England: 2 men arrested for watching video of Koran burning

The world is becoming a sharia state much faster than expected. At least by me. I really think as many of us as humanly possible should get korans and burn them. There is only one way to preserve freedoms and that is use them. If we allow every thug to determine what our limits are, we will be slaves in no time at all.


From civil liberty.org.UK

Two Gateshead men arrested for watching 9/11 Koran burning video

20th September 2010

Civil Liberty correspondent

Warning from those practitioners of a peaceful religion Warning from those practitioners of a peaceful religion

In a disturbing development, Northumbria Police in Gateshead last week arrested two men after they watched and shared a video on Facebook of a man burning the Koran in the US during the recent 9/11 commemoration at Ground Zero in New York.

The men were drinking in the Bugle pub, Leam Lane, Gateshead, when they were arrested after watching and sharing the videos.

Around 30 people staged a protest outside Gateshead police station on Wednesday evening, the 15th of September, following the arrests.

The group stood outside the doors to the police station with an England flag for about three hours watched by a contingent of uniformed officers.The protesters had gathered at around 8pm after the two men were arrested earlier in the day on ‘suspicion of inciting racial hatred’.

The protest continued until around 11pm when the two arrested men were bailed pending further enquiries.

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5 Replies to “England: 2 men arrested for watching video of Koran burning”

  1. PATHETIC. And the police? SELLOUTS.
    This is a MONARCHY and it’s too weak to put and end to this crap?

    AND! Since WHEN is islam or muslim a RACE?!!!!!
    The charges can’t stick because they’re NOT committing racial hatred of any kind. PERIOD. END OF STORY. WHY THE ROYAL FUCK don’t they arrest the goddamned muslims who burned an American flag in front of the American embassy AND pronounced actual hate speech ***and*** political threats through a megaphone while doing it?

    Pardon the sarcasm but is the Queen sleeping with Osama or something, that they enjoy such protection?!!!

    If they don’t like life in FREE countries, go the hell back to your repressed, retrograde, neanderthal country!

  2. When I saw this headline on another blog, I assumed that the event had taken place in Pakistan or some other Muslim country.


    Its in Britainistan, where no-one remembers what people fought for during WWII or the Cold War.

    Someone should put a dynamo over the grave of Winston Churchill to generate some much-needed mega-watts of power. He’s probably spinning in his grave as we speak.

    Goodbye liberty, here comes sharia law.

    Goodbye England, here comes Britainistan.

    This proves what Orwell wrote about; good intentions, if left unchecked will bring about bad consequences.

    Welcome Big Brother. He’s wearing a caftan and swings a billy club.

    Time for another revolution.

  3. I also skipped reading this article when I saw the headline because I thought it happened somewhere in the Middle East or Asia say Pakistan or Saudi Arabia.

    During the 19th century the UK led in the abolition of slavery in the Middle East when they established a blockade to stop the exportation of slaves from Sudan. I wonder if they would dare do something like that today.

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