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3 Replies to “Belgian MEP pulls back the curtain on the EU’s real agenda”

  1. – AMAZON CANADA: Trudeau-bashing book is a best-seller. The author plans on doing a series of books of this nature, cartoon-type.

    ““How the Prime Minister Stole Freedom” by Derek Smith has topped the Amazon Canada best-seller chart.

    The picture book illustrated by Kaeda Knipe pokes fun at Trudeau’s response to the Freedom Convoy and his subsequent clampdown on the rights of Canadians.

    On Twitter, author Smith has promised more books lampooning Canadian political figures.

    “We have multiple books in the works,” Smith wrote on Monday. Among the proposed titles is “The boy who cried racist,” which would be a parody of NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.


  2. The EU must be dismantled. It is another citizen-control agency. Give it time and it will have its own army. Nations lose their autonomy under a border-less system, the immigration issue tells us all we have to known.

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