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16 Replies to “Bill Whittle: Black Lives Matter Kills People”

  1. Of course,but it’s so after them fall of last ideology,that magnificent of them past cannibalism,that agress of today. 2015, December, British Cosmical Machines founded free time, distance for Voodoo drums,on signal. Haven’t boom.

    • Lucy, I’m going to assume you have a kind of stroke in your left brain, (which can be equally damaged by resentment towards The Patriarchy and lose its voice), because you seem to write in short pictures.

      This stroke, is induced through fear in:
      – muslims by replacing their patriarchy with “The Prophets,” stangulated from their ancestors to become fatherless dhimmis.

      – Communists by removing their patriarchy and changing history for herstory in every country for serfdom from a tannoy.

      – Sexuals, feminized the patriarchy everywhere Adam was created from Eve’s Rib and every variation thereof.

      All standing proudly with no souls. Willing-slaves. Submit, surrender, capitulate.
      See it, say it, sorted.

      Do you want your soul back? Because only you can answer and still those messages. Pick up your phone. They’re all nagging for meaning until you do.

      Of course, but it’s so after them fall of last ideology. That magnificent of them past cannibalism. That agress of today. 2015, December. British Cosmical Machines founded free time. Distance for Voodoo drums on signal. Haven’t boom.’

      (Or it’s Patwa, Brad’s CIA code, and just fun – if so, apologies).

        • Yes, “in theme”. The theme from a meme.

          Healing the triggered who are holding weapons of rage and injustice that were imprinted into them by their masters.

          Protecting the child.

          Facing the reppressed who destroy themselves and others with our words. To help those who want find the truth that sets them free, and defend them from thieves and bandits.

          The theme of freedom of conscience.

          Do you have a theme you wish to share?

  2. Provocations is type of crime.if over patriarchal is looking as lived mstter that mean that has been of big helpful of rus side. It’s concretly by my talk with somebody from african “lowers” that worker of army,but his citation : when africa is haven’t army mind,because it’s importantly after English expansion of theme,africa make to use provocations ©® it’s about why English girl are not stupid for talk with thiefs of “white” people specially. And “will be patriarch” from african words, because relationships with rusians is family of over to our side of interest. But mister PC is theme theme,I stay can read this under mean and stylish of note.

    • True,that was recorded by UK Army. 2006 year. It’s PC worms motive, because we talk about thematic of dead-man’s provocations too. That was recorded too. Why? Somebody “Worm” is nick,sow as I play with meditative theories and had envy,to morning,was new(falled to internet),that african people “losted them ideology in music”,then africa is sleep and don’t terror brain by conflicts. I take Voodoo, haven’t been Voodoo, because I am Country-line witch of UK. And last day was ended by death of person,that had police controll of US from politician, ideological provocations in social. Why so? Cannot Another by them. Literally.

      • I am British Princess,I speak only so with another Countries,of international call. I flew in osetia to speak from British side of United Kingdom, Ireland,Romania,in 2008 year. There had been my autographs to keep or fleshes socially information from not priced by RF,but thieved. I know many truelly themes. And kind of lived matter’ is murders.

        • Lucy, you may be a British Princess, but it seems you’re not a native speaker of English. I suggest you write in the language you’re most fluent, then use Google translate.

          • You are right Yucki, Lucy may have a translation software that is not effective. ‘Vlad Tepes being her husband,’ translated just means this website encourages and guides her. She may have a disabilty – so my rigorous probing – to things like witchcraft – may be a poor translation too.

            This issue of making ‘we are just like you’ ‘we are all equal,’ ‘we will never offend anyone with a Protected Identity,’ allows the biggest perverts to have total dominance over all. Freedom of conscience: is Hate Thought. To have direct access to children whose parents are dismissed.

            • She might’ve been attracted by a familiar name “Vlad Tepes”, picks up a word here and there.
              The syntax is off, doesn’t use direct and indirect articles.

              • She spelled Tepes, “Tepesh” which is actually how it is properly pronounced.
                So there is some guile there.

                “Lucy” was the first ‘Bride’ taken by the monster Dracula derived from the counter-jihad facts of Vlad Tepes’ legacy.
                There are other hints in there but there is only so much time in the day.

      • “I take Voodoo, haven’t been Voodoo, because I am Country-line witch of UK.”

        Right-brained only. I rest my case.

        • And that is blindness, is not an insult, that most femaled live this way, and if scorned, may resent for a lifetime until, if they are lucky on their deathbed repent, let go, and go to heaven.

          Until then, the witchcraft of demons and angels, those cursed and annointed, has reality flit in and out like from another dimension.
          One they have to pray for to succeed, and to send out blessings of good and ill will.

          What I write therefore, may too have the very same effect of broken coherrence.

          And I never belittle a cripple, until they become a Witch Doctor and spread darkness over the land.

    • “Provocations is type of crime.”

      No. No one can provoke you to do anything unless they first used a stick and a carrot on you to submit. Then you are triggered

      “But mister PC is theme theme,I stay can read this under mean and stylish of note.”

      Exactly, right. Themes, themes.
      I cannot define anyone by their skin, race, gender or religion; and if they stopped for a moment, neither can they. If they do not know themselves, how can their humanity ever include anyone outside of their own theme? And then how can they be humane to animals?

      “.. after English expansion of theme,africa make to use provocations ©®..”

      Now, perpetual victims who surrendered their own Gods.

      The biggest theme is simple: unlocking pride and resentment.

      That is all.

      But how many people do you know are trapped with their fists inside heavenly cookie-jars unable to get out? Many fighting for a piece promise given to them when they are dead.

      If you know of a better way than vanillas segregated to one side and the eboneys to the other – and later asking me which one will want famine-relief – then please share how to civilize individuals beyond themselves, to set them free, or at least innoculate them to not be offended and the more infected as a result of new insults; and then we can go home.

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