Mallick’s post card from the irrational leftist edge

Certainly by now many have either heard of or read CBC columnist Heather Mallick’s “A mighty wind blows through Republican convention”. Not a journalist to be lowered to the boring ranks of professional journalism with integrity, Ms. Mallick can now officially join other pan-leftist elite columnists who spend their writing time gazing in front of a mirror conjuring up immature hip phrases of bigotry.

Jonathan Kay of The National Post suggests that Mallick’s column is so appalling that it may finally convince whoever is elected to govern the country on October 14 to “clean house at 25 John Street”. He also wonders why the editors at the CBC would see fit to post this hateful speech on their web site. His column appears here.

I ask this: why should I, as a Canadian taxpayer, have to pay Mallick’s salary? and moreover , what indeed as Kay wonders , will happen when CBC Washington correspondent Neil Macdonald comes knocking on the White House door for access?

Indeed the folks at the CBC may want to take care of their credibility problem and reign in their “unlettered” loudmouthed racist Mallick, or working class, unfit for dinner-party society folks like me will insist the next government take care of it for them.


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