Pat Condell: Wake up America

In this video Pat covers at least two critically important things. Obama’s over the top sycophantic collusion with the Islamic world to crush freedom of religion and speech, and the absurdity of Saudi Arabia’s demanding the world compensate them for loss of oil revenues once we switch over to clean energy, presumably to help them maintain their multi-millionaire lifestyles without the bother of them actually producing any real wealth.

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  1. As always, is there anything that could have been said any better? But while I think that his concern for the safety of the First Amendment is duly justifiable, I don’t think America would let the Constitution be messed with in the name of sanctifying that vile pile of excrement known as mahoundianism. Americans might still be mostly ignorant about mahound-worshipping, but they’re not ignorant of what the Constitution stands for. Since it was drafted and it became the cornerstone of US democracy, it hasn’t been amended that many times, and not just because it’s just about as representative of Western Civilization’s true spirit as it could be; amending it requires, according to Wikipedia:

    Article Five of the United States Constitution describes the process whereby the Constitution may be altered. Such amendments may be proposed by the United States Congress or by a national convention assembled at the request of the legislatures of at least two-thirds of the several states. To become valid, amendments must then be ratified by either the legislatures of or ratifying conventions held in three-fourths of the several states, and may not deny any state its equal right to vote in the Senate without its consent.

    Three-fourths of states would be required to do away with the First Amendment, I suppose. And would Buraq Hussein Osama ever be able to pull off such a mahoundian-appeasing stunt and destroy everything that the First Amendment stands for and represents, just for the sake of creating this criticism-of-mahound-free world he, Mahound Ahmadinahandjob and Yusuf al-Qrapadawi dream of? In my opinion, hell no. Even in the unlikely event that Buraq Hussein bullied Congress into passing such an amendment, 3/4 of American states would not have that shoved down their throats. I think we’d be more likely to see Hussein dragged out of the White House by members of an alliance of ordinary citizens and law-enforcement officials, tried for treason and executed for his crimes.

  2. Fair enough except that Obama seems to have already imposed a lot of his will without the constitutional power that would typically be needed to do so. In other words, its seems as if Obama has managed to finesse, as it were, the constitution as he changes America completely. He did say he felt the constitution was an outdated document. He did introduce and cause to be passed at the UN, a joint policy with Egypt making criticism of Islam and by extension, restricting freedom of speech and affording human rights to ideologies. While what you say about US legal proceedure is true, why has no one been able to challenge speech codes at US universities which clearly are unconstitutional and doubly so as these universities must get government subsidies at some levels.

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