Obama’s Cairo speech

Yes yes I know that was ages ago. But its been a bee in my bonnet since he gave it. Before Obama was elected I was pretty sure he was a bad idea, but after he was elected I held out hope that he had a grand strategy which was to be conciliatory to a degree, and then, when Iran continued on its natural course of aggression, Obama was going to suddenly defend the free world with real gusto and get all kinds of support from the left in the US and Western world because he had gone to such great lengths to supplicate and appease the Islamic world.There would be a great shrug and an ‘I did all I could, and now, the time to fight has come’. I was not expecting, “The US will never be at war with Islam…” etc. at Nausea.

When I saw the Cairo speech I had to re think that strategy. Clearly Obama was either knowingly making up stuff about Islam and its history or he actually believed the stuff he said, which given that he grew up at a Madrassa in Indonesia he probably does, and either way he simply was not representing the nation that elected him or it’s interests.

In any case, Fjordman did a refutation of Obama’s Cairo speech here. Anything by Fjordman is well worth reading but this especially is worth the click and the time.

Eeyore for Vlad.

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