Get a coffee and a notepad and watch this: Farewell Israel

I may have posted this most excellent film before, but it along with the rest of that channel has vanished from the Internet and as I feel this is one of the best, and I might add objective, films about Islam and the thought processes and actions it generates, and how it is so often misinterpreted and misunderstood to the benefit of Islam. I decided to repost. Please watch, enjoy, comment and add any links to relevant material in the comments section below.

Untitled from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

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3 Replies to “Get a coffee and a notepad and watch this: Farewell Israel”

  1. I find myself dumbfounded by the lack of online conversation about this film. I personally mailed copies of this film to bloggers here in the US and Israel who simply acknowledged receiving it. Beyond that, not a word was published. I’m miffed. Like you, I find this one of the most comprehensive documentaries of the ME conflict. One fault I find with it is it’s reference to George Bush in the title.
    It’s good to see you reopen the topic. As Eyeore states, anyone viewing this documentary for the first time will find a notepad and writing instrument very handy. It covers a great deal of material useful for future reference.


  2. This one’s a keeper – everyone should watch it and I will be posting the link all over the place.

    Despite a couple of little quirks in the historical records, overall it’s a great comprehensive view of the eternal problem of the West’s forgetfulness in their understanding of the Borg. And also how the Borg always retreats and reaffirms the basics with their hudna.

    The two options at the end are depressing – Israel is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Maybe they’d be better off being damned for DOING.

  3. Thanks for the excellent comments. I agree that there are one or two soft-soapings in the historical record. They are IMO overly kind to islam. However this remains a scholarly and important document and needs to be studied by all. Thanks for the support and please send the link as far and wide as you can before the host deletes it.

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