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Two stories about Israel and tennis. A match in Dubai where Israeli teams had qualified had to be re worked when the nation of Dubai refused to allow in any Israeli’s despite having signed an agreement to abide by all rules of the world class tennis championships. The Israeli players qualified and where to be allowed to play. Dubai cancelled the visa to let the Isreali’s enter the UAE. I didn’t blog that actually at the time but now that Sweden, while allowing the match to go forward, has banned any spectators from attending for ‘safety reasons’ much like many Scandinavian cities told Jewish kids not to attend school for their own safety and we have something that looks a lot like late 30s Germany despite the thin veneer of a reason. Apparently, so many Muslims in Sweden created such a ‘Fuhrer’ that the authorities felt they had to prevent any attendees at all.

Here is a rather prophetic posted essay from Gates of Vienna dating back to 2004. I think given the events since then especially the response by the Muslim community starting during the defense against attacks from Gaza by Isreal and continuing to this day, its a worthwhile read.

The big story I think of the week so far, (and it’s only Wednesday) is the question of the ‘peace deal’ with the Taliban over the implementation of sharia law in the Swat Valley. I also have not posted a great deal about it because there is just too much wrong with the articles I have read. Firstly, I cannot understand how allowing a  hostile force to implement a reign of terror on the people of Swat is anything other than a surrender. How is it a peace deal or a compromise of any kind? The Taliban has already blown up as many schools for girls as they can. What makes Pakistan think they will stop? This is a large part of sharia law. No education for women except Quoran. Many are fleeing the area mostly women, artists and anyone not wishing to be killed by the flimsiest whims of some Muslim cleric for a seemingly arbitrary breach of this 7th century law. One man was killed for having his pant cuff to low down and he was apparently a good observant Muslim. Also, according to some reports seem to show the US very against this deal while other stories show the Obama Administration as supporting it.

No matter how you look at it, it is very bad. Add to this the admission that the Mumbai attacks where planned at the top of the Pakistani military machinery and we have a serious question as to the degree to which Pakistan is any kind of ally at all. Not to mention recent revelations about Musharaff’s known collusion’s with Al Queda and the Taliban using US money and materials to aid them.

Some sites are suggesting that the Pakistanis should allow Taliban to have Swat in exchange for peace with Pakistan. This is absurd of course. Anyone following Pakistan would know that just as one example, The Taliban have threatened to blow up any bus playing Music or movies if they did not stop this practice immediately. They did of course. This was just the first victory. Taliban/Al Queda will not stop until Pakistan is another sharia state and similar to the Afghanistan of the Taliban. Not to mention control of the nukes. Given that the ISI Pakistan’s intelligence inter service agency may have planned and trained the Mumbai attackers as well as supplied the attacks on India of serial concurrent bombings of commercial and tourist areas with commercial explosives its insane to think that giving them a state on the doorstep of Pakistan will do anything except accelerate the process of the destruction of Pakistan as a nation state altogether.

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