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5 Replies to “Bill Whittle: The End of America As We Know It: Why Barack Obama Should Resign Immediately”

  1. I’ve always had the deepest respect for Bill Whittle. He’s courageous, has boundless insight & common sense and is governed by the truth. Today my respect for him doubled when he told that traitor Barry exactly what he thought of him. Go Bill, you’re the best!

  2. Way to go Bill ! Barack came to America stating LOTS of Falsehoods. I believe that he will be removed from power on the basis that he doesn’t qualify for Executive status in our government and has been violating our laws by being here under FALSE PRETENSES.

  3. Is saying that Mohammed was married to Abu Bakr as-Siddiq considered blasphemy? After all, Obama approves of gay marriage.

    Is calling Mohammed the Creator of the world considered insulting to Mohammed? After all, it IS shirk.

  4. Ann Barnhardt I believe is the only who has publicly declared thar the first republic is dead, its constitution trashed. She no longer owes any allegiance to the first republic, and therefore will pay not taxes whatever, as she does not recognise the present USA as legitimate.


  5. The Constitution is not dead but it is very sick, this election may determine if freedom survives or not. The survival depends on who wins, how they govern and if they have guts enough to bring charges against Obama and company for their very real crimes.vb

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