get up, come over to your table, and punch you as hard as he can right in the face, then calmly walk back to his table, sit down, and continue eating. Then when you try to say anything about it his friends sitting around all swear it wasn’t him and you’re only imagining things because you’re a bad person… Meanwhile, he just sits there chewing his food and chuckling to himself and there’s never anything you can do about it. That describes the “Mumbai Attack” perfectly. The Pakistanis still snicker about that and say, “Where’s your proof – ha, ha, ha…”… The Islamists have got to be the most hateful evil group of people who ever existed on the planet Earth, bar none…

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