An excellent article about the CBC stolen from another blog

Well yeah? I appreciate the honesty: the CBC’s news boss acknowledged, for the first time, that they are afraid that if they cover Muslim news in the wrong way, there could be violence against their reporters in Muslim nations. So they don’t.That is an astounding admission to make. It’s not just a question about bias; it goes deeper than that. It’s one thing for the CBC to wilfully have an editorial position that is pro-Muslim or anti-Israel, as has often been alleged. But it’s quite another for the CBC news boss to acknowledge that their editorial decisions aren’t even the result of their own views or decisions, but the result of external pressure by Muslim radicals, and the fear of Islamic violence. That’s the equivalent of CNN’s admission that it let Saddam Hussein change their reporting about Iraq, to guarantee access for CNN reporters.

Cruickshank’s final remarks were not as shocking, but they were an interesting comment on the role of big, expensive, well-staffed old media companies, versus the growth of the Internet. Cruickshank said “we are under no obligation to put [the cartoons] on…  they’re everywhere on the Internet”. Well, not everywhere, of course. Not on, for example. But he’s right in a way: when it comes to anything controversial — oh, say, like the news — it makes more and more sense to go to websites like the Drudge Report than to big, bureaucratic companies like the CBC or CNN who value political correctness above newsworthiness. It sounds more like an epitaph for old media than a defence.

They have more balls than CTV then who have not admitted it. So if they are too cowardly to anyone who has balls is a hater right?  Ask your local HRC,…

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