VIDEO: Father and son in hospital after a fight at pita bar in Antwerp

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From this Belgian news source:

VIDEO: Father and son in hospital after a fight at pita bar in Antwerp

Yesterday (12 May 2018) a fight broke outside a pita bar at the Rooseveltplaats in Antwerp. Two men, a father and his son, were sitting on the terrace drinking alcohol but that was not to the liking of the owner, who does not sell alcohol. It turned into a serious fight.

“The manager had approached the men about their behavior and then a scuffle started. It looked like a massive brawl but apparently there were also a lot of bystanders. ”

“The two men were taken to hospital for treatment for their injuries. One of them also had a broken leg, so the consequences can be termed serious,” said spokesman Wouter Bruyns.

Politician Filip Dewinter (Vlaams Belang) posted a video of the brawl on Twitter.

[Ed: it is nearly impossible to find this video on Youtube by searching for component terms. More evidence that Alphabet/Google/Youtube is trying to make sure people use right think by only allowing people to see material that goes against the globalist/Islamic narrative if they know exactly what the title is. If you search for component terms, you typically get material showing the opposite scenarios, or ones which force the left-narrative.]

(This makes a nice contrast with a story from last month about some muslims that brought their own booze to a Czech restaurant, were politely asked not to bring and drink their own liquor at a private restaurant, and then proceeded to beat the waiter into a coma from which he may never recover. So the rule, should one choose to extrapolate one, is that when it comes to anything, whatever the muslim does is the right thing. Infidel drinking? results in a beating. Infidel asking muslims not to drink where illegal or inappropriate, results in a beating.)


“Supporters of Sharia must leave Belgium”

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From 7sur7 Belgium

Belgium’s far-right Vlaams Belang party launched a new campaign on Thursday. It invites all Muslims ‘who don’t feel at home here’ (in Belgium) and those who want Sharia Law to return to their country of origin.

A contest to win ten airline tickets to the ‘Islamic country of your choice’ is also part and parcel of the provocative campaign titled ‘East West? Home Sweet Home!’ – as per Filip Dewinter, the party’s Antwerp leader.

As evidenced by the number of Belgians who have left for jihad in Syria, Dewinter claims that radicalization concerns should not be directed solely towards the problem of the few hundreds of fighters who have joined the ranks of jihad. Measures such as special courses in schools and separation of radicalized prison detainees are no longer manageable.

“We must acknowledge that we are primarily responsible for the problem. We have allowed fundamentalist Islam to build its nest, as was the case in the countries of those Muslims that now live here”,

claims Mr. Dewinter. ??“It is now time to separate the wheat from the chaff: those who don’t truly want to adapt to our laws and customs, we must convince them to return to their countries”, says Dewinter. ? ?Vlaams Belang’s Antwerp chapter advocates for an ‘Active Return Policy’. As a first step, it will distribute 60,000 flyers of its campaign ‘East West? Home Sweet Home!’ in high immigrant concentrated areas such as North Antwerp, Borgerhout, North Deume and Hoboken.