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14 Replies to “Belgian classical liberal MP: “Koran is a license to kill” Jan. 2015”

  1. Until the p-c leaders are personally affected by terrorism, shocked into reality, their minds will remain closed. Such is the paralyzing effect of cognitive dissonance on the mind.

    • Both planes on 9/11 originated here in Boston. Every one of my friends suffered a personal loss, in the planes or at the World Trade Center itself.

      Everyone knew Dan Lewin: American-Israeli and officer in the IDF’s Sayeret Matkal, MIT classmate of many and a founder of Akamai Tech. Murdered, age 31.
      At Cantor Fitzgerald 658 perished immediately. For the rest, we waited long hours and days. My sister and eldest niece sent word they were ok – 17 hours later.
      And, of course, the Boston Marathon. Plus the young cop a couple days later.

      That should’ve bought us a dose of reality. So what’s our excuse?

      • Our excuse? We let the talking heads on the TV do our thinking for us and look at the mess they created. Now two men dare to question the PC memes the talking heads helped create (Trump and to a lesser extent Cruz) and the self proclaimed political and media elite are doing their best to destroy them.

        The rest of us are fuming because we are being treated like stupid retarded children who are incapable of thinking for ourselves. We are watching the self proclaimed elite destroy the greatest civilization that ever existed and are told that to fight to preserve it is evil. Those of us who are capable of independent thought are fighting back and the rest are suffering from either headaches from learning how to think of from foot in mouth from repeating the thoughts of the self proclaimed elite.

        Yucki at times you have said it is time for a culling of the race and events seem to be pointing in that direction, most of the smart will survive.

  2. There can be no progress in winning the war of survival until the western leaders recognize that the non jihadists are the radical Moslems, this won’t happen until something occurs that is so atrocious that the vast majority of the worlds population wakes up and admits that Islam is at war with the world. Once that occurs we can proceed to win the war.

  3. Did you hear how enthusiastically the House applauded-as-one when the Member was dismissed as a racist? They are so afraid of being called “racist” and “right wing” that they will not even allow their minds to as much as entertain the idea that critics of Islam might have a point. The fact is that if one of those Members of Parliament were to be seen to as much as listen to a conservative view, they would lose all their friends as well as their livelihood and their position in society. It’s no joke. A designation of “right wing” is the same as dressing up in an SS uniform and shouting “Heil Hitler!”. They can all see what it’s like for Geert Wilders and they are afraid the same thing will happen to them. Better to tow the party line and keep your head on your shoulders, I suppose.

    • There you have it. Europe’s political state in a 3 minute video. Condemn the messenger. Worship the enemy. I see the Flemish areas breaking away as Belgium collapses, declaring independence and then banning Islam. Save yourselves, the others are lost. Europe is a disaster.

      • Europe is a major disaster and during the coming troubles/war old countries will dissolve and new ones will form. I have no idea what the map will look like a hundred years from now but I doubt the nations of Europe will look anything like they do now and probably won’t be named the same.

      • It was interesting watching the facial expressions and body language of the leftist audience. Creepy people who should have to, should be forced, man an woman, into an encounter with a real muslim. A real jihad in his heart muslim. Might change their mind and heart, might not.

      • I do believe that it is an actual crime to say what you just said in Germany. They must have agreed with the Hitler-was-right-wing narrative at the Potsdam Treaty or something. Perhaps Stalin said “I’ll concede this and that, if you agree to call Hitler “right wing” in all your schoolbooks from this point on”. I don’t know if that happened, but the schoolbook thing certainly did. The official bad guys have been “nationalism” and “the right wing” since the end of the war. The fact that Hitler’s party was called the National Socialist Workers Party of Germany, is just another example of the astonishing efficacy of “the big lie”.

        • Franco was bad – however much whitewash is splashed. Far worse than recorded in our history books. After all, he was our cold war-NATO buddy, so we made nice.

          His symbol was fasces; most consider him a fascist. He was supported by Hitler. Who was left. And Mussolini who was right.

          • Fact of history most people refuse to learn, Mussolini was considered one of the intellectual lights of the communist movement, when he left communism to start Fascism he publicly stated that his goal was to create a Marxism that works. If this doesn’t prove that Fascists and Nazi’s are left wingers i don’t know what will.

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