Repost: Burn Koran, a tribute.

I posted this in June of 2009. However, given the horrifying new information (to me at least) that Obama and Egypt slipped a bill through the U.N. eliminating the crucial right to criticize or attack irrational religious authority, I thought Vlad was due to re-post this short little video. Please enjoy the music, but read the captions as they go by. This video now in many countries is punishable by death for having made it and perhaps even for having watched it and now, thanks to Obama and others, the legitimacy to persecute those who would question or even ridicule the irrational, the tyrants who operate under the guise of religion, the true purveyors of hate, may now find themselves on the wrong side of the law, in nations which formerly represented progress, freedom, and logical thought.

Link: Burn Koran a tribute 2

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