Racist BBC malighns Asian Hindus, Sikh’s and Buddhists as usual

Amazing how the BBC gets away with such real racism to avoid the perceived racism by admitting when horror is inf act, related to Muslims or Islam. We have the BBC here talking about an “Asian gang” as if they could have been Japanese, Chinese, Hindu’s or Tibetan Buddhists when half of them are named Mohamed.

This is a MUSLIM act of violent horrible crime and probably done for the advancement of Islam. Yet the BBC persists in making it about actual race. Asian. Disgusting. H/T Don with thanks.

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  1. Only when the free world sees that Islam is a political control system of great antiquity will we begin to call a spade a spade.

    Until that time, no amount of appeasment or cover-ups will prevent Muslims from perpetrating terrorist jihadist attacks on the insititutes and symbols of the western and free world.

    Islam must be given no quarter, as Islam will give no quarter to us.

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