Canadian Islamist group against the crushing of section 13; HRC

The Canadian Islamic Congress one of Canada’s preeminent Islamist groups, fears the crushing of section 13 as legislated within the nations’ Human Rights Commission(s). Why does this outfit wring their hands in such despair? Could it be that the absence of such a provision would severely curb their ability to launch potential, future law-fare complaints against those who legitimately criticize radical Islam?

It may be worth noting that the CIC’s former boss Mohammed Elmasry has since ‘retired’ from the CIC feeling no doubt a bit quirky and f—– up at his public, national smack-down as prominent, Islamist agent provacateur. In believing ‘Canada deserves better media coverage’ than that by which ‘the Zionist controlled media’ could offer, he has since launched the Canadian Charger this past July; (tip: leg, thigh, butt and hip weighters required to muck about in the Pond of CC bullocks). Wahida Valiante now in charge of the CIC, has managed to only slightly and selectively tighten the taps on the flow of her groups’ overt, Islamist operational exercise in Canada, replacing Elmasry with a slightly friendlier, but no less menacing face.

I would be interested to know if there is anyone who could confirm any “false and inflammatory’ allegation(s) quoted from MP Ander’s distributed material found in the paragraph highlighted below. So far I can find no falsehood as 1, 2 and 3 are true. If one can do so, I will gladly buy a pulled pork sandwich and a pint on your behalf, in support of The International Free Press Society.


CIC latest media communique, Sept. 17, 2009.

Canadian Islamic Congress Cautions Against Legalizing Hate Speech In Canada


The Canadian Islamic Congress issued a warning today about the disturbing use of discriminatory language and misleading statements in campaign pamphlets by Calgary MP Rob Anders.

The pamphlets, issued to Calgary West constituents, relate to the anti-hate powers of the Federal Human Rights Commission. The CIC finds this material to be inflammatory and factually misleading.

“When any politician targets a minority group with disinformation or misleading statements in order to score points with a perceived majority electorate, this needs to be challenged by all Canadians, not only the targeted groups,” said CIC National President Mrs. Wahida Valiante.

Mr. Anders’ pamphlets, which urge constituents to support his efforts to delete the anti-hate protections enshrined in the Canadian Human Rights Act, “cross the line of fair comment to unfairly target Canadian Muslims with inflammatory and factually false material,” continued Mrs. Valiante.

“MP Anders’ distortion of the anti-discrimination work undertaken by human rights commissions in this country highlights the efforts of some Conservative MPs to undermine institutions that protect equality rights and multiculturalism in Canada.”

The false and inflammatory allegations (quoted from MP Anders’ distributed materials) include:

1. “Under section 13 of the so-called “Human Rights” code, Canadians have been prosecuted for holding personal beliefs which offend radical Muslim Imams…” 2. Did you know … it is now illegal to hold opinions that offend radical Muslim activists.” 3. Did you know … In 2007, best selling Canadian author, Mark Steyn, was hauled before the Human Rights Commission. His crime — writing about the dangers of radical Islam. Muslim activists took offence with Mr. Steyn’s writing and lodged ‘human rights’ complaints against him.”

In response to the above excerpts, and similar sentiments voiced by Mr. Anders and his supporters, CIC National Executive Director Imam Dr. Zijad Delic continued:

“In Canada it is not illegal to publish controversial opinions or materials which are subjectively offensive. What the Canadian Human Rights Act prohibits is the publication of material that is hateful,” he explained.

Dr. Delic also emphasized that MP Anders’ singling out of complaints filed only by Muslim Canadians — in a context where all minorities have availed themselves of the same anti-hate protections — raises troubling questions about the Conservatives’ views on which Canadians deserve legal protection … and which, by inference, do not.

“The Harper government’s treatment of Mr. Abousfian Abdelraziq and Ms. Suaad Hagi Mohamud, to mention only two recent examples, has already raised concerns about two-tier citizenship,” Dr. Delic noted. “Now it seems some Conservative MPs also believe that not all communities are entitled to file human rights complaints.”

“With an election on the horizon, all Canadians must be extremely mindful of Conservative attempts to undermine equality rights in Canada and to erode the concept of official multiculturalism that made Canada what it is today,” Mrs. Valiante concluded.

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