Dr. Robert Malone excerpt from his Joe Rogan appearance, and an example of his claim

We posted this video yesterday, but WOW what a great example of Mass Formation Hypnosis

“Anyone who questions that narrative will be attacked”

One Twitterati claims that Google has subsequent to this video, deleted the definition of Mass Formation Psychosis

This appears to be either the whole interview of Dr. Robert Malone, or a 15 minute segment of it on Joe Rogan. No need to join or sign anything to see it here.

UPDATE: Sorry that’s a 15 minute segment. THIS is the whole 3 hour + interview.

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4 Replies to “Dr. Robert Malone excerpt from his Joe Rogan appearance, and an example of his claim”

  1. Note the dehumanizing phrase in the Trudeau bit: “…taking up space…”.

    People do not “take up space” in the usual usage of this phrase. Inanimate objects do. Garbage does.

    Strictly scripted by dialectic experts. The grinders write it and the monkey speaks it. Also designed to infuse hate of the Others into the majority. Beware the hypnotized.

  2. Just reading “Darkness over Germany” an English Professor’s interviews with German professionals during the 1930’s, many were aware of what was happening but didn’t know how to stop it.
    The youth were all caught up in the Nazi movement because Hitler had given them jobs and a sense of purpose. They didn’t consider the ideology behind the Nazi propaganda. They were brainwashed that older people were old fashioned and out of touch. The emphasis was on sports and technology!! It makes for very interesting reading.

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