Germany arrests al-Qaeda suspect

BBC News… A German-Turkish citizen is being held in Germany on suspicion of preparing explosive devices and posting al-Qaeda propaganda on the internet, police say.

They said the 24-year-old, named only as Adnan V, was arrested on Thursday.

A small amount of explosives and a suspected detonator were also seized in two police raids in the Frankfurt area.

The suspect was not immediately linked to videos that emerged ahead of last Sunday’s elections threatening al-Qaeda attacks within Germany.

Those videos, made by al-Qaeda’s media production arm, warned of an impending attack within two weeks of the elections if German troops were not withdrawn from Afghanistan.

Germany has some 4,000 troops based in northern Afghanistan.

Some 35 have died and a recent poll showed 55% of Germans wanted a pullout.

The videos prompted heightened security measures in Germany’s tourist spots, airports and main train stations.

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