Engineering graduate faces jail for terror offence

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An engineering graduate who applied to work at the Olympics is facing jail for a terror offence.

Norman Idris Faridi, 32, was turned down after applying to work at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, where footballing events were held.

He was later found to have a terrorist manual, 39 Ways to Serve and Proceed in Jihad on his external hard drive and in a deleted file.

A jury at the Old Bailey found him guilty today of possessing records likely to be useful to someone preparing or committing an act of terrorism.

A similar charge of having al Qaida’s Inspire magazine was ordered to lie on file after the jury could not reach a verdict.

Faridi, of Pen-y-Wain, Cathays, Cardiff, was cleared of a third charge of having a guide to fighting techniques for a similar purpose.

The court heard of the Kenyan national’s bid to work at the Olympics during a bail hearing last year.

The Glamorgan University aeronautics engineering graduate was remanded in custody until next week to allow for technicalities involved in deportation moves.

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Taxi driver who knocked down eight men by driving cab ‘like a bowling ball’ after row is jailed for 15 years

Daily Mail:

  • Majid Rehman ploughed into six railmen and two innocent passers-by after a petty dispute
  • The 29-year-old sent ‘bodies flying in all directions’ during the attack in Wales

By Amanda Williams

PUBLISHED: 15:34 GMT, 7 December 2012 | UPDATED: 15:37 GMT, 7 December 2012

Guilty: Majid Rehman was found guilty of mowing down eight men in his black cab, and has been jailed for 15 yearsGuilty: Majid Rehman was found guilty of mowing down eight men in his black cab, and has been jailed for 15 years

A taxi driver has today been jailed for 15 years yesterday for mowing down eight men ‘like a bowling ball’ with his black cab.

Majid Rehman, 29, deliberately used his car to run over the men walking on a pavement after a row at a railway station taxi rank.

A court heard how furious Rehman deliberately ran a red light and drove ‘at speed’ towards six railworkers as they walked home from the station, just yards from the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

Shocked commuters watched as his cab ploughed into the six railmen and two innocent passers-by in rush hour carnage.

Judge Phillip Richards told him: ‘You sent bodies flying in all directions, one being trapped under your car.

‘Your intent was to cause them all serious harm. It was intolerable behaviour in a civilised society.’

The court heard Rehman was on the taxi rank outside Cardiff Central train station when a row flared with the railway workers.

Prosecutor Claire Wilks said: ‘Six of the men were leaving the train station wearing high visibility orange suits as they walked away from the train station. Along the way some of the group began to argue with Rehman.

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Mother murdered son for ‘failing to learn the Koran’

The Telegraph:

 A mother murdered her seven-year old son and set his body on fire when he struggled to learn the Koran off by heart, a court heard today.

Mother murdered son for 'failing to learn the Koran'

Yaseen was pulled from the fire and initially given CPR in the hope that his life could be saved Photo: WALES NEWS SERVICE

3:43PM GMT 01 Nov 2012

Sara Ege, 32, used a stick to beat her son Yaseen “like a dog” if he couldn’t recite passages from the religious text, it is alleged.

A court has heard the beatings were so brutal that Yaseen died from his injuries, and his mother tried to burn the body to destroy the evidence.

Yaseen was originally thought to have died in a tragic accident in the house fire.

But a post mortem examination showed Ege had been beating and abusing her son in the months leading up to his murder, the court was told.

In a video recording of her interview with police Ege said: “I was trying to teach him the Koran.

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More here at the Daily Mail:

BNP candidate Sion Owens faces ‘Koran burn’ charge

The fact that the BNP is a dubious political party really makes no difference because this would happen to anyone who burns or insults Islam while on British soil. Had these fellows burned a Bible or Torah none would be in jail. If one wants to understand what is really going on in Britain simply compare this story to how the U.K. police refuse to investigate the rapes and murder of white British children, the desecration of English graves at the hands of Muslims and dhimmis and the hatred preached in mosques and Islamic schools in Britain. [There are simply to many examples to chose from for this last one so google away]

If Britain had a sound it would be that of a toilet flushing.


BBCNEWS… A BNP candidate for next month’s Welsh assembly elections has been charged with a public order offence, after police were passed a video appearing to show him burning a copy of the Koran.

Sion Owens, 41, was named as a party candidate for the South Wales West regional list last week.

He is due to appear at Swansea magistrates’ court on Monday.

A second BNP election candidate has been arrested in connection with the incident, and released on bail.

A BNP spokesperson said both would still be candidates in the assembly election on 5 May.

On Friday, police were given a video which appeared to show Mr Owens dousing a copy of the Koran with a highly flammable fluid, before setting it alight and watching it burn.

Later that day he and another of the party’s candidates for the assembly election, Swansea East candidate Joanne Shannon, were arrested.

Mr Owens was charged on Saturday night. He is in custody in Swansea, and due to appear in court on Monday.

Ms Shannon has been bailed pending further inquiries