Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the RNA tech in most of the clot-shots

Here is a thread worth seeing. A doctor has been told he is a target for assassination. I can’t imagine why. Please check the thread and responses.

Dr. Malone is the INVENTOR of mRNA tech and has come out against the use of it for these injections.

Inventor of mRNA Technology: Vaccine Causes Lipid Nanoparticles to Accumulate in ‘High Concentrations’ in Ovaries

On July 9, 2021, Dr. Malone gave a long and strong interview on the weekly Weiner Fuellmich webcast. Please watch right to the end. There is a lot of meat in this.
One of my favorite lines is, “The history of Pfizer is not one of rigor and transparency.” He does elaborate.

This needs to be seen and spread. Remember, he is the inventor of the mRNA tech in these damned injections. And like the inventor of the PCR test, who mysteriously died in 2019 shortly after telling everyone that the test is NOT a diagnostic one, and should never be used that way, Robert Malone also is feeling the heat of the truth teller.

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  1. Don’t invent evil stuff and think it won’t be used for evil. Scienticists are all retarded and need to be banned. Science is just witchcraft.

  2. My gut feeling has been for a while that something is not right with Mal.one. I am not sure that he is with us, despite all his [pseudo]revelations. I guess he is a mole in the resistance; or controlled opposition at best.

    To me all he is doing is obfuscation, covert promotion of the mR.NA tech, empty talk about known facts camouflaged as revelations, strengthening the sense of reality of the virus, diversion from the Cor.ona-ps.yop, gaslighting about his insider status.

    What he is doing is nothing but a bit more sophisticated brainwasing for the target group of the well-informed, hiding behind his status of ‘inventor of the mR.NA tech’.

    When he really gets su.icided I will perhaps change my opinion — till that he is smoke and mirrors.

    All the other guys Fue.llmich has interviewed seem to be OK — they also have a straight face while Ma.lone is weasel-faced, I would not buy a used car from him.

  3. “I’m just a middle class person, but I create technology to allow the rich to alter everyone’s DNA.” If only we could tell who was going to be a scientist and make sure their mothers aborted them.

  4. Look at …when he talks he keeps making triangles with his hands… it’s possible he’s playing a role. He played it very safe and obviously like the rest of these soulless reptiles has no conscience about his invention or it’s consequence!

  5. PC asked :

    “…Is Dr. Malone evil, when cautioning on injecting an untested vaccine?…”

    Richard was spot on with:

    “…All technology can be used for good or evil, what you are saying is don’t invent anything….”

    And Dr. Rainer Fuellmich concluded his interview with:

    “…thanks for your compassion, even though you are evidence based, it’s obvious that you are a compassionate man…”

    I agree with all three.

    • Yes exactly. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose by speaking out.
      If Quid Pro Quo is your metric, then he is the opposite of a problem.

      • From my (admittedly limited) observations, Dr. Malone started to speak up, when the syringes were starting to target children.

        As an aside, participating in the Dr. Rainer Fuellmich session (2nd video) and obviously an admirer of Dr. Malone’s courage, was also Dr. Wodarg who was the driving force behind stopping the “Swineflu Vaccination Scam”, over 10 years ago. He has now been declared persona non grata by the Merkel-Gates-Schwab-Mafia, being a member of Fuellmich’s Corona Ausschuss. (I am an admirer of his stoic courage)

        I just came across an article about that, from January 2010:

        “…The swine flu outbreak was a ‘false pandemic’ driven by drug companies that stood to make billions of pounds from a worldwide scare, a leading health expert has claimed.

        Wolfgang Wodarg, head of health at the Council of Europe accused the makers of flu drugs and vaccines of influencing the World Health Organisation’s decision to declare a pandemic….

        from here:


        Reading this article, I have that feeling of deja vu all over again

      • Many red flags here. Some of them:

        “I am just a middle class person.” — OK, but what does it have to do with the present situation? Nothing. It is a message to the target group so that we feel that he is one of us. It is a very obvious bait.

        The story of him being in danger seems to be a bait as well:

        “I hope that this is hyperbole and an over-reaction” — of course it is: because it did not happen, there is no ‘noncerned journalist’, it is all made up. He is saying it is an ‘over-reaction’ to hype up our feelings and make us say ‘no, it is not an over-reaction buddy’. A psychological techique to make him accepted and supported. But there are no real signs or proofs of him being really in danger — we only have his own words. When Muslims play the victim it is obvious for everyone…

        But now eveyone hears what they want to here — and Malone just reinforces some of the things we already know.

        I admit that exposing big pharma and deep state could make you get suicided… so this makes his story look like one that adds up…

        … BUT he has not said ANYTHING specific that would make him a target of assasination. He just told GENERAL accusations that ‘Big Pharma and government collude’ — which is a known fact. He has not said he had proof or has not threatened to make evidences public. On the contrary: at a point he even said something like he ‘could not say more’.

