Repost of Bill Whittle’s video on political correctness

On yesterday’s EDL Blog-Talk Radio program during the opening rant, the subject of political correctness and the communist think tank, the Frankfurt School came up.

I promised I would repost it and forgot yesterday amid a sea of technical problems. Here it is thanks to JK who reminded me.

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2 Replies to “Repost of Bill Whittle’s video on political correctness”

  1. During you’re interview with Paul Western you asked him if the halal murder was an act of war.

    If the Germans had millions of their people in Allied countries who were free to follow nazism during WW2 they probably would of carried out murderous acts to take control of the areas they inhabited.

    I see the perpetrators of these current actions as “enemy combatants” who are committing acts of war to expand their empire.

    They have committed themselves to an expansionist ideology of supremicism.

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