Muslims attack Christians, mosques get protection

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The disingenuous signs of sympathy, seemingly by muslims, is nauseating. Maybe if they just stopped killing everyone we might believe that BS.


Sri Lanka: Mosques guarded during Friday prayers over fears of retaliation

Security forces stood guard outside Kollupitiya Jumma Masjid (Mosque) in Colombo during Friday prayers, as there were growing fears over retaliatory sectarian violence against Muslims after the deadly Easter attacks in the Sri Lankan capital.

Police set up fences and security checks as some patrolled the area with police dogs.

As many as 10,000 soldiers have been reportedly deployed to conduct security searches and guard religious centres.

Many members of the Muslim community have reportedly abandoned their houses and fled over bomb scares, lockdowns and security sweeps.

I don’t speak (guessing here) Sinhalese, but one can take a safe guess at what this video is about. Books look Islamic, the rest look like tools of inflicting fire, death, injury and destruction.

This appears to be the related story:

“Shoot out taken place with a suspicious group of individuals” Jesus H.! (English)

Oh! And Weapons recovered from MOSQUE AT SLAVE ISLAND!


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  1. LIVE UPDATES: Three Explosions Rock Kalmunai, Sri Lanka, Police Op Underway (sputniknews, Apr 26, 2019)

    “The explosions take place just days after a massive terrorist attack in Colombo, leaving 253 people dead and over 500 injured. Colombo launched a massive security operation in the wake of the tragedy and imposed curfews and deployed an extra 1,000 troops to the capital.

    According to News1st media outlet, citing an army representative, three explosions have occurred in the city of Kalmunai in eastern Sri Lanka.

    Local media reports, citing police, that the suspects blew themselves up at the begining of a major gunfight when security personnel, including the military, attempted to raid a location believed to have been used for the manufacture of suicide vests.

    Security personnel seized clothing and flags linked to Daesh* terror group, 150 gelignite sticks, 100,000 iron balls, drones and at least one suicide vest during a raid in the same locality.

    According to the latest information, Sri Lanka’s police have arrested over 70 people during massive search operations across the country since April 21, when the island nation witnessed six blasts in churches and hotels. According to intelligence data, the threat of more terror attacks looms large over Sri Lanka.

    *Daesh, also known as ISIS, Islamic State is a terrorist group, banned in Russia…

    One Civilian Dead, Three Injured in Crossfire – Army

    Three Suspects Arrested by Sri Lanka Navy With Kilo of C4 Explosives

    Several Casualties Reported Amid Ongoing Raid in Sainthamardu District

    Video Released Showing Items Recovered During Joint Raid

    Curfew Announced in Kalmunai, Chawalakadai and Samanthurai Police Divisions”

  2. The utv news channel report (in the second video) starts out as straight reporting but then when videoing the muslims a deep rumble is added to the sound track to heighten tension/panic in the audience. And because I have not watched mainstream media for a number of years I immediately recognized this underlying vibration intended to confuse the audience from rational thinking when already upset, to see the newspeaker as the authorative voice they must latch onto.

    “The key here is frequency: 19hz is in the range known as infrasound, below the range of human hearing, which begins at 20hz. Tandy learned that low frequencies in this region can affect humans and animals in several ways, causing discomfort, dizziness, blurred vision (by vibrating your eyeballs), hyperventilation and fear, possibly leading to panic attacks.

    A more recent investigation took place in an allegedly haunted 14th-century pub cellar in Coventry, where people have reported terrifying experiences for many years, including seeing a spectral grey lady. Here Tandy also uncovered a 19hz standing wave, adding further evidential weight to his theory.

    In an interesting parallel, researchers have recorded that, prior to an attack, a tiger’s roar contains frequencies of about 18hz, which might disorientate and paralyse their intended victim. Is this the sound of fear itself?”

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