        I challenge everyone: please quote anything from Melone that was not known before and is specific enough to make him a target of assassination!

        He is going to be assassinated but enemy platform Twitter leaves the post on. Come on!

        He calls the bad guys “Dr. Fauci” and “Mr. Gates” — expressing respect… Everyone on our side calls them plainly “Fauci” and “Gates”.

        Also, notice that Dr. Wodarg and Fuellmich put him questions in a very outspoken manner but he obfuscates the answer whenever he can to avoid direct agreement.

        Then please feel the general feeling of the conversation within the Fuellmich-gang: Malone has been the odd one out so far. His emotional responses do not fit with the rest of the team. Maybe he is just a bit autistic? Or are there other reasons?

        I also think Fuellmich just projected his own compassion to Melone; because I felt everything BUT compassion emanating from this man. Fuellemich just got in the bait: he felt that all his hard-earned info has been now reinforced by the Great Man of the MRNA God Realms and this made him enthusiastic with no reason…

        And all the rest of us follow suit…

        As far as I know Malone is STILL working for the Powers (as a contractor for MIT, an enemy organization, for example), and this makes his whole story very fishy too.

        I could go on and on. This man is a brick with a mission to sidetrack the core of the resistance.

        Is it just me? Am I alone with this paranoid view here? Very strange.

        • No one is perfect and the path to the truth is a torturous mountain trail. I pretty much like anyone who is sincere, even if we don’t agree. Often, the other position appears to be the correct one at some point.

          Speaking personally, I try to adhere to my own rule of always be skeptical, never be cynical. I don’t always manage it, but I think the rule is a good one. Skepticism is healthy. Cynicism is not. I think your views on this guy treat that line pretty closely. Doesn’t make you wrong, but it does explain why there is pushback.

          The other thing is, from a qui bono PoV, I cannot see a percentage in it for this guy to come out against the clot shots. But from a skeptical PoV, there is no doubt in my mind at all that the other side will try and damage any reputable Vaxx-skeptical speakers out there. We know the Government-corporate merger which runs things now lied all through this costing at least half a million lives that could have been saved by HCQ/Ivermectin/Colchicine/inhaled budesimide (sp) and several other effective medications against Covid. So yes, nothing would surprise me in terms of trying to discredit skeptical voices.

          Last week, I had the privilege of sitting in on a zoom conference with a lot of the most famous doctors who have dared speak out. I dont want to say who or what yet, as I don’t know exactly what is public and what is not. But there are a lot of truly brave and exquisitely educated and informed scientists who are deeply concerned about this mRNA DNA device and believe it should not be given out till properly tested, and most of whom feel it can and will do great harm to a lot of people.

          The range of estimated damage varies greatly. And again, important to try and keep our eyes on the target and not get distracted by unsubstantiated and counter-intuitive claims about poisons, genocide, Graphene-oxide and other things which do not explain what is actually happening and tend to discredit the work of serious doctors and scientists who are trying to give us the best they have.

          At this time, I believe the inventor of mRNA tech is one of those. He may be understating his case, but even if we take what he says as gospel, we must stop giving it to people, and especially of child bearing years immediately. Until more evidence presents itself, he gets the benefit of the doubt IMO.

          • Thank you for the explanation. Maybe it is just my own personal projections to Melone, time will tell.

            I appreciate that you post opposing opinions and cynical comments as well. This is one of the signs that this site is a real truth-seeker one that can be trusted.

        • All fine observations.

          …as a contractor for MIT, an enemy organization, for example…

          Keep your dirty [virtual] mouth off MIT!!

          It’s an enormous community. Trashing the Institute – as a collective entity – reflects shallow thinking.

          It’s downright raycyst !!

  6. All this talk of good and evil, how many people, children and young people are dead because of this vaccine and yet the governments keep pushing it. I listened to some old women saying everyone should be vaccinated, unvaccinated people don’t care about anybody but themselves. Do they ever think about the children? We live in me me me times, if tomorrow Fauci tells everyone they can take a “new pill” that will put them in a special place and the can wake up in a few years when this is all over, will they take it?
    Now I have people telling me, this vaccine is for the great good, I am looking at this in a narrow way, sacrifices must be made. Why sacrifice the young, if you want to get infected, do so and then shut up.

  7. One thing that amazes me about this terrible, life threatening PANDEMIC, all the people who work in the grocery stores never wore level 4 equipment to protect themselves from this terrible virus that has come to kill everyone – – just a paper mask will do and a good dousing of hand sanitizer and don’t forget the pinesol to wipe down the counter and spray the carts. It is that simple. Klaus Schwab would probably say “yes E, simple tricks for the simple, little people, with a sprinkling of FEAR”.

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