Swedish non-narrative journalist in court again for discussing truths about an ideology

Please read the detailed story over at RAIR Foundation.com

It might be worth noting that several muslim doctors and pharmacists are on record for discussing not exactly what they were saying, about withholding meds for muslims, but had discussed wanting to use their skills and public trust to kill Jewish people. So its less speculative than cautionary one might argue. One doctor in the US lost her licence over it.

To understand who’s right about the measures taken, we just have to watch Sweden

Swedish Journalist, Ingrid Carlqvist answers the questions as to why Sweden is taking an opposite approach to the rest of the Western world in terms of how to cope with this pandemic.

So speak clinically for a moment, this gives us an excellent opportunity to determine who is right about this virus, at a cost which is in reality unmeasurable. The cost will be in treasure, and blood.

Is the cost of shutting down the World’s great economies justified? Will Sweden make us all look like frightened college students looking for a safe space?

Or is Sweden now committing suicide in a more literal way than we are used to seeing them do with immigration and far leftist ideas.

First, lets listen to Ingrid from this morning’s interview:

RAIR Foundation wrote up the clear communist intentions that easily could be behind Sweden’s decisions. Maybe they want to kill off all the older Swedes.

We can know some things now however:

Let’s look at this COVID 19 map

Canada has 35M people or so. With Trudeau’s immigration policies there is no way to be sure. But let’s say its 35M.

Canada has: 14,000 Cases. 368 per million and 233 deaths. Which would be .000006657 % death out of a population of 35M so far.

Sweden, which has a population of just over 10M people (Same caveat on migration for sure) has 6558 cases, 634 per M., and 391 deaths.

If we multiply the deaths by 3.5 to get to what that would look like in Canada, Canada would need 1,368 deaths in its population to be equivalent to Sweden by proportion to the population.

Granted there are an awful lot of variables not counted here. As Dick Cheney Donald Rumsfeld famously said, “There are known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns.

Certainly in the 2nd and 3rd category we could write books about what is wrong with this loosey goosey comparison.

But just looking at population, deaths and overall strategy I would say that those who feel this thing is not real or that social distancing and the measures taken are not needed may want to go vacation in Sweden for a bit and see how that works out.


I was just informed by someone who works at an Ottawa hospital that the numbers in that city are low because no one is actually being tested.

That would fit Rumsfeld’s category 2.


Ingrid Carlqvist: Swedish news DOXXES actors in commercial for Swedish town

A couple of days ago, we posted a video translated by Tania Groth, that was made by a Swedish city advertising for the disaffected and non-criminal elements of Malmo to move to a city which still had rule of law and quality of life.

Since then, the leftist Swedish MSM publication, Expressen, has actually DOXXED the actors in that video.

Below is my interview with Swedish independent journalist, Ingrid Carlqvist on that commercial and the DOXXING of the participants.

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