Egyptian comic sentenced to three months jail for insulting Islam

The artistic community of Egypt must be so relieved at getting rid of the tyrant and dictator Mubarak and getting the Islamic-democratic government in it’s place.

One thing though..

No one will be able to mock, ridicule or criticize the new government in pretty much any-way without being a blaspheme, which for now is punishable by jail, but pretty soon by death I would estimate.

I hope the Western and especially Canadian Art community is paying close attention. You know, the ones who think Stephen Harper is a tyrant and that Canada needs it’s own Arab spring?

This story from Reuters by way of Weasel Zippers

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  1. Reader comments give the lie to the Daily Mail’s view that Vlaams Belang is extremist. OTH, the Daily Mail has been printing a continuous stream of Islamic culture and norms for atleast 3 years or more. Why? By using words such as extremist for VB or the EDL, they can safely stay within EU guidelines, while still continuing with Islam and its “wonderful” culture. Its a good tactic.

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