Shooter shouted ‘Alahu ackbar’ as he killed people at Hood

The fact that Dr. Major Hasan shouted the usual Arabic phrase which has come to mean ‘you are all going to die now’ is likely no surprise to anyone. What probably should concern us all a lot more than the actual event, is that an eye witness to this was afraid of losing her job with the military for actually reporting it. How please, did we get to the point where telling the truth meant losing your job? How did Islam become so protected, that reporting the words of the killer as he did his best to slaughter all his coworkers is a crime and a firing offense?

more: Bill O’Reilly

Here he is on the morning of the attack in traditional islamic garb:

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2 Replies to “Shooter shouted ‘Alahu ackbar’ as he killed people at Hood”

  1. Reading the American news this morning and I notice a conspicuous absence of the integral fact this guy is muslim… it doen’t fit the liberal’s “narrative”. And it is integral to the motivation behind the rampage – the perpetrators were yelling Allahu Akbar so I am not blowing hot air about this. Let’s not be afraid to call a spade a spade.

  2. What scares me is that US service personell are indeed afraid to call a spade a spade when that spade is a Muslim.
    Please send the link far and wide.

